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Video of Us Masterbating

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This happened about 15 years ago. I had bought a video camera to film the kids growing up. It was the old VHS tape type of camera. My wife is a petite 5 ft and 110 lbs. She has lost the weight she gained from having kids and is actually very sexy.


One night when the kids were away at a sleep over my wife and I were in bed just starting to get into some foreplay. To spice things up, I suggested that maybe we make a video of us naked. To my surprise, my wife agreed. She has always been very reserved and would never let me see her masturbate. Her catholic school upbringing caused her to be almost prudish.

So we went down to the screen porch on a warm summer night and set up the camera and its large spotlight facing the chase lounge. My wife laid down and I started the camera and walked over and sat by her side. I started to kiss her and let my hands slide down to her breasts. I then slowly unbuttoned her housecoat and kissed my way down to her nipples. They were rock hard at this point, just the way I like them. My wife was starting to squirm around as she became more aroused. Still not sure if she would let me get her naked in front of the camera, I took my time and then slowly unbuttoned the housecoat all the way. I then ever so slightly slid it open to expose her chest and stomach. My hands slid down as I kept kissing on her breasts, and ever so slightly nibbling on her nipples. My left hand continued to caress her stomach and slide down to her soft pubic hair. This also caused the housecoat to slide fully open to expose my wife's beautiful body. She was slightly moaning, which is something she never does. I slid my hand up and down the inside of her legs and lightly brushed her lips. She was dripping at this point. My fingers found her wet pussy lips and slowly slid up and down the outside of her lips. I would bring my fingers up to her clit and lightly hold it in my fingers. I would then stroke it like a little penis which always caused her to shudder with pleasure. Then I would run my fingers down her wet lips and slide into her vagina. First one finger then two, then three. Then slowly pull them out and slide them back up to her clit again. I continued this for some time. My wife was in heaven...

She then asked me to stand up and take off my clothes so she could watch me undress. As I took my shirt off and reached for my underwear, I saw her hand slide down between her legs and start to play with herself. She would look at me, then herself, then the camera, like she was making eye contact with someone behind the camera. When I was naked she had me stand real close to the chaise so she could touch me. I was in heaven. My wife was lying naked in front of me, on camera, masturbating and touching my cock and caressing my testicles. She had never done that before so openly. She continued to stroke my penis as she played with herself.

My wife then stood up and removed the housecoat completely. She then sat back down and set the chaise into a slight reclined position. It left her face inches from my penis which was hard as a rock and twitching. My wife would never perform oral sex on me, so getting my penis within inches of her face was a real turn-on for me. She continued to stroke my penis, letting her thumb slide over the top on occasion. This sent shivers through my body. She then brought the tip of my penis to her lips and I could feel her hot breath as she continued to stroke me off. I had to ask her to slow down so I could enjoy this wonderful feeling. With her other hand she continued to alternate between rubbing her clit and squeezing her nipples. She would speed up and slow down as she would bring herself close to cumming then back down to continue the pleasure. After about 30 min of this I couldn't take it any longer and told her I was going to come. She proceeded to pump furiously on my penis and aimed it at her breasts. I shot stream after stream of cum all over my wife's breasts. Having one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

She then did something that further amazed me. She reached down and slowly rubbed the cum all over her breasts. I was in awe as I was watching this woman do some of the sexiest things I have ever seen her do, putting on a show for the camera. She then scooped up some of my cum in her fingers and used it as lubricant on her pussy. She quickened her pace and shortly had the most awesome orgasm, as wave after wave of pleasure came over her.

I knelt down beside her and kissed her and thanked her for the most sensual experience I had ever seen. Little did I know she was not done.

After a few minutes she asked if we could see how the tape came out. I took out the tape and we went into the TV room and I knelt down in front of the VCR placed the tape in. After rewinding, I hit play and started to watch our video.

It was so sexy I couldn't move, I was mesmerized. After about 10 minutes I heard soft moaning behind me and turned to see my naked wife sitting in the chair behind me her eyes fixed on the screen, her legs spread open hanging over the arms of the chair and she was pumping three fingers into her pussy and her other hand was furiously sliding back and forth over her clit. My god, I had gone to heaven. My wife said the sight of herself naked on the TV, and her openly licking and her masturbating my cock for the camera caused her to become super aroused.

Of course my already stiff cock from watching the video, then started to get even larger and pulsing like crazy. My cock sprang to attention again as I slowly crawled over to her. When I got down directly in front of her, she grabbed my head and shoved it between her legs. I never did get to see the rest of the video. My wife had another earth shattering orgasm, and she made sure I was taken care of also.



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