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Very Special Friend

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From the moment we met, I had this feeling that R.J. and I would become very good friends. I also felt like our friendship would be like no other I had experienced with another boy, not even those who I considered to be a best friend.

R.J. was how he was introduced to me on the beautiful afternoon back in the summer of 1979. Robert James was his first and middle name. I started to call him Bobby and it stuck, even with his family who had been calling him R.J. for the past 13 years.

At that age, my nudity was restricted to my dad and older brother only. My own mother hadn't seen me naked since I was eight or nine years old. And now at age thirteen, my modesty pushed my dad and brother out of the nudie circle once they both began to make casual, yet still embarrassing comments about my new curly little hairs.

That's why it surprised me when Bobby and I had no problem dressing, changing, or even showering together. It was the fact that we did it so often and even seemed to invent reasons to expose our privates to each other.

For two boys who were only 49 days apart in age, we could not have been more different when it came to our respective stages of penile development. Even before I had seen Bobby's penis for the first time, I had taken notice of the tiny patches of underarm hair that he had. I assumed that to be an indication that he would be more equipped than I would since my pits were still hairless.

Our first peek at each other's private parts came during an outdoor piss. We stood side by side and without any hesitation, pulled out our dicks. I couldn't help but notice how thick Bobby's penis was. It had a large mushroom shaped head that I would describe as 'man-like' with an equally 'man-like' bush of pubic hair. The only thing that was not 'man-like' about it was it's length. It might have been a really fat weenie, but it was only about three to three and a half inches long. In deep contrast, mine had just a tiny wisp of pubic hair. It was nowhere nearly as thick as Bobby's nor did it have a fat mushroom head on it. But it was nearly five inches long in it's totally soft state.

Not too long after that first viewing, Bobby and I agreed to play the first of many games. In this game, we'd stand back to back in his bedroom with our pants lowered and our butts touching. We'd spend two minutes popping boners before taking two steps forward and turning to face each other.

We both turned and stood quietly amazed by the sight before us. My penis was at it's full seven inches of hardness and stuck upward well beyond a 45 degree angle. Bobby had grown to a respectable five and a half inches of obscenely fat thirteen-year-old boy-man cock. You could have fit both of my balls in one of his.

Like it was pre-programmed, Bobby and I moved closer and took a hold of each other penis. He turned to the side so that my penis crossed right over his as we fondled each other. His chin came to rest on my shoulder and it created a feeling that I have never felt before or since. His lips were pressed against my neck as we masturbated each other. Somehow my head gravitated towards his until our lips met. Instantly, someone's tongue invaded someone's mouth and a steamy French kiss ensued. Moans could be heard escaping our connected mouths, sudden loud gasps of breath, and simultaneous cries: 'I'm gonna squirt!' Followed by; 'Me too!' and we turned, faced each other, and launched our cum missles all over each other. From the moment forward and up to my mid-twenties, I had countless j/o sessions and circle jerks in groups of ten or more. Yet none was ever as hot and sexually satisfying as that first time with Bobby.



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