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Visit To the Doc

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I just recently went to the doctors for my yearly check up and wow what a surprise I got this time.

My doctors is in her mid forties and I have always thought she was hot. This time she had a new assistant with her. When the doc. came into the exam room she introduced her new PA. as Tammy and that she would be helping with todays exam. Tammy was much younger reddish brown hair about 5' 6' 110 lbs. The exam went as usual. With Tammy checking my blood pressure etc. My doc. then asked if there was anything out of the ordinary? I have always been open with her and went ahead and told her that I have needed to Masturbate more than usual. She asked me how often? I told her about 4 to 5 times a day.

She said this may be a prostate issue and I should have her check it out. She asked me to sit back on the table and lift my knees. She then turned to Tammy and handed her a pair of latex gloves and asked her to hand her the KY jelly in the draw next to her. My doc put some KY on her fingers and then rubbed some on my asshole.(now I have always liked to have my asshole played with so this was turning me on) when she slid her finger in, I let out a little moan and looked over at Tammy, she was watching my cock growing to its full size. My doc said that things felt normal and that a good prostate massage now and then would help me with things. She then told Tammy to glove up and get some KY. She then told Tammy to feel for my prostate. As Tammy slid her finger in my ass I felt as if I was going to explode. My doc told her she needs to bend her finger upwards some to get to the correct spot. All the while I'm sitting there with a raging hard-on dripping pre cum onto my belly. Tammy said she felt what she thought was my prostate. This feels so good to have her finger rubbing I couldn't help but let out a moan. My doc told her to properly massage the prostate she needs to rub her finger back and forth and with her other hand place her thumb at the base of my penis and her first and second fingers just under my testicles. When she did this I thought I was going to shoot my load everywhere. She said now squeeze and rub at the same time. As she was doing this I needed to close my eyes and lean my head back in total pleasure. after a minute of this I couldn't control my cock and I started to spurt load after load of hot cum on my belly and chest. When I opened my eyes I looked over at Tammy and she seemed a little flushed but my doc was standing there like nothing more than the normal turn your head and cough test was just preformed on me. She handed me the box of tissue and said that my prostate seemed very healthy and I had nothing to be concerned with, but would like to see me in a month to make sure.

As I was wiping the cum from my body I looked at Tammy and said sure I'll make the appt. as soon as I can.

With that they both walked out. I really can't wait to cum back next month.



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