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Vacuum Cleaner & 'skin'

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small first contribution triggered by another guy's vacuum cleaner story (Pete's?).


I've been masturbating over a lot of these stories, but delayed submitting a 'good' story as my first for Solo. This is NOT what I planned, but one guy's brief reference to using a vacuuum cleaner 'for pleasure' reminded me of something I hadn't thought about for years.
I have a very short, very loose foreskin, and one pleasurable area is the frenulum(sp?), that little 'attachment' of foreskin to underside of the glans (head). My ex-wife's nearest approach to blowing me was to suck and lip-nibble it, pee-(and ejaculate-)opening outside, pointed safely away.
Later, when our mutual sexual activity was nil, but we still (lierally) slept together, I managed to masturbate quietly, with very little movement (mostly pinching, twisting, tugging the frenulum) lying beside her. (It's a real trip to ORGASM without moving or making a sound, pretending to be asleep!)
Many years before...
...?!? or was it so many years before? Now I'm trying to visualize the vacuum cleaner: my mother's or my wifes? or both? HHmmmm!
Anyway, more than once--but at long intervals--I managed to hold my penis obliquely across the extension-tube's opening, at just the right angle and with just the right intake opening to make my frenulum and most of my foreskin VIBRATE RAPIDLY AND POWERFULLY and bring me off (also rapidly & powerfully) wihin a few seconds.
It felt INCREDIBLY good...until afterwards, when my foreskin was swollen and red enough to alarm me (even a bit bloody once?) and make me wait a long, long time before succumbing to the temptation to do it again.
Now I'm remembering...must have been (or continued into) my married years (yes, I'm divorced now)...because I had to hide my penis until it looked a little more normal...which in itself may have seemed suspicious, inasmuch as I normally went about the house stark naked.
So MANY stories here (by men and women) strike a chord in me--early experiences with boys and girls, doing it with buddies when a little older...and especially doing it with people watching. I DO wish the Solo site provided a way for us to contact each other directly. Anybody in the New York City area would be especially welcome for 'show & tell' sessions.



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