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Video Booth With Coworker

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In my 20s, I was on a project at work that required the help of an outside company. There were five workers and I was paired up with a tall academic type dude with an eastern accent. I can't remember where he was from but it was somewhere like Massachusetts or Connecticut or someplace like that. I found him funny and prudish and quirky, very different from my laid back California friends.

I had a boyfriend to whom I was very faithful, and the guy, lets call him Glen, was engaged to be married. After working together day after day and for a few weeks, we got to know each other fairly well. His conservative nature brought out the vamp in me, and it got to where I was always teasing him and trying to get him to talk about sex. I got a big thrill out of it because you could visually see him squirming, it made him so uncomfortable.

One day working late, it was just us two left in the office. Out of the blue, he said, 'You know that thing you asked me about and I said, no?'

I didn't know what he was talking about. He said, 'No!' to virtually everything I ever asked if he had tried. He said, 'You know, masturbating. Well, I lied. I do it sometimes.'

Oh come on, I thought, I know you do, almost everyone does. Sometimes? I doubt it, I knew then that he probably did it every day and with a passion. Those shy conservative types always do. 'Really?' I said innocently, 'Tell me about it!'

Apparently, his fiancé was a veritable virgin who wouldn't let him do anything until they got married. So, he 'occasionally' resorted to going to those video booths inside adult stores and taking care of his needs there. I was fascinated! I told him I had never seen one. He asked if there were any around here and I told him there was a big adult store a few towns over, and he suggested we go together after work to see. I hesitated, now the tables were turned.

I was in a very happy relationship and reluctant to do anything that might be considered cheating. Of course my boyfriend would never find out, but I would know. I explained that to Glen and he said no problem, he had no intentions of cheating either. We would just go and see what was there. I agreed and we went.

We arrived at the adult store and went in. Sure enough, they had those video booths he had told me about. There was a long row of about ten of them. We went inside one of them and closed the door behind us; it was pretty small inside but just big enough for the two of us. It was painted all black inside, and there was a box of tissues and a chair, and a TV monitor built into the wall, place to put your money in and change channels, that was it. He put some dollars into the slot and the screen lit up.

He went thru the different channels. There was everything you could imagine; blow jobs on one channel, orgies on the next, women on women, men on men, women and men, every variation one could think of. He went all the way around and we sampled every one, sometimes nervously laughing at what we saw. He was fumbling with his crotch and I could see he had a raging hard on. He said, 'Would you mind?'

And I ansered, 'Not at all!' I was in fact, absolutely aching to watch, knowing it would be far more exciting for me to watch him in person, than anything I would see on the screen. He finally settled on the blow job channel.

He pulled out his cock and I couldn't believe how big it was. He was a big guy anyway, and apparently had a big cock to match. It was nice and clean looking, all pink and cut, and absolutely engorged to the max. It was extremely exciting. I didn't touch myself, I felt somehow that would be cheating, but I guess I thought, it was ok to watch him just inches away. As he slowly jacked his huge cock, he made extremely sexy moaning sounds, like 'Oh yeah!' and, 'It feels so good!' The whole thing was over faster than I would have liked; within minutes he grabbed some tissues and squirted cum all into it.

When it was over, he was all embarrassed and apologetic. I asked him to please not be sorry, I loved the experience, loved watching him, and told him it got me extremely turned on. He asked if he could watch me, but I said, no. He said, ok, and we left.

A few days later, the project was over and I never saw him again, but I fantasized about that experience many times. I subsequently tried to get my boyfriend to go into one of those places with me and we got as far as going into the store, but he wouldn't go into the booth. Darn! A few years later, we broke up, so now I really regret not doing more with Glen in the video booth that night.



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