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Vacation Masturbation Part 2

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This site is fantastic... The following is a continuation of my most wonderful Vacation.


(Vacation Masturbation Continued....)

After arriving back at my room, there was already a message left on the room phone. I listened to it and it was a message from my German buddy I had just finished masturbating. (See Vacation Masturbation: December 5, 2005) He left a message, thanking me for the 'fun' that we had earlier that evening. (Wow, close call... because my brother and his friend were already in the room. They were in their bedroom already so I don't know if they got or heard the message or not... I'm never asking them.)

Well, the message continued to play and he asked me to meet him on the boat dock the next morning at 10 am.

I could hardly sleep that night. I couldn't get his smile off my mind, let alone the masturbation session we just had.

Morning came, and I must have fallen asleep sometime during the night, because when I awoke it was 8:30am already. Only 1 & 1/2 hour to get to the docks!!! My bro, his friend and I got up, each showered and then we headed over for breakfast... since we were on the Concierge Level, we had our own little private dining area at the Lodge. During breakfast I told my brother that I was going over to the Magic Kingdom and asked them if they wanted to go out and do their own thing today. They said sure.

After breakfast we went down to the lobby and said we'd meet up for dinner. I quickly went to the docks, and my brother and his friend left for the buses to go to elsewhere.

My heart was pounding as I walked the long dock to the end where the loading area was. There in the distance was my German friend. We greeted each other and waited for the next boat.

We spent a nice day around the park.

**Cut to the end of the day.**

We parted for dinner and we agreed to meet up later at 8:00 pm for a massage down at the spa. We had a wonderful rub down at the spa and it was such a turn on being in the same room during our massages. I had a woman masseuse and he had a male one. His must had use a bit more pressure because my German friend was moaning a bit... what a turn on. The spa and gym areas were pretty empty and the staff helping us said were were the last two for the day.

After the massages, I very shyly asked one of the staff if we had enough time to use the sauna, since it would be a new experience for my foreign friend. The male staff said that although they were closing we could have the sauna 'In private' for the next 1/2 hour, because he would be here to clean up and lock up. He told us that he had to turn off the heat, but that there would be plenty of heat to enjoy still. Wow, I winked at my friend and the staff took us to the sauna. He provided us a locker and some towels... (did I mention the staff at this Magical Resort is awesome?)

We sat in the sauna a few minutes and then my friend stood up and removed his towel. Now I could see his firm body in the light as opposed to the moonlight. A bit foggy but since he was standing next to me, I could definitely see his nice body. He had an awesome body. This immediately turned me on, and with only a 1/2 hour in the sauna, I quickly took off my towel and told my German mate to lie back down on the bench. I straddled him and started to play with his dick. It quickly grew. I pumped that wonderful uncut dick with both hands and he laid on the bench. Sweat beads were developing all over his body from the heat. What a turn on.

As I continued to play with his hooded dick, he started to moan a bit. (Just like when he was getting his massage, but hopefully this was more pleasurable for him.) By now my dick was rock hard too. Straddling his legs, I could easily squeeze both our dicks together. As I jacked us, I was able to pull his foreskin over the head of my dick. He had lots of loose foreskin and this felt amazing. His breathing became more labored and his moaning a bit loader... Hopefully the staff member could not hear him and was not listening in on us.

Laying down on his back, he reached down and grabbed both our dicks together. He heatedly masturbated us. His hand was wrapped around both our dicks and he was jacking us hard and fast. He was now grunting and bucking his hips slightly up. I was ready to shoot any moment. He said, 'You ready?' I said yes.

He now used both of his hands and masturbated us to a massive orgasm. We came at the same time. He and/or I sprayed all the way up to his chin. We both shot off at the same time, so I'm not sure who hit his chin, and there was a big pool of cum on his chest and belly.

I bent down and kissed him and then we quickly got a towel and cleaned up. And not too soon, because just as we were getting up, the staff member came back to let us know he was about done cleaning up and ready for closing. (What perfect timing... now, I really have to wonder if he was outside the door the whole time.)

We went to the locker room and got dressed. Our staff member escorted us out of the spa and out to the lobby area. As we walked out to go to the Main Lodge, our staff guy winked at us and wished us an 'Adventurous Day tomorrow at the Park' and if there was anything he could do to make our stay more 'Magical' to let him know.

Once again we stood saying our goodbyes for the night. And he asked if I could meet him again tomorrow for breakfast to say goodbye since he and his parents were leaving the next day.

Well, months have passed, and we have kept in touch. I am going to go to Germany this summer for holiday and we plan on traveling Europe together... MAY THE ADVENTURE CONTINUE!!! ....



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