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Valentine's Day Maturbator

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On Valentine's Day I gave my girlfriend a nice box of candy and she gave me a great blowjob. Not a bad trade. I have been dating Nancy ever since we met in Chemistry class last August. I knew her from having classes with her 2 years ago but we never really talked. At the beginning of this school year I was lucky enough to have two classes with her and one was at the end of the day so I invited her over to my apartment. Nancy seems to be a typical midwestern girl at my university what with her blonde hair, blue eyes and skinny figure. Although she has dated alot of guys she quickly told me she did not like the guys on campus who only wanted to get in her pants. At first this threw me off because I thought she meant she did not have an active sex drive. I was wrong. Nancy loves it when I take her out to the movies or to eat then go back to my apartment. I quickly found out that she loves Mexican food and I love how she's horny after drinking Margaritas!! Talk about a win/win situation. Even though I have been trying to get Nancy to spend the night at my place she always insisted she could not. Many times I have been able to get her off by fingering her wet pussy or sucking on her clit but she always stops me and tells me we can't have sex. Since she told me how she was hurt by other guys I have agreed to respect her. Until recently she only passively stroked my cock usually insisting that I stroke it with her and that I not come in her face. I was always able to get off and she let me feel her great tits and wet pussy so I didn't have much to complain about. Since last Friday was Valentine's day I decided to take Nancy out to eat and we had a great time. She whispered in my ear at the restaurant that she wanted to stay all night with me but I had to respect her. I was so happy that she was going to spend the night with me that I convinced myself I would not try to push her too far. When we got back to my apartment she showed me a pair of red silk boxers she bought me and asked me to put them on. While I was doing this Nancy went into the bathroom to change. Since I have a history of jacking off in silk panties I have found over the years these silk boxers caused me to get rock hard in only a few minutes. When Nancy came out she had on a sexy outfit which consisted of a red lace see through top and a pair of red sexy panties which barely covered her nice ass. My heart was beating a million miles an hour. Nancy began to rub my chest hair and she told me her roommate at school and one of her other friends were always asking her how she found such a nice handsome guy like me. She told me they were jealous and they always told her I would blow my chances with her by pressuring her to have sex. When she told them how respectful I was to her they also told her just wait he will get a hard on and try to fuck her just like the other guys. I laughed and when Nancy asked me what I was laughing at I told her between seeing her in that outfit and wearing silk boxers I had a huge hard on right now. Nancy also laughed and reached down to stroke my hard cock. She got down on her knees and pulled my cock out of the pee hole. She looked so sexy looking up at me while stroking me harder and harder. Nancy told me she didn't want me to come just yet and I told her that she had better slow down. Nancy and I laid down on my bed next and we did some serious tongue wrestling. As we were kissing I managed to slip two fingers inside her pussy and I started rubbing on her clit. This always got her off and as straight laced as she was she let me finger her in the car, at the movies and even in a dark restraunt once when she was drinking margaritas. I could feel Nancy come twice as I was fingering her and then she took off my silk boxers and positioned herself with her head right over my cock. To my suprise instead of the usual handjob she took my cock deep in her mouth and started bobbing up and down on it. Holy shit, I could have came in the first 30 seconds but I tried hard to hold on. My throbbing cock in her sweet little mouth looked so sexy. Every so often she took my cock out of her mouth and just rubbed the shaft all over her face and then jacked me off since it was wet with her spit. Nancy asked me if I was having a nice Valentine's Day and I told her this was the best one ever. She went back to sucking my cock and massaging my balls and I told her I was about to come. She asked me if I wanted to come in her face and I said, 'Hell yes!!' While I got up on my knees Nancy laid right in front of me holding her face right below my cock and she opened up her sexy mouth. I felt like I was coming from the tips of my toes to the tip of my cock as my first two squirts of hot come laned on her forehead and the rest on her pretty cheeks and her mouth. Nancy just looked up at me and the sight of her beautiful face covered with my come is one I won't soon forget.



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