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Ville La Salle Friends Mother

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Ville La Salle Girlfriends Mom


This happened when I was 19 and it was a fun time. My girlfriend (Jane) and me had been dating quite a while and were always enjoying mutual masturbation as well as other sex.

Her MOM was divorced and very friendly, always offering me food when I visited. Her MOM was divorced, a great smile and very chubby...and she always teased us about sex even giving me condoms!

On one occasion on a winter Sunday evening we were all in the main room watching TV and Jane had a blanket over us and we were on the couch.

Her MOM was sitting in a recliner and to my surprise Jane rubbed my cock over my jeans, got me hard, unzipped me, pulled it out, hidden by the cover and slowly masterbated me until I came.

It was very difficult to not react when I came and her Mom acted like nothing was going on.

When her Mom went to the kitchen I took off to the bathroom to clean up but my T shirt was soaked in cum.

When I sat down and got under the blanket it was as if nothing happened...but the smell of cum was in the air!

The women were giggling..little did I know it was planned between the two and I found out later her Mom knew what was going on.

The following Sunday evening we were watching TV again and the topic of nude beaches came up. They knew I had been to Greece that summer and been on nude beaches a lot.

They asked what it was like and I said it had been awesome to be nude with friends and feel the hot sun on my body.

Jane said she wanted to try it and her Mom said that when she was younger she had gone to a nudist resort with her husband and another couple.

She asked if we should all go as a 'Family' as she would like to again and would I be comfortable with that.

I know Jane had told her that I was very horny and had a large penis, thick at six and a half inches round and nearly seven and a half inches long and circumcised. Jane was always measuring my cock and would do so when I was spreadeagled on her bed and would masturbate me and watch the cum either spurt in the air or dribble out as it varied from time to time.

I found out later her Mom or sister used to watch this Masturbation and measuring performance as she would leave the door ajar and the hallway lights off.

About the Nudist Resort visit I told her it would freak me out with my GF's Mom and she suggested we just get comfortable in stages. Starting like now just talking about it. I said okay.

Then she left the room and I heard the bathroom door close and the shower running...to my surprise she came out in a bathing suit and towel and lay down. She had large breasts, perfectly painted toenails, a large tummy and nice legs.

She said that we should each change into bathing suits and we will sit around like that to get comfortable..like being at the beach!

I said I was not ready and had no bathing suit and she said that I could use one of her ex's bathing suits.

So out comes Jane, in a two piece and sits next to me, she sat on a towel and her Mom was on a towel too.

I went in and changed into this speedo that was skin tight...I came out and sat and she asked how I felt and I said weird but okay...the bathing suit was not my style...she said it fits very well!

She got us all a coffee and then Jane suggested the women remove their tops like a topless beach and they did so...Jane has huge beautiful breasts...42D and they hardly sag....and then her Mom...they were very saggy and they both had the same nipples, very large aereolas, light in color and erect pink nipples. I started to get hard and it showed.

Her Mom was rubbing hand lotion on her arms saying her skin was dry and did I want some on my shoulders...then Jane and her Mom had me lay on my tummy on the carpet and they lotioned my back and legs and I got really hard!

Then Jane said lets go the last step and she took off her bottom...revealing a nice hairy bush, light brown haid trimmed like a landing strip...her Mom did the same and was totally clean shaven. I was shocked!

Jane grabbed my bathing suit and started to pull it down and before I knew it they had me nude on the floor, still on my tummy. I reached under and straightened my cock out.

Then I said I needed a towel as I could not turn over I was embarrassed...her Mom said don't worry she has seen it all, after all she had two children.

Jane got me to turn onto my back and her Mom said 'Oh My!' that is big and very hard! It will go away don't worry.

This is where it got hot. Jane said to her Mom to rub lotion on my legs and she would do my chest.

Her Mom was on her hands and knees and was brushing up against my legs with her legs and my cock was rock hard...dripping pre cum and she got up to do my inner thighs with hand cream and spread my legs wide.

As she rubbed more lotion her hands moving quickly brushed my balls and she laughed.

Her Mom said to Jane you can't leave him like that and Jane put lotion on my balls rubbing and cupping them then the shaft of my cock.

Her Mom just sat back and watched as Jane masturbated my penis up and down and when I came it spurted on my chin, chest and tummy in about seven squirts...that was when I noticed the camera flashes..her Mom took pics of it and when I came. I was so horny I did not care at that point, with the Mother and Daughter nude both touching me like that!

This would have ended there except she sent me to the bathroom to wash up and then to sit on the couch. I came back, still fairly hard and we all sat around, Jane started playing with my Penis and she told her Mom that I could cum again soon...

Then her Mom got on her knees on the floor in front of me and said to Jane to show her...she started masturbating my cock stroking up and down and I felt that tingling sensation and came again, dribbling cum...this whole performance was repeated again that evening and I never really got completely soft......

Her Mom said that if we were to all go to a Nudist resort together that Jane would have to Milk me dry first.

I ended up cumming three times in front of her Mom. We never ended up going to the Nudist Resort however her Mom had us lounge around her apartment, on occasions nude and when we did that she would always have Jane Masturbate me in front of her and watch....this went on for about seven months and I think her Mother has a huge fetish.

She said they joked about making a plaster mould of my large penis and they would like to mount it on the wall like a trophy...



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