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I've posted this story on another site, but it seems to fit SOLO, too, since it also involves masturbation. This is Part 1 of a two-part message.


O.K., here's my big 'secret':
My hobby is voyeurism.
I think there are basically two kinds: those guys who like to watch women getting undressed-- the well-known 'Peeping Tom', and my kind, those who like to watch couples having sex. We're kind of rare, I think. Or, at least, those who may have this fetish don't seem act on it very often.
Here in California I've discovered a small group of guys who go to the cliffs over-looking the beaches and secretly spy on couples getting it on. I've talked to a couple of the guys and they swear they're straight and they're turned on by fantasizing about the woman. Me, I'm different. I'm totally turned on by seeing a good-looking guy completely into having sex with total abandon and no guilt. Watching a naked guy mount a willing girl and pumping away as hard as he can gives me a raging hard-on every time. And if I can't see the guy's face, I can fantasize about any guy that I want.
Over the years I've developed my voyeur skills to a fine art. Several times a week I'll go to the beaches (a lot goes on at around sunset, for some reason), or I'll often go out at night to some of the local Lovers' Lanes and park in such a way as to see the action in cars. A place with back-lighting works best. And you have to park in such a way that you don't scare the couple or make the guy angry. You can't get too close, so I use binoculars. On a couple of occasions over the years I've had guys get really hostile (one guy actually punched me!), but that hasn't happened for a long time. I've perfected my skills.
Fairly often you can see couples having foreplay and you can get in position to watch the whole 'show'. Very often I've seen couples strip naked and, occasionally, as the guy mounts the girl you can get a look at his erect dick. Those times are memorable. On rare occasion, if the circumstances are right (the couple has to be completely into it and oblivious to their surroundings), I've gotten out of my car and crept up to the other car and put my ear to the side so I can hear the sounds they're making as they go at it. I love guys who moan and groan. Guys who make lust-grunts are my favorite! And being able to watch a guy's face as he has his orgasm can give me fantasy material for weeks.
Usually though, I just sit in my car and watch-- and I often beat off in time with the guy's pumping. I try to time it so I cum at the same time the guy does.
Oh, and it's amazing how much oral sex is going on and also how often it's the girl on top. (I really do, though, prefer the guy dominating the action.)
O.K., so there it is. I'm a total perv.
I'm gay, but the urge to watch straight guys having sex is very powerful-- and I'm not hurting anyone.
I have the feeling that this fetish is mild compared to some.
I'm looking forward to other guys' 'confessions'.



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