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Video Wack

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Love to masturbate and Love this site.


I wake up naked, horny and hard. My dick is throbbing, leaking precum, twitching, demanding to be serviced by my hand. I gently stroke it as I grab a video cassette out of the top drawer, then pad naked to the den. The video is in and I take my place on the couch, anticipating an intense jerkoff session. The video starts out with just a pan shot of a bedroom. Then a naked man walks into the picture, a rear shot of his body filling my 60-inch TV screen. I am not gay, but this guy looks good, tight ass, athletic body, blonde hair.

He climbs onto the bed on all fours, and below the crack in his ass I can see that his balls are carrying a heavy load and his thick, long dick throbs in and out of the picture below his nuts. He lets out a soft moan as his hand reaches under his belly and makes a grip around his dick. After a few strokes, he turns his head, looks directly into the camera, directly at me. 'Damn, I love to jerkoff,' he says. 'It feels great. You love to jerkoff, too, you know it. I bet you're butt-ass naked right now, jerking off like crazy over my wack session. That's why you made this, remember Masturboy?'

I nod in affirmation, stroking my dick and remembering yesterday, the anticipation I felt while setting up the camera naked in my bedroom. You all know that feeling. The anticipation of the masturbatory bliss you will soon surrender too. I remember turning on the camera and then stepping naked and hard as a rock into the picture. I love it when I get kinky.

Like when I was a teenager, and would step out of my bedroom naked, knowing my Mom was still home. Slipping from room to room in our spacious house, listening for her voice or trying to stay one step ahead so as not to get caught, but knowing that I would have no way to hide my naked body or raging hard-on should she catch me. Wacking on the nice couch in the living room, butt naked, horny as hell, mom's voice chipper and lively on the telephone in the next room. But she never caught me. Instead, my hippy sister busted me. I had no idea she was home that day. I had become good at my home stealth masturbation operations. I had managed to sneak naked all the way to the laundry room in the front of the house. As I heard mom leave the kitchen and head to the bathroom, I shadowed her, keeping a safe distance and walking awkwardly because I had my dick in my hand. I crossed the den and was close to the hallway, when I heard my sister's voice. She had apparently been quietly reading in the easy chair, and I simply walked past her, so intent on my dick play that I never saw her.

In a surprisingly calm voice, she said, 'Boys who like to run around naked playing with themselves should be careful not to get caught.' Then she giggled. I turned around beet red, my dick still throbbing, exposed to my 18-year-old sister as a masturbator and an exhibitionist. I tried to stammer out something, but she just held her hand up to stop me. 'I don't care and I won't tell,' she said. 'Just be careful. So, where are you going next, nude dude?' 'I, I.. don't know,' I said. looking down at my sister, in jeans and a t-shirt, while I was stark naked began to drive me wild and it showed in my twitching, throbbing dick. 'Go ahead and grab your dick, Billy. It looks like you need to,' she said, then she made an empty fist and shook it back and forth while winking at me. Just as I started to stroke, I panicked at the sound of mom's bedroom door opening. My sister tried to stifle a giggle over my predicament. 'Quick, go into my room,' she said. Her open door was only a few feet away and I stepped my naked butt into it just as Mom entered the other end of the hallway. I jumped behind my sister's bed. I stuck my head above her bed, and watched through the open door as Mom walked passed. Now, they were out of sight, but I could hear mom talking to Julie. I sneaked to the doorway, poked my ahead round and saw that mom was standing with her back to me but that Julie was looking right at the open door from the couch.

I thought I would quickly run for the cover of my bedroom, but the temptation, the risk (getting caught and outed as a pervert by my own mom) and reward (an intense jerkoff session) were too great to ignore and I stopped in the hallway. Julie was looking straight at me and all mom had to do was turn round. I grabbed my dick, looking right at Julie, who cracked a smile but continued talking with mom. I stood there in all my naked glory, jerking off, for about twenty seconds. Just as I was about to cum, I stepped into my sister's room, and shot hot streams of cum all over her make up stand and mirror.

Then mom turned on the tv, and took a seat in the den. It appeared I may be in my sister's room for a while now. Julie came into her room, shook her head in mock disgust at the cum all over her stand, then walked over to me and giggled. 'Guess you're going to be stuck here for a while,' she whispered. 'Well, make the best of it. There is a mag under my bed, then she made the wackoff fist again and left. After that, I had many opportunities to jerkoff in front of my sister. She loved to tease me about it. She's the one who came up with the nickname, Masturboy. She also called me Jerkoff Junkie, Wackaholic, and, simply, The Meat Beater. Here I am years later, getting kinkier still. Catching my passion for masturbation on video, making an official record of my life as a jerkoff artist.

Now I'm back on the den couch, jerking off over a video of me jerking off. The me on the camera knows the me on the couch very well. He turns from his all fours, ass-in-the-camera position and faces the camera, on his knees, hard dick in hand. Free hand fondling his balls, rubbing his ass, smearing precum from his fingertips to his lips. 'Admit it,' he says to me. 'You love to beat off, don't you? You're a masturbation addict, just like me, huh?' All the while he is doing what we do best, jerking off with expert techniques, a mastur of the craft. The star of the show laughs. 'Hey, Masturbator! You're doing the same damn thing I'm doing right now, aren't you. What a jerkoff you are. I'm fixing to cum. It's going to be a good one. You gonna show this to your sister? Let her see you wacking off over yourself? I dare ya.' By now the star of the screen can feel the cum rising in his balls. 'Oh, this is good,' he says, running his hand lightly up the shaft of his seven and a half inch rod, which is glistening, shiny, and slippery with pre-cum.' He leans back, cupping his balls with his free hand, lets out a moan and cum begins making high arches into the air, splashing down on his thighs, belly and chin.

A similar scene unfolds for me on the couch, and I'm suddenly trying to catch my breath, drenched in cum. The cum-stained me on the screen smiles. 'Hey, Jerkoff! Hope you had a good cum. I know I did, and I'm ready to do it again. I know you are. Face it, we're just a couple of masturbators.'



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