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Using Her Foot

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I was always turned off by feet; I didn't really have anything for them until my girlfriend W asked me to rub her feet one day, eventually I developed a huge likeing to hers. Every time I was alone with her, I was always playing with her feet in some way. They are so sleek and soft and so sexy.

One day she came over, one summer day. She was wearing a t-shirt and a long pants, while I was in a shirt and boxers. She asked me to rub her feet, but since she had been out all day, she also asked me to wash them first. I took her to the tub and rolled up her pants revealing her sexy legs.

W sat on the edge of the tub, and I turned on the tap, and slowly washed her feet, caressing them with soapy hands. I also slid my hand up her legs, washing those too, she didn't appear to mind that. While washing off the soap, I continued to play with her feet, and rubbing my cheek against her legs.

When I was done I stood up, and pitched such a huge tent in my pants, it was open right above my Cock, so if you looked down you could see the base and my sac, and she looked at him and smiled. I grabbed the towel and I gently dried her legs and feet, picked her up and carried her down the hall to my bedroom, laid her on my bed, and on the foot end of my bed. Still sporting a huge erection, I sat down, legs wide open, so I could get easy access to her feet, but it also showed off my hard cock even more. I sat and slowly massaged her feet, massaging some lotion in to them, playing with her toes, rubbing my hands slowly over her sole. For about 10 or so minutes I was gently rubbing her right foot, the she gently pulled it away, so I picked up her left foot, and continued.

A while later I felt her foot on my leg, nothing new, but she moved it to my inside thigh and moved it forward. My hands continued to work on her left foot, I looked over at her and she was staring at the tent in my shorts. Every centimeter she moved her foot, my cock twitched and she laughed at that, then she slipped her foot inside my shorts, I don't wear underwear, which she was fine with. Her foot found my raging cock, and she started to play with it by rubbing the sole of her foot from the base to my full cock head, the soft sexy foot was just being rubbed all over my cock. Feeling it all over, she also made sure that I felt every last piece of her foot on my cock as well.

I was about to cum and I told her, and she positioned her foot, so that I came all over it all over her toes, her arch, heel everywhere, I lifted my pant leg and she put her foot up to me, and I grabbed it, and slowly licked up the cum. I started at her heel, working my way up to her toes. Then I could feel she was doing the same thing with her left foot, going up my other leg now. I held her foot and started to lick off the cum from her toes, and she went to work with her other foot. After I got all of it, whilst I was still licking, sucking and kissing, I came a second time on her other foot. I proceeded to let go of her right one, picked up her left one and went to work on that with my mouth.

By the time I finished with that, she got up crawled over to me and started to kiss me and wouldn't stop. This was way better than any dream I ever had.



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