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Vacation Surprise

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The background of this story goes back 3 years...I was a senior in high school (I'm starting my senior year of college in a month...scary thought for me). Anyways...every year we rent a cabin on this small inland lake in our state. We started going there in 1999 and since then I hated it. I was taken away from Internet, phone, friends, etc. and it was not fun for me. My mom and dad loved it but I was bored out of my mind for the whole week. To make it even worse, there was never anyone my age around, there were always little kids that my brother played with, but no one near my age. An elderly couple owned these cabins and it just got to be too much for them to handle. The husband couldn't walk down to the beach anymore to maintain their beachfront and she was having a harder time cleaning them, so they decided to sell the cabins. However, before they sold them, they built a 3-car garage with an appartment above.

Through the course of a year (fast-forward to 2003 now...by this time I was 18 and really hating vacation, mostly because I had to leave my j/o bud at home and masturbating alone in those cabins wasn't much fun), a family bought the property. They worked and lived in a big town and welcomed the change. The husband stayed down in the big city to work and sell their old house while the mom and 2 kids moved up north to run the cabins. After talking with the mom, she told me that her son (we'll call him Josh), who was 19, was having a hard time adjusting to the move and was completely ticked about the move. She said that to try and keep him happy, they gave him the appartment above the garage and let him live his own life up there. She called him down and we met and went to his appartment. We hit it off right away and I immediately felt something between us...something just clicked. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long that night because we got there late and had to go out with my grandparents who live in that area.

I'm not much of an outdoors-type, so going out and spending time on the beach is not my idea of fun...I enjoy it for a bit, but not for a day. But that was different on Sunday (the first full day of our vacation). I woke up that morning and heard music coming from the beach. I look out the window and see Josh sitting in a chair, reading a magazine. I quickly, but quietly (my family was still asleep), threw on my bathing suit and went outside. When he saw me he quickly flipped his magazine shut and put it on the other side of him. We talked for a while and eventually I asked him what he was reading. He held up a well-worn copy of Men's Health nad I noticed some sheets of paper sticking out. He wouldn't hand it to me when I asked for it, so I let it go for now. He asked if I wanted to take a walk through the woods across the street and I said yes. We parted ways for a few minutes while I changed and left my family a note so they knew where I was. Josh still wasn't outside after I did all of that so I went up to his appartment to see what was taking him so long. When I got up there and opened the door I saw him standing in the middle of the room in a thong and sticking condoms in the pocket of his shorts. I caught him off guard when I told him that I haven't seen anyone fill a thong like that before and he sheepishly thanked me. He quickly pulled on his clothes and we headed out.

The first 15 minutes or so were pretty standard conversation...how much we disliked where we were, how we'd rather be home, etc. He then announced that he had to take a leak, so I let him do his duty while I sat on a tree stump. He finished up and we continued our walk. The next 15 minutes were filled with sex talk...I asked him if there was anyone around that he thought was hot (his response: no), gotten laid recently (been about a year), are you a masturbator (at least once a day). I shared that I get off at least once a day as well and said that vacation was an unwelcomed break from that habit.

At that, he shared that he's been horny as hell all day and asked how I felt. I said that I'm always horny and can be hard at the drop of a hat. So, being about 2 miles into the woods with no one to be seen, we decide to beat off. After he got his cock out, I saw the picture of penile perfection. He was around 7 inches long and his hand just barely fit around it. There was one big, blue vein running down the middle of this arrow-straight, milky white shaft. I was jealous. I think he noticed that I was just staring at his georgeous cock and brought me out of my trance by asking me if I'd rather stare at it that beat it off. I touched it and it was so smooth and perfect. I asked him how he managed to grow something like that and he said that it wasn't his, it was on loan from God. He wasn't lying...only God himself could have a cock like that. I was hesitant to get mine out as it paled in comparison. I always thought it was nice (7.5', slight curve to the left, big mushroom head, only a few visible veins) because it was nicer than the other cocks I had experience with. But it was the hunchback of Notre Dame compared to this. Josh didn't care though.

He got down on his knees and examined every inch of it. He pulled my pants down and fondled my balls (which hang very low...if it's hot (like it was that day) they hang almost half way to my knees) and gently touched my cock with his fingers. All this together had made me ready to explode. I told him that he was about to see me cum and he grabbed my shaft and stroked like mad. This was the hottest thing I had ever done...I was spent. I collapsed and tried to catch my breath. He was satisfied and started stroking his cock. Knowing that it was only right to return the favor, I came up behind him and started massaging his cock. Not much later, he announced that he was about to cum. He screamed out 'F**K YEAH!' and grabbed the back of my hand and pumped in and out. When he was limp, he let go and sat down. I said that this was the hottest thing I had ever done and the farthest I had ever gone with a man. He confided in me that he was gay and that he had gone 'all the way.' I told him that I was up for anything and never afraid to try anything once. We laid there and regained our strength and walked a bit more. We walked about half a mile east and came to a clearing. About 30 feet up in a massive tree was a hut. He said that he found this deer blind about a month ago when he was exploring. We went up and I found that he was ready for sex to happen up there. He had laid a few layers of foam, topped with a blanket. He said that he likes to get off in the woods and set this up during the summer as a place where he could go and get off. One window was at about cock-level and Josh told me that he would frequently jack off and shoot out the window. He said that knowing that someone could walk by at any minute got him hot and fuelled many sessions. I decided to sit down in the corner and see what Josh had in mind. (I know Solo Touch will only allow masturbation, so I'll give you the 'Reader's Digest version' of what followed) We both stripped again and began making out. Like I said before, I can be hard at the drop of a hat, so I was instantly at attention. Josh was taking a little longer, though, so I started gently fondling him and he shortly returned to full length. After we masturbated for a bit, he lubed up and let's just say that I found out what those condoms were for. I felt things that I had never felt before and it was HOT!

After being gone for hours, we returned home and both took showers in his apartment. Through the rest of that vacation we fooled around and got each other off in so many ways.

Fast-forward now to 2006. I've been working during the summers and can only visit my family on vacation for a day trip or so and in 2004 and 2005 Josh was not there. However, this year he was back.

We re-lived every moment of vacation 2003 in the 2 days I was able to be there. I slept in his apartment and we got off in so many ways. He even had a guy in his late 20's come and join. Josh and this guy met at the gas station down the road and since they were about the same age, they became good friends...and eventually started getting off on each other and now they're sleeping together all the time. I can't tell you how many orgasms we had in 3-way jerks, etc. It was the hottest 2 days of my life and I'm still recovering. But in all of this, it comes back to the masturbation. The sex was hot, but the masturbation was the best I've ever had and I'm ready for next year. In the mean time, I'll just have to get off remembering those hot 2 days and 3 pieces of man meat shooting load after load of hot jizz.

Happy jacking!



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