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Hope this isn't too long !


This happened shortly before my 15th birthday and is something that I can remember clearly even today.

One Monday evening Mum arrived home from work with another woman who she introduced as Val. She was from another office but was working with mum for the week and she thought it would be nicer for her to stay with us and use our spare bedroom rather than at a hotel. Dad had agreed and I certainly didn't object to having another female around the house.

Val was in her early thirties, short blonde hair, fairly slim and quite attractive. She also had a good pair of breasts that I found hard to keep my eyes off. Needless to say, while masturbating in bed that night before going to sleep, it was Val I was thinking of trying to imagine what she would look like without her clothes on.

I spent the next two evenings trying to catch glimpses of her bra and cleavage down her blouse, which I managed on a couple of occasions, and in trying to see up her skirt at which I was not successful. On the Wednesday night I was feeling really horny as I walked past her bedroom on the way to mine and I decided to go in and see if I could find any of her underwear. Val and my parents were downstairs and I'd only be quick. I went over to the chest of drawers and opened the top drawer, then the next, and there was a pair of white panties. Just as I was lifting them out to get a better look I heard a noise at the door. 'What the hell are you doing.' It was Val. As she saw what I had in my hand she said 'Put them down and get out of here you little pervert.' I dropped the pants and fled past her, out the door, muttering sorry as I went.

Back in my room I couldn't sleep, I wished I had never gone into her room and was dreading what my parents would say if she told them. It was all so embarrassing. The next day Thursday was the last that she was staying with us. I managed to avoid her at breakfast but later remembered that my parents were out that evening, something previously arranged, so it would be hard to avoid her later on.

My parents went out and I was watching television when Val came in and sat down next to me. 'I want to apologise for last night' she said 'what I said was uncalled for and I'm sorry, I was just a bit surprised at finding you there that's all, and I haven't told anyone in case you're wondering.' This last sentence was like a weight being lifted from my shoulders, and as I started to apologise to her for what I had been doing, she stopped me saying it was okay and everything was forgotten. She then asked me if I had a girlfriend and I replied no. She then asked if I'd ever had one and I replied not really. 'So you've never done anything with a girl then, played around together?' again I replied no. I was feeling rather embarrassed and wished she'd change the conversation. In reality I was incredibly shy with girls, especially ones I fancied, and was totally inexperienced.

We sat watching television for a while then she said 'I'm going to take a shower, would you like to join me.' At first I thought I'd misheard, but smiling she repeated herself 'Would you like to have a shower together.' I didn't need asking a third time and stammered out a 'yes' to her. She got up and headed for the stairs, my heart pounding as I followed her. At the top of the stairs she turned to me and told me to go and get undressed and then come to her room when I was ready. In my bedroom I stripped off as quickly as I could and wrapped a towel round my waist. As I walked along to her room I was practically shaking with excitement at the thought of seeing her naked, but at the same time had a horrible feeling that it may all be some nasty joke she was playing on me to get her own back for last night.

I entered her room and she was facing me dressed in just a pink lacy bra and knickers. Smiling she reached behind her, undid her bra and took it off, letting her breasts bounce free. They were as full and firm as I had imagined them. She then slid her knickers down and stepped out of them, my eyes going instantly to the neatly trimmed triangle of light brown pubic hair at the top of her thighs. As she stood naked before me she opened her arms and gave a little wiggle causing her breasts to sway delightfully and said to me 'Well, what do you think.' I was practically speechless and all I could manage was 'you're lovely' in return. She pointed to my towel and said 'Aren't you going to take that off, you can't have a shower with that wrapped around you.' As I went to remove it I suddenly realised that looking at Val had given me an erection and I hesitated. Val came over and pulled the towel away and as my penis sprang into view I tried to cover it with my hands in embarrassment. Val laughed and said 'So you do like the look of me then. It's okay there's nothing to be ashamed of, it's quite a compliment to me, let me have a proper look.' I took my hands away and exposed myself to her and Val reached out and stroked along it's length causing me to become fully hard. 'Come on' she said and headed for the bathroom. I followed, my eyes on her well rounded bare bottom and with my erection bobbing in front of me.

In the bathroom Val turned on the shower and told me to get in and then joined me, we had a large shower and there was plenty of space for two people. Despite my excitement I was trying to avoid our naked bodies actually touching, so Val told me to relax and enjoy it and that we should wash each other. She told me to turn round and she started to soap my back gradually moving down to my buttocks, she then turned round and asked me to do the same for her. My hands felt the softness of her skin for the first time as I washed her back and then as I moved down to her bottom, she leaned forward slightly and pushed it back causing it to hit my erection, which made her laugh, as I then soaped her curvy buttocks.

She straightened and turned to face me and asked me to do her front. I was nervous about touching her breasts and she said 'Come on, I'm sure you want to feel them.' I reached out and started to soap them, loving their softness and noticing how the nipples became more prominent as I played with them. I moved down her stomach until my fingers made contact with her pubic hair which I again soaped up, but I hesitated about going any further. 'You haven't finished yet, you need to make sure I'm clean down there' she said. She reached out and took hold of my wrist and opening her legs slightly she pushed my hand up against her pussy making me gently rub it. I felt my first ever pussy lips and realised that she must have shaved herself there since I couldn't feel any hair. My penis was now bobbing against her stomach and after a short while she released my hand and said she had to finish washing me. She soaped my chest and then moved down to my groin. Taking hold of my erection she started to move her hand backwards and forwards, the soap acting as a lubricant, and I could feel my breathing quickening as I knew I would not avoid cumming. Her other hand reached down and started to soap my testicles and this finally did it. I spurted three large streams of sperm all over her stomach as all my tension was released. Val seemed pleased and said 'Have you been saving that up for me, it's a good job we're in the shower.'

After a final rinse we got out and started to dry ourselves. Val then asked me if I 'played with myself' very often. A bit embarrassed I nodded and said I did, in fact I'd been masturbating regularly for a few years by this time but didn't tell her that. She said it was normal and enjoyable and that everyone did it, including her. She then said 'Would you like to watch me.' To be honest I'd never thought about girls masturbating and was intrigued as to what they did, and said I would very much like to watch her.

Still naked we headed back to her bedroom and Val lay back on the bed and spread her legs apart. I sat alongside her and looked at her pussy which I could now see properly for the first time, her pubic hair trimmed just above the lips which were fully shaven. Her left hand started to stroke and play with her breasts, tweaking her nipples which I saw became puffy and erect. Her right hand was between her legs stroking her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she started to push her fingers into her pussy which I noticed was becoming more swollen and wet looking. As she increased the speed of her fingers going in and out of her pussy, her left hand dropped down and started to rub the area just above, which I now know was her clitoris. I watched fascinated as she became more frantic and her breathing quickened, accompanied by little gasps from her mouth. Suddenly she stiffened and raised her hips off the bed letting out a low moan. For a second I thought something was wrong but then she relaxed, opened her eyes and told me that she's just had an orgasm.

In watching all of this my penis had also become hard again which Val noticed. 'We can't leave you like that can we.' she said 'We can't do anything properly together because you're still a little young and I have a boyfriend, but I think you'll enjoy this.' She told me to lie back, which I did, then she took hold of my penis and pulling the foreskin back to expose the head dropped some saliva onto it and began to slowly masturbate me with her right hand. 'Try and hold back as long you can,' she said 'and let me know when you're about to let go.' I had never felt sensations like this before and knew I couldn't hold back for very long. That was it as far as I was concerned and I told her I was cumming. She grasped my penis and rapidly pulled up and down as I pushed my bottom off the bed and came. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had even if I didn't spurt as much as in the shower.

After asking if I'd enjoyed it she then said I'd better get back to my room before my parents got home and not to tell them anything about what we did tonight. I would hardly have told them anyway.

The next morning at breakfast Val gave me a wink and asked if I'd slept well last night. Just before leaving she also whispered to me that she'd left me a little present in my bedside cabinet. As soon as she'd gone I went upstairs to look and found the little pair of white panties she'd caught me with two nights ago. Sadly Val never came to stay with us again although mum said she did ask after me on a couple of occasions. However from then on I was not quite so shy with girls and was for ever grateful to Val for that.



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