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Vibe, Brush Handle and Fingers

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This is the first time I've used two fingers to get myself off and the sensations were so different and wonderful I felt I must write about them. I'm about 5'2', 120 lbs and have a B/C cups. For a while now I've been masterbating every night before I fall asleep. Usually I will only do it once in a while. Other times I just read these stories and lose track of how many orgasms I have. I really like the stories about men and women, and doing things with relatives. I have a really hot younger brother but we've never done anything.

Anyway tonight was a bit different from my usual solo. I started off the same by lying on my back in my bed. I wedged my panties up my ass crack and turned on my little vibrator. I put it on my clit rolling it around to get some nice sensations. I then took the handle of my brush and placed it on the lips of my pussy. It's an old brush with a slightly rounded point to the tip. The bristles have broken off from long time use. I slid the brush down to my ass hole and down between my ass cheeks. It feels so good sliding up and down like a penis from behind in a shower. Since my panties were so tight the brush didn't push into my pussy like it usually would. I really like the pressure of it against the inside without going in because the panties hold it back. The brush slid to the side and poked into my pussy. After a few minutes of this I got close and decided to let myself go over the edge.

I lay in bed feeling the warm tightness of my abs and thighs. I really wanted to go again. I noticed the brush had slipped into me and after the first orgasm I was really gooey. Fingers slide easier after the first time. I slipped my middle finger inside and felt around the lips. I generally don't like penetration as much as attention around just the inside. I began to clench my abs and rock my hips forward and back while holding my hand steady. I slipped my ring finger under the middle one and felt the juices slide between them. It felt very warm and wet with all sorts of layers. It felt wonderful to rock and slip my fingers out and up just inside the outer lips and below the clit. All this time I had turned on the vibrator again so I could feel it through the flesh wall of the upper side. I would twitch when I hit a certain spot. I shifted and would let the rocking slip my fingers deeper and deeper.

By this time I had my fingers horizontally instead of vertically in me. My rocking was not rythmic but more of a move pause, move again pause, and keep going. I'm sure if I was having sex a man would be very frustrated with my methods. As I kept going I would squeeze and release. If I was tight it felt like I was trying to push my fingers out. When I released my fingers could slide back in. My fingers felt so good being pushed and pulled by my soft wet pussy. It must feel really good for a man when he's inside and no wonder he has such problems holding back. My fingers felt like two small penises in me at once. I brushed the tips of my fingers against the bottom wall and touched off an extra wave of excitement. I am close and let myself go. Oh my fingers felt the contractions deep inside. It felt like I was being swallowed again and again, and I could control it a little. I kept it going longer than I normally would and then laid down to relax. Warm happy feelings rushed through me again. I lifted my fingers to my lips and licked the juices off.

I had to get up and tell you all. I always enjoy reading these so much, so I felt I must contribute.



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