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Video Games With Brother

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It was a rainy day, pouring and storming since the previous night, and luckily I didn't have to brave the storm in order to get to work or school, as it was the weekend. With little to do outside, my brother and I took up to playing video games online. My brother is younger than me by a year and a half, with him being 16 at the time, and myself 17. We never really talked about sex or anything, the occasional joke here, 'that's what she said' there, but never anything further or more in depth. We hadn't seen each other in anything less than a bathing suit for years, not that either of us were trying to ogle the other.

I hadn't jerked off in days, either, because at the time I had been going at it a few times a day. It was a personal thing; I would wait a few days, and then jerk off so I could go longer, and cum more. I knew my brother was an avid masturbator as well, for his room often smelled of his dick, that unmistakable boy scent, and his iTouch was filled with porn sites in the internet history. Of course, he didn't know that I knew this, nor did I ever plan on him knowing.

So we were in his room, playing video games. Neither my mom nor my stepdad were home, and my sister was at work, leaving us alone. Our house had grown a little cold due to the weather and what felt like its lack of retaining heat, so I quickly went downstairs and kicked the heater on in between games. It wasn't long before we had shed our jackets due to the combination of heat, adrenaline from the video game, and simply for the comfort.

The only indication that it was afternoon was the clock, for the sky outside was dark as night with the clouds, with the occasional thunder rolling by. We had played with some of my brother's friends online for a while, but they had all gotten off for one reason or another, leaving us with unskilled, trash talking teammates that prevented us from gaining experience and winning matches. Finally, fed up, we returned to the main menu of the game, and looked at each other.

'What do we do now?' he asked.

'Dunno. I mean, we've already beaten all of these games, and I'm tired of people like that. We'll never win a match at this rate.'

There was a period of silence as we both tried to figure out what we wanted to do. I glanced about his room, and as I looked at his large, leather computer chair, I remembered the time he called me in his room to show me something when he was clad only in a tee shirt and boxers. It had caught me off guard but he hadn't said a thing, and as I watched the video I stole a glance at his crotch. He wasn't tenting, so I disregarded it. But the memory gave me an idea. The room had gotten hot, and earlier we had been making sex jokes again.

'How daring are you?' I asked. I knew it was unlikely for him to join in, but I also knew how to make him agree. 'Aw, never mind. You probably wouldn't do it anyway, so I'd just win, and then you'd be a wuss.' I could see the curiosity in his eyes as he rejected the claim, telling me that he could beat me.

'Well, it wouldn't be us fighting against each other as much as us leaving it to fate.' He gave me a confused look, so I decided to just tell him the game.

'We'll go into a match, wait off to the side, and then each pick a team. Whoever picked the team that loses has to take off one piece of their clothes.' Here it went. Would he agree, or get freaked out and call me gay? He knew I wasn't-I had a pretty steady girlfriend that I was actually in love with for six months, but I was also a little curious about what it would be like with a guy, or to have a guy suck me off.

There was silence, and it was almost uncomfortable, but then he spoke. 'Alright, just make sure that we're even,' he said, referring to the clothing count. We were wearing socks, jeans, underwear, and a tee shirt, so we were even. We started the match-he took our team, I took the opposing team.

It took a couple of minutes, but before long, our team won, which left me pulling off my shirt. Neither of us did much of anything, aside from set up the next match. We took the same bet this time, and this match took longer, but the opposing team won, and my brother took his shirt off. I had seen his physique over the summer, and he had small bushes of armpit hair, and a faint line leading from his navel into his pants. The waistband of his boxers stuck up over the waistband of his jeans slightly. His eyes were on the t.v., and soon so were mine. I called our team before he could, because some of the players from the opposing team last game had been placed on ours.

This game was slow, with the teams going back and forth for a while. Towards the end, the opposing team took the lead, but in the last thirty seconds on the game, our team caught up, passed, and obliterated the other team. That meant my brother would be taking more off. Now my mind was starting to think of more than stripping, and that bi-curious quality in me no longer cared that it was my brother. I was getting horny, and we were getting naked. Come on.

For a second it looked like he was going to go with his socks (which we had agreed were one item), but in the end, his hands drifted to his waistband, and he undid the button on his jeans. I watched him unzip his pants, lift his ass, and then slide them down his legs, and off his body. I felt my dick growing in my pants, and was a little thankful that I hadn't lost my pants at that moment. Hair was sprinkled on his legs, and a small bump was at the center of his crotch-his dick, though I didn't watch to see if it was growing as well, for the next match started.

Things looked good for me this round, but in the end, I lost. My dick had gone down during the game, so the tent I had been pitching was gone as I slid my jeans off. I knew it wouldn't be long before it returned, but as I glanced over at my brother, I could see his erection standing at attention, clear as day. He was looking at it too, and then grinned a sheepish grin at me before starting the next match. I won, his socks came off. Damn. He won. My socks game off, my arm bumping against my erection during the process.

Now it was down to the final game, whoever lost this one would be naked. Thunder rolled outside, the rain spattered against the windows, and I couldn't help but to think of the image of cum splattering on my brother's skin. My cock throbbed at the thought. He started the game, and as it was loading, there was a problem with someone's connection, and the whole game lagged, and then reset. We were on opposite teams. We both glanced at each other, and grabbed our controllers. There was no way I was letting him win. He was better than me, but I had a lot of good people from previous matches on my team.

The game was intense. For every kill my team would get, his team would get just as many. The flow of push and shove lasted the entire game, with explosions all around, crossfire, grenades, claymores, helicopters, and numerous other things. Finally, rather than reaching the score limit, the timer began running out. My team took the lead, and just as the timer ran out, his team got a multi-kill, and won. I swore, my heart racing from all the adrenaline, my cock throbbing as it begged for release from its cotton confines.

He looked at me expectantly, not starting the next match. I stood, pulled my boxers down in one swift motion, and let my cock spring out. It was so hard now that it caught on the waistband, and then slapped against my belly. The house was warm now, too, and a thin layer of sweat covered my body. I sat back down, spreading my legs slightly to let my balls hang down and roll onto the bed. I looked and found my brother staring at it all. I hit the start button, and we jumped into a match on opposite teams again.

My team was winning, and towards the end, I went solely for my brother. My team had a clear lead, and as it came down to the last kill, I shot my brother. 'Suck it!' I yelled in victory, before looking over to him. He lifted his ass again, and tugged his boxers down. His dick looked like mine, only slightly smaller. It was circumcised, like me, with a light pink head against his dark skin, and a short patch of pubic hair framing the rest of his pubic region. It was trimmed, of which I knew from the pubic hair that would remain behind in the shower we shared. I knew that at one point he had shaved it all off, because it stayed in the tub as well. Mine was about 6 3/4 inches hard, and his looked about 6.

Of course, he didn't take my victory cry to heart, and instead we both just sat there for a moment in silence, naked and hard. Both of our cocks bobbed in the air, the heater causing our balls to sag. My hand instinctively lowered to my dick, giving it a quick stroke.

'Ever been jerked off by someone before?' I asked, taking the initiative. Naturally my heart was pounding-this was my brother, not to mention that he was pretty straight.

'No, you?'


There was another silence. It was killing me, and I watched him carefully. He gave off that air of nervousness, but at the same time, there was a look of curiosity on his face. 'I'll do you if you do me,' he finally said. I was a little surprised that he pressed forward, but I wasn't refusing.

Slowly, I reached over and grabbed his dick. His felt just like mine, maybe a little thicker, with a slightly smaller head. He was rock hard, he felt harder than I ever had, but I'm sure that was arguable with the current erection I had. I began to stroke up and down, and then I felt his fingers close around mine. The feeling was different, his fingers were different from mine, his grip was different, his strokes were different, but it felt amazing. I closed my eyes and stroked him faster, as if it were my own cock.

We sat together on his bed, masturbating each other, heads lolling back, moans, gasps. With me free hand, I rubbed his balls and taint, pressing on it to increase his pleasure. I felt him begin to do the same, maybe he caught on to what I was doing. He slid his hips down to allow me better access, so I tugged on his cock and pressed on his taint, and before long he was gasping.

'I'm gonna blow!' He hissed loudly, and then erupted cum all over his stomach. His hand stopped on my cock, so I let go and quickly finished myself off, my own cum shooting out, the first spurt landing near my nipples, and the rest pooling on my abdomen. Now we were both panting and laying on his bed, the smell of cum filling the room.

'Wanna take another bet? Winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser,' he asked, grinning. If course I didn't turn him down.



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