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Voyeuring The New Neighbor

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The next instalment of my peeping tom masturbation stories.


I mentioned in my previous post about the people that moved in to the apartment after the first woman moved out. This was over three years later, having gone to grad school out of town, moved back and was living in the same neighborhood as my folks. I revisited my old haunts, and noticed a new woman living in the old apartment. Again, not a real looker, but tall-ish, big boned, with small breasts and brown, mousey hair. She appeared to be the night manager at a fast food restaurant, because she would come home well after midnight in their brown polyester uniform, and hop in the shower to wash the grease and smell off before she'd get in bed.

To further elaborate on my set-up, the row of wall mounted gas meters extended from underneath this one apartment's bedroom window to the left so that I could walk a few feet and look into the bathroom window as well. This window was smaller, as you would expect, with the bottom pane frosted and the top being clear. This looked directly into the shower and had the same deal with the blinds being slanted down at the 45 degree angle. I watched her showering many nights, get ready for bed, read for a while in her single bed and then go to sleep. This went on for months with no action or deviation from her schedule, until luckily she got a roommate.

I guess night managers aren't paid particularly well, because this woman had a friend move in to share the rent. As I said before, these were all one bedroom units in the building, so her friend brought her own single bed in and set it up next her friend's. I say friends, because the set up was appeared platonic and purely financial in need.

The friend was a student as far as I could tell (I never saw her coming or going from work, and appeared to be home most of the time), and was the complete opposite of her friend; short and chunky, with huge breasts, black really curly hair and a cute face. These two looked like Mutt and Jeff together. I soon learned the new girl's schedule, and that she was often in bed reading by 10 or 10:30 pm.

Unlike the previous tenant, the layout of the room differed in that the heads of their beds were pushed up against the exterior wall and they faced their respective dressers against the far wall. A TV sat on one of the dressers, and was usually on as Ms. Short and Curly lay in bed reading.

This went on for some weeks, with my spending an inordinate amount of time watching this woman read at night - but my patience (or ability to waste a lot of time) is what has allowed me to catch women in the solo act. I noticed this woman had an affinity for the 'Vampire' fiction of Anne what's her name (Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt made the movie), that was the rage in the early 90's. I had only read a little of it and considered kind of crap literature, but this woman seemed to dig it and was always reading her books. I'm assuming there must be some fairly steamy sections, as one night Curly seemed to be getting a little antsy in bed. While reading in a t-shirt and underwear, she began to squirm around a little. She was on top of the covers, with me looking over her left shoulder as she eventually began to knead her huge breasts with one had, as she held the book in the other. She would stop groping herself (and groping/kneading is an apt description - this was not loving caresses she was giving these bombs - she would lay her hand flat on one of her boobs and really exert pressure) only long enough to turn the page with that hand. This went on for about half an hour before she finally put the book down so she could go at it with both hands.

With the literature out of the way, Curly quickly cupped one breast with one hand and her newly freed book hand slid down and grabbed her crotch and started grinding it just like she had been treating her tits. At this point, she stopped and got under the covers which I thought would be the end of the show for me. However, she kept the lights on, and turned over on her stomach. This meant she was now facing me - although looking out the window was probably not on her mind, and even if she were trying to look out, the glare from the lights and the blinds were undoubtedly keeping me hidden, but it was still disconcerting.

Curly lay still for a few moments, with her head flat on the bed laying sideways facing away from me. I thought again that the show might be over. But slowly I noticed a slight movement of what must have been her butt under the covers. Her arms were nowhere to be seen, and I then figured they must be together, with her laying atop them, with her hands where I hoped they should be. The slow movement under the covers gradually increased and became a pronounced humping. I had never really heard of women humping before to masturbate (previous girlfriends, had only described using their hands and fingers while lying on their backs) so this was very interesting! I stood there and watched as the humping motion under the covers continued to escalate. Occasionally Curly would move her head from side to side, but keeping it flat against the bed for the most part. She kept this up for about five more minutes before she started to pick up the pace. The slow humping quickly turned into bucking movements, and instead of her head flat on one side, Curly put her chin on the bead and really started working what I assumed was her clasped hands. She was getting close now as evidenced by the gritted expression on her face and the increasing tempo of her bucking. I'm not kidding when I say it sounded like two people going all out on each other, I could hear the bed springs creaking through the window.

By this time I had unzipped myself, and had my hard dick in my hand, stroking away as I was watching the show.

In any case, Curly didn't hold out too much longer, she finally got where she wanted to be with that loving fist of hers, and started to grunt along with the humps. Her grunting quickly built up in crescendo along with her jerking body until both exploded. Her ass literally raised itself off the bed and pounded into the bed/fist one last time, as she put her face into her pillow and issued a muffled scream while I could see her legs quivering underneath her blanket - I timed my explosion against the brick wall of the apartment building with her orgasm almost perfectly.

A few seconds later, she lay there flat on her stomach as I watched her slowly start to gasp for air, having probably held her breath the last several seconds of her workout leading up to her orgasm. Her long deep breaths quickly evened out, and slowly started to dissipate. She had obviously rocked her own world with that one. She eventually turned over, turned off the light and watched the tube before falling asleep before her roommate got home.

I watched her do this several times. Sometimes after reading, others while watching Letterman (I think she had a thing for Dave), and will give one more story about this apartment - but please share stories of your own if you have them.



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