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Vacation Fun

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Our last vacation in Jamaica was great. My husband knows I love everything about sex and when we are away we allow ourselves to be much more bold knowing we will never see the people there again.

On this vacation we never met another couple to hang with like we have on many others so we spent a lot of time with just the two of us.

We stayed at an adults only resort where almost anything goes and everybody was nude all the time.

On our second day we went to a small island a very short boat ride from our resort. We arrived to find a nice beach all around with many rocks. We stripped and walked with our suits in a handbag exploring the little island in the nude. We were happy to find three different couples having sex around the island and my husband noted it was his kinda place.

After a while we stopped where there were about five other couples sunning. We laid out towels and soaked up the sun for about 20 minutes before a young local lady came by asking if we wanted a massage. She told us how much and we said we would bring money the next day if she would be there.

That night we talked about how hot it would be to get a rub down from this hot looking little lady. She was small with a very sporty type body.

The next day we went back and she did come along after a while. Hubby pulled out the cash and said he brought enough for both of us. He wanted me to go first so I did. This little lady wasted no time and had me oiled and rubbing away. She did not go around my breasts but rather nicely rubbed them a bit more than other areas. I quite enjoyed her strange hands all over my long hard nipples.

I looked over and noticed my husband now had a very hard cock. This made it even better. The man that came with the girl sat way back hardly even watching. I'm sure he was there for safety only.

After she rubbed me down on top she went to my legs then massaged my feet. She then worked her way back up to my pussy area rubbing all around it. She then asked if we wanted a full massage for extra cost and I said no right away. I said what I did want was for her to give my husband a full massage though. He looked at me rather shocked and I said yes it's your turn now for the full massage.

The young lady told him to lay back and he did very quickly. She oiled him down then went directly for his hard cock. She took his cock in both hands slowly stroking it base to top. My husband looked over at me and said, you are such a great wife.

My husband had already come that morning and twice the day before so he was not going to come right away. I thought the young lady had her work cut out for her as she stroked up and down his shaft.

Watching her give my hubby pleasure was making me very horny. As I watched I sat on my towel crosslegged and started rubbing my clit. It did not take me long before I started to orgasm. Just as I was about to come hubby started to breath hard so I knew what was next. The girl picked up her pace just a bit then he let out a grunt and came all over her nice brown hands. His sperm looked so nice dripping all over her hands as she now slowly stroked him to a wonderful finish.

The girl dripped the come onto the sand and said thank you as she wiped her hands off on my towel. She took her money then left like she had just sold us a hat or something. She walked to the man and they went on down the beach.

As I started to get closer to my husband asking him how he felt I noticed we had four couples watching us. They were off by the rocks and must have watched the girl jacking him off and me masturbating my clit. I was even more turned on than before. I lay back with my head now on my husbands tummy and opened my legs toward our small group of voyeurs. With my sunglasses on I got to watch them while I started to masturbate again while they all watched me. It was the first time I had ever masturbated while being watched other than for my husband and a few times with two of my girlfriends back in high school. I was going to give a very nice show for them all.

I rubbed in circles with my legs spread as far apart as they would go comfortably. It was not long before my orgasm came and I made sure they knew it was there. I drove my hips up and down hard making lots of noise for a better show. As soon as I was able, I started masturbating again for the couples watching. There were now two other ladies I could see now doing the same thing but not so hard as I was. One much older lady was riding her guys leg back and forth and I found that very hot. As I kept masturbating my husband kept telling me how hot looking I was and it helped me get closer to my next orgasm. After I came I noticed one other couple was now moving. The man was very skinny with a huge hard cock. He stood up and his girl knelt in front taking his cock in her hand and started to stroke it fast. I watched for a moment then turned to talk to my hubby for a moment. I turned back just after he must have come judging by how she was now stoking him so slow and how he was moving.

We sunned for about an hour more then we left the island. My husband kept talking about how great the day was and how he thought I was so wonderful for having the girl jack him off. He also loved my masturbation show for the strange couples on the island. It was great for us both and we often talk about and relive that day many times over.

For his birthday, my hubby had me relive the whole thing over in my own words while I recorded myself. He hung up a sheet in the background so as not to take anything away from my body. I sat naked talking about the day then showed him how I masturbated for the couples watching. It was fun to relive just like it is now as I type.

I have been vibrating my clit as I wrote this story. It took much longer than it should and I've had at least six good hard orgasms. I'm finished writing now and I'm now vibrating as I type with my left hand. It's so nice to share my orgasm even if you can't see it.

Ahhhh. That one was real nice. I hope you all have some as good as mine are right now.



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