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Visiting Jill Again

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Another trip to visit with Jill


As I said in my previous story, I was 15 and Jill lived down the street. She was a year younger than me and I had somewhat of a crush on her. I had gone with my Mom to visit her Mom and her and we had a little fun out in her back yard beneath a willow tree that blocked out the view from others.

This occurred about a week after the previous story. I was in the back yard with my friend Tim and I saw Jill walking down the street. She came around and asked to speak to me privately. I thought that maybe her Mom or someone had seen us under the tree and we were in trouble. She asked me if I could come to her house in about an hour and meet her under the tree. I told her yes and she left.

Tim and I weren't doing anything major so after about 20 minutes I told him I had to go in the house and said that I remembered that I had some chores to do so that he wouldn't stay. He left and I quickly washed up and changed clothes. I put on a clean T-shirt and shorts, slipped on my flip flops and headed for Jill's house.

As I walked to her house I wondered what was going on. When I got near I saw her with her best friend, Jodi in the back yard. I wondered what was going on.

Jill saw me and she and Jodi headed for the tree, waving me after them. As I got to the tree, she told me to come on in so we could talk. I swallowed and went in. Jill told me that she had sworn Jodi to secrecy and had told her about what we did when I was there the week before. My face turned about 3 shades of red as I blushed, not knowing what to say.

Jill said that Jodi was very excited about what had happened and that if I did it again they'd both show me something too. They were both grinning like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.

Trying to act really grown up I said stammered out that I'd like that. As I said before I was something of an exhibitionist but I really didn't do anything overt, just letting girls see my dick up my shorts, 'accidentally' getting seen changing clothes near the swimming pool door or in my room with the drapes partway open.

Jill and Jodi both smiled even bigger and I moved over closer to them. My dick was already starting to get hard and stand up in my shorts. I told them both to close their eyes for a second and when they did I pulled my T-shirt and shorts off. I told them to open their eyes and they grabbed each other and started to giggle. Jill said 'See, I told you he;d do it for us!' Jodi's face was getting really red as she stared.

Jill reached out and grabbed hold of my dick and said it really feels great and told Jodi to touch it too. She seemed frozen to her spot but Jill took her hand and moved it to my dick. Jill moved her hand down and cradled my balls while Jodi was feeling my dick.

This felt great and I was really in heaven. Jill showed Jodi how to stroke me and was teaching her how I had shown her that I like it. Jodi said she didn't realize that dicks could get so big because she had seen her little brother when her Mom was changing him and it looked really small.

I told her that they grow as they boy grows and her brother will probably have a big one someday too. She giggled at that and said how smooth it felt and warm and hard yet soft. I told her that her hand felt really good and she smiled at me.

I asked them what they were going to show me and Jill took her hand from my balls and pulled up her top and bra showing my her budding boobs. She didn't have very big ones yet, just kind of puffy with big nipples. She asked if I'd squirt for them if they both pulled down their panties for me.

I thought I was going to squirt right then when she mentioned it but I tried to be kind of mature about it and said, I'd do it if they showed me. Jill and Jodi both looked at each other and Jodi took her hand from my dick and they pulled their shorts and panties down together and stepped out of them.

Jill had brought some lawn chairs under the tree and we all sat down facing each other. I asked the girls to spread their legs so I could see them better. They both sat on the edge of the chairs and spread their legs wide apart.

Jill's pussy was almost completely smooth with a just a wisp of hair around it. Jodi had a little more hair but not much. Both girls were so hot looking I was about to shoot without stroking very much at all. I asked them if they ever touched themselves and Jill said she did it a lot since my little 'show' the week before. Jodi said she did too, sometimes. I was already slowly stroking and precum was beginning to drip.

I said I would stroke my dick and squirt for them if they would show touch themselves and let me see. Jill groaned and reached down to touch her lips and moved her finger slowly along her slit. Jodi was watching both of us and touched her slit too as she gasped. I didn't know a lot about the girls anatomy but I know now what they were doing when they started rubbing at the top of their slit. Jodi had a really big clitoris that I could see and she was rubbing her finger in little circles around it. Jill's was not so big but she was doing the circle thing too.

I slowly stroked my dick wanting this to last as long as possible. Watching the two girls was just too much for me. I told them to watch my dick and that I was going to squirt soon. Jodi and Jill began to rub harder as I stroked faster. They were beginning to breathe faster and so was I. Finally I was stroking really fast and groaned as I shot 5 huge ropes of cum on the ground.

Jodi groaned really softly followed quickly by Jill as they both had orgasms too. I could see the blush spread on Jill's chest, tummy and down her legs as she was cumming hard. Jodi had not pulled up her shirt but I could see her blush too as she came hard. There fingers and pussies were so wet you could hear the squishing of their fingers.

We all three sat there, me nude, Jill, nude from the boobs down and Jodi nude from the waist down and just breathed hard for a few minutes. I was looking hard at both girls trying to memorize how their pussies looked. This was one of my most memorable jackoff sessions, at least until a week later.

To be continued....



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