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Very Lucky To Have Parents like Mine

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It turns out that I had left my story 'getting obsessed' on the computer screen the other week, and my mom happened to see it.


So, as it says in the comment section, my mom found out about my... 'hobby.' Naturally, she told my dad. My mom didn't mind at all, but my dad needed a little warming up to it. even though I'm 18, I still look 15 or 16, so that may have something to do with how he views me.

Either way, they told me what they had found, and let me know that they were ok with it, and that I didn't need to put any effort into keeping it a secret any more. They said, however, they didn't want me improvising on what I used for toys, since it could be dangerous. They were worried about any sharp edges on the bottles that might cause a lot of damage.

I started to say that I checked everything I used for that before I tried it, but they cut me off. What they said next was one of the most thrilling things I've heard in a while.

They said that I could look online for two toys that I'd like to get, and that they would get them for me! TWO! My heart was racing from excitement.

That night, I went online and looked around for something that I would never get tired of. The first thing that I saw that caught my attention was an inflatable dildo. The other was a vibrator 'bullet' that was thee inches in diameter. I showed my mom my choices and she agreed that those would do well. She then asked me if I'd tried anal masturbation. I told her that I had, but not too much, though I did like it.

So, she said she'd buy me the toys later that night when she had some free time. The next week, I came home to find a package on the counter with a note on it that said 'Have fun! We'll be back at 11'

They had gone to dinner just to let me do whatever with the toys! I was so happy. I ran and got some scissors to open the box with. When I cut all the tape and looked inside, all my happiness was greeted by a wave of horniness that overtook me when I saw the toys. And not only did my mom get me the two I had asked for, she got me a set of 'vibrating anal beads.' I guess she thinks I'll enjoy it more with something like this to use.

The first one I wanted to try was the inflatable toy. It was SO big to begin with! It was about two inches thick, and maybe a foot long. I unwrapped it and got ready.

I was in luck once again, as it came with a bottle of KY. I had an idea though. I wanted to try masturbation with my clothes on, which I'd never done before. So, I took off my jeans and underwear and got the toy nice and slippery. I was going to put some KY on myself, but I was literally dripping wet, so I knew anything more would be unnecessary. Still standing up, I put the head of the toy in between my legs and let it slide into me. This was heaven, surely.

I could get the entire toy inside me, with just the pump hanging out of my pussy. If the pump wasn't there, you'd never guess anything was inside me! I was shaking from pleasure and excitement! I pulled my jeans back on (left my panties off) and buttoned up (I left the zipper undone so the pump and hose could hang out comfortably)

I was feeling really naughty with this huge thing in me, so I thought that I would try something else new. I put on my shoes and went outside (I put the air pump in my pocket so it would be less likely that anyone would notice something there)

When outside, I smiled and waved to my neighbor, who was getting his mail. I pretended to do the same, and walk to and from my mailbox. My neighbor had no idea I was in ecstasy from a huge dildo rubbing up inside my pussy as I walked. by the time I got to the door, I could feel a bit of moisture on my crotch. Inside, I looked in the mirror and saw that there was a huge stain from my pussy juice! It looked like I'd peed myself.

My horniness matched that, as I was dying for an orgasm now. I took off my pants and shirt, put on my panties, and tried out the pump.

With each pump, I felt it growing inside me. I thought I saw a little bump growing as well, but before I could check, after another pump, the dildo shifted. it pushed itself out of my pussy a bit. The dildo had grown to about three inches wide, and that little movement was enough to set off my orgasm. It was like one I'd never had before. I SCREAMED so loud. I'd be surprised if someone hadn't heard me.

The orgasm tore through me. My pussy contracted over and over, forcing the dildo to shoot out of me! I was on my back, hips off the ground, rubbing my clit furiously as it happened. I was still wearing my panties until that point, but when the dildo came out, it caught on the crotch and pulled them halfway off me!

Along with this, I squirted more than I ever had before! after the toy fell out, a HUGE stream shot out of me. It lasted about fifteen seconds, and went all the way across the room. I felt better than I ever had before! As my orgasm slowed a bit, I was shaking, still rubbing my clit, still in heaven, I let out the occasional, comparatively small squirt.

A few minutes later, I stopped rubbing myself, and lay back, exhausted, and close my eyes.

I woke up later when my my mom found me on the living room floor, naked, drenched in my cum. When she woke me up, she smiled and said 'you must have had a great time tonight' I nodded, happy but embarrassed from being found the way I was. She left, letting me clean up. I was glad we had a wood floor, or I would have had the hardest time cleaning up my gallon or so (exaggerating) of cum.

Hope you liked reading this! I certainly enjoyed experiencing it. I'll write again after trying my other two toys!



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