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Visiting a Sick Friend

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A new mind-blasting experience for me


When I was in high school I had a friend named Glen who was a little older than me (16) and he always wanted to be with me. Once and a while when we were alone he would put his arm around me and give me a long hug, and sometimes he would playfully touch my ass in a sweeping motion and get a good feel. He loved to wrestle with me and during these sessions I would feel his boner pushing into me, but this didn't bother me too much because I usually had one too.

I suspected he was gay, but I still liked him because he was tall and good looking, very friendly, and he had a nice smile. I used to admire his athletic body when we were in the locker room at school and wish mine was like that too. I was short and skinny, but not bad looking, and kept my hair long. I was never really interested when he would talk sex and masturbation with me, I guess because I was a late developer (no pubes, cum dribbles, no pre-cum) for 14 years old.

One day Glen wasn't at school so on the way home I dropped over to his house to see what was wrong. He came to the door in his PJ bottoms, told me he had a cold and invited me in to watch TV. He said his parents would not be home for several hours and he was lonely. He then offered me something to drink, so we went to the kitchen where he gave me a glass to hold while he poured. He missed the glass and poured juice all over my shirt front and shorts.

I was angry about the mess on my clothes (and shoes) so Glen told me to take off my pants and shirt and he would throw them in the washing machine. I gave him my clothes and he went to the laundry room, leaving me standing in the kitchen in my underwear. He was soon back with some of his clothes for me, but when I tried the pants, they were too big around the waist. Glen got some cord and started threading it through the loops on the pants. While he was taking his time doing this, I noticed his beige-coloured underwear sticking out the pee hole of his PJ's. He obviously had a boner, and it was big. There was also a big wet spot at the very front(which I didn't quite understand at the time), and I could make out the shape of his penis head quite clearly.

I don't know what came over me, (I'd seen boners before in magazines or in the locker room), but I started getting one too. He didn't notice because the pants were too baggy and he was busy feeling my stomach while he tried to tie the rope around the pants. We finally went back to the living room where he playfully wrestled me to the floor. We rolled around a bit, and it sure felt good every time he pressed his knee or arm into my groin. I could tell he was really hard because he would press himself into my stomach and I could feel the length of his cock up to my rib cage. I told him this and he asked me if I minded, and I said no. I was so turned on by now my head was reeling. I had never felt like that before, and really liked it.

He lay on top of me slowly moving back and forth, and every time he brushed my throbbing cock I gave out a low moan, which seemed to turn him on even more. Suddenly he started gasping like he needed air and I felt four or five strong pulsations coming from his cock, and then felt a warm liquid on my stomach and chest. He had come right through his underwear, completely soaking the shirt he had lent me. He rolled off and I could see his underwear (he had pulled off his PJ bottoms), was drenched and there was still a huge boner inside. I reached out and pulled them down and out popped the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was at least 8 inches long, still hard as a rock, and dribbling cum onto the floor. I gasped as he reached over and undid my pants and pulled them down. He grabbed my 6 inch cock and started pumping, using his cum as lube as I still had no pre-cum. My whole body shook as he pumped my shaft and played with my balls. I let out a yell as I experienced the best orgasm I had ever had. I even shot one small rope of cum, but that was all.

Glen went to put my clothes in the dryer while I cleaned myself up. What a mess, but it had been worth it!! I didn't realize it just then, but this was the beginning of a great relationship, so there's more to come.



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