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Vacation With Friend

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I love Solo Touch. This is my first story. If it goes well, I will write more. This is kind of long, but I appreciate you reading it.


When I was 14, the summer before ninth grade (2004), I had a group of friends that I spent my whole summer with. The one that I was closest with was (name different) J.

J was about 5'7' with dirty blonde hair with signs of development (some armpit hair and a deeper, cracking voice). I was about 5'6' with brown hair (with light almost blonde spots from the sun), and was developing at the same rate he was (but had a higher voice, which was something to get poked at about).

In late June or July he asked me if I wanted to go on vacation with his family (as his brothers were both moved out and he'd be pretty lonely). I excitedly said yes. There was one issue...I was coming home from my family's vacation (In South Carolina) the day they were heading down (To North Carolina). We met somewhere in Virginia near Washington DC, about 3/4 of the way back home (or to North Carolina, either way you look at it). I switched vehicles and was off again.

Why I explain that is that I had been holding off masturbating while on the family vacation, and now was going for another week, something that 14 year old's really can't do, especially with all the bikinis around!

Once we got there, we set out on a mission to find girls and get laid by the end of the week. Between insanely long bike rides, raft rides a mile or two out into the ocean (secluded beach), swimming, and the usual beach things, we were actually doing pretty good! In the middle of the week, we even tried to go to the gas station nearby to buy condoms...until we realized the price. Looking back, I think we were a little scared of having sex with someone who we just met and will never see again at 14. So we both decided we'd settle for something less, laughed, and left.

That night, while at the pool, the two girls came back to their house from dinner. We didn't realize it until they called us from their porch (we were at the pool). Their parents had gone out! We were ecstatic. We got nervous, played with ourselves a little bit, and headed in wishing that we bought the condoms. We started getting settled and comfortable there and getting cuddled up with a girl each when their parents came back. They made us leave, and so we did.

When we got back at about midnight, we changed and went to bed. We started to talk, like we did for about a half hour every night. The talk was about girls back home, puberty, masturbating, sex, and everything else young teens talk about. Each night, the talk was also about the girls that we had been trying to hook up with. This night was more intense though. We talked about what their boobs and pussies might look and feel like, what we would do to them, etc.

I then said 'Wow, I have a huge boner'. He said 'Yeah dude, I'm so f***ing horny'. I replied, 'I know. And getting so close with those girls doesn't help'. He said, 'Yeah, and I haven't jacked off since the day before we left for vacation.' I said, 'No S***, I've been on vacation for almost 2 weeks now without jacking off'. He said, 'Well go ahead, do it. I don't care'. I was unsure and asked, 'Really?' and he said 'Yeah...I'm gonna''. So that was it. We started pumping under the covers. After some hesitant fondling of ourselves, we decided to go ahead at it. I could hear his little sighs and slight moans as his hand bounced up and down under the covers. I probably sounded and looked the same. After a little while, I stopped and asked where we should cum. He said to just cum in my boxers or on the sheet because that's what he was going to do. We got back at it and then he said, 'Mike, you almost done?' I said 'yeah'. He said that he couldn't finish with me right next to him and he would go in the attached bathroom so we can both 'finish up'.

I kind of lost it due to him talking to me, but once he got in the bathroom (with a cracked door), I got it back and went for it again as I saw his silhouette moving back and forth. I heard a 'OOH...UHH...AHH..UHH' from the bathroom as he came. That pushed me to the edge. I pumped out like 6 good shots into my boxers. Just then he walked back in and asked if I finished. I said yeah, then got up to wash my hands, change my boxers, and pee. In the bathroom there was drops of his silky cum all over. I told him about it and he said 'oops. I tried to get it in. Jacking off in a toilet is cool. Never done it before. It's easier....if you have good aim'. I then said, 'I've never cummed that much in my whole life'. He agreed, 'Dude, I've never seen my cum shoot so hard. That's why I couldn't get it in the damn toilet'. We laughed and went to sleep.

The next day he apologized that he left, but he did because he was not fully comfortable. I explained that I wasn't either. After more talking, we agreed that it DID, in fact, turn us both on, but made us feel 'gay' and that we wouldn't do it again and never mention it.

Well...you try everything once I guess. It was a huge turn on, but something didn't feel right. We gave up on the girls for our last day or so of vacation.



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