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My cycle if divided into three phases.

1) Just after my period, I seem to need more relief than usual and during this week to ten days, I get off a minimum of twice a day. I usually like to lie on my bed and slip my hand between my legs and just rub my clit. I think about a range of things from boys erections to boys jacking off. Sometimes, I have even rubbed off in class.

2) During my mid month, I totally change. At this time I need raunchy erotic masturbation. I will masturbate on the bus/train, in public. Sometimes I go without panties and rub off in store changing rooms. When I do this, I usualy get measured for shoes which involves me making sure another girl sees my pussy. Also, because I am not too well developed...(still an 'a'!!!) and shaven, I look a lot younger than I am. I like to get measured for a bra too. Sometimes, I really get lucky and the girl who measures me might hold my breasts a little. One time, this actually led to something happening in a changing room, but mostly, all I do is get all antsy and then make myself cum, but ALWAYS in public. When I am at home during this time of the month I always have really bad fantasies. These range from having sex with another girl, (something I have never done for real) but I once smelled and licked my sisters panties to get the idea... how bad is THAT? Another time, I used a friend's bathroom and took her panties from her hamper. I sat on her toilet and made myself cum and at the exact moment I cummed, I pushed the stained, still wet crotch of her panties deep inside me. Sometimes, I even like to pee in my own panties on purpose and then rub off. A couple of times I have walked home from the mall letting a little go into my panties all the way home. I also think about incest sometimes. Mid month, I am something of a slut. My mind seems to race from erotic/bad fantasies like being raped, having sex with lots of men at once, being degraded...something like being forced to masturbate while lots of other people watch. Sometimes, I even imagine my own brother cumming inside me. The point is that mid cycle, I need really hard dirty masturbation.

3) During my period itself, I am a total hopeless romantic. I'm sorry if it freaks you to think that some girls masturbate during their period but I do. I always have the same fantasy. A man is taking my virginity. He spends ages kissing me all over (which I do by kissing my own arms and lightly touching all over my body.) He kisses down my tummy and slowly removes my panties. Then he rubs my clit until I can't stand it any more. Finally he penetrates me. (Here, I sometimes shove a finger inside myself alongside the tampon and then look at the blood on it. I pretend it is my hymen that has torn. The orgasm I get has such a gentle onset and just seems to roll out along me. Sometimes, it makes me cry.

I suppose my body is telling me that I am really ready for sex, but I havent done it yet. Some petting is all. I wonder if I will ever live out any of my dirty fantasies. All I know now is that writing them down here is very erotic. I am horny as all hell and very very wet. Since I am mid cycle, I think I will go find my sister's panties. Happy jilling girls.

PS I also want to get my nipples pierced now that I am 18. I just like the thought of having a total stranger shove a needle through them. Wierd huh?



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