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VCH Piercing

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Please, enjoy this story and imagine what you would do with this image stuck in YOUR head.


I was over at my buddy's house when his neighbor poked his head over the fence and asked if they could come over and use his pool. The they happened to be the neighbor and his girlfriend and her 18 year old daughter. The following story is the short version of what transpired that night.

The neighbors came over and jumped in my buddy's pool while we sat up on the deck drinking our beers. At one point they came out of the pool and sat on the deck with us. Both mom and daughter were in bikinis and the daughter did not care to cover up under a towel after getting out of the pool. In fact she sat in her chair with her legs open as she leaned back. Her bikini did not match top and bottom. It was almost as if the bottoms were an old set that was about two years outdated and the top looked it was brand new.

When I got up to get a new beer I happened to get a view of how tight the bikini bottoms were, With her legs still open wide I could see that the tight bottoms were squeezing her lips out the sides of the material. Not so much that it would have been inappropriate, but close. I also noticed the material had some sort of defect in it just in the front panel of the fabric. This defect was later found out to be her new piercing. The reason the 18 year old was with mom was she was being grounded, in a way.

As I had learned later, the daughter had gone and had her clit pierced (VCH) on her 18th birthday. She already had her ears done three times each and her eye lid and her belly button all were pierced. It was her mom who said she could not pierce any other body part until she turned 18. So, just after her 18th birthday, she went and had her clit pierced. When mom found out she had done this she wanted to check to make sure it was done right and was clean. Mom made her show the new piercing and mom saw it was getting infected and wanted to keep her daughter close should anything go wrong with the healing process. Mom happened to be an ER nurse.

At one point the neighbor said he had to run back home and check on something real quick and would be right back. Minutes later the mom asked her daughter if everything was alright. The daughter was moving her legs a bit more than usual and the mom thought there might be something wrong. The mom asked my buddy if they could use his bathroom. Of course the daughter cries out 'Mom, I am fine.' Mom wants nothing to do with her belly aching and ushers her into the house.

I noticed our cooler was empty and decided to go into my buddy's kitchen for more beers. When I walked into the house I heard mom tell her daughter to sit up on the sink and remove her bikini bottoms. This of course spiked my interest as I knew if you did not close the bathroom door all the way that it would swing open by itself. I peeked around the corner and found this to be true. The daughter was sitting up on the sink and leaning back against the mirror and mom was kneeling down facing the other direction from the door and she was examining her daughters vagina.

I witnessed mom poking around her daughter private area as if she was sifting thru the sand on the beach looking for a dropped earring. The daughter sat back behind the wall that created a bit of a hall way inside the bathroom. Mom was inches from her daughters new piercing. She asked a bunch of questions like if she had any pain or swelling earlier today or if it came on as soon as she came out of the pool. Mom said that more than likely she had some sort of reaction to the pool water and she would need to keep a close eye on it for the next 24 hours to make sure the redness of her lips goes away.

After they left for the night I told my buddy what I witnessed in the bathroom. He did not believe me at first but a few days later he talked with his neighbor and the neighbor mentioned his girlfriend's daughter had gotten her VCH piercing a few days earlier and her mom was concerned she needed to keep it clean and healthy. It was going to be her last day being grounded but because she had some reaction to the pool water she had to check in with her mom every four hours over the last two days. This is how I learned of the VCH piercing and what I had seen her mom inspecting so closely that night in my buddy's bathroom.

This event has provided me with enough material to beat off for some exciting sessions of one on one time.



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