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Used by Sister

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My sister wasn't a mean person. She just wanted to impress her friends


My sister Amy, as I wrote about before, was the best sister that a boy could hope to have. But she wasn't a saint.

Far from it.

As I wrote about before, I was a scrawny little kid with a huge cock. Amy had caught me in the bath one day and had seen it. Amazed by its size, better than nine inches at the time, she jacked me off, getting to witness first hand the fact that I came a lot. In torrents.

I'd also been caught on a few occasions by my mom, the first time while I was sucking myself to completion when she'd surprised me by coming into my room with a laundry basket full of clothes fresh from the dryer. In the midst of climax, I couldn't stop myself. I came into my own mouth as she watched.

Between the time of my 13th birthday and when I was 13-1/2 I'd hardly grown at all in height, maybe an inch, if I was lucky, but my cock had grown another inch and a half in that time. I measured it regularly, and it was, if I stretched it a little, better than 10-1/2 inches, the length it is today. Plus, it was very thick, nearly the size of my wrist, which made it harder than ever to get it into my mouth, though I somehow managed. It was very easy for me to get it into my mouth. At that flexible young age, I could just bend at the waist, crane my head forward and be rewarded with a big, thick cock easing past my lips. I wasn't gay. I like girls a lot, but I was curious about boys and what it would be like to that to them. I often fantasized about that as I sucked myself and would almost always be imagining some friend's cock in my mouth as I came and filled my mouth to overflowing with my own cum.

I had let my mom catch me on a couple of other occasions, my sister, as well. With my sister it was different. I'd masturbate for her, or let her do it for me, while I was totally naked. But she never once disrobed for me. She loved to stroke me, while I sat naked on the living room couch, her petite little hand not even able to encompass my cock, as she slid it up and down, always culminating in a very hot and usually very wet-I come A LOT-orgasm for me. (She did other things but that is not for this site.)

One evening my sister had a sleepover party at our house and a couple of her friends were spending the night. I was in my room, chilling, watching my small TV, when I started hearing muted giggles and gasps coming from Amy's room.

I heard the girls leave my sister's room and gallop down the stairs, clearly excited about something. A few moments later I heard Becky, Amy's best friend, at the bottom of the stairs calling for me to come down.

I tried not to look too anxious but, hey, I was 13, so it took me seconds to get down there to see what these three cute 14/15 year old girls wanted.

They called me into the TV room and had me sit on the couch.

Becky, clearly the ring leader here, knelt in front of me and looked me in the eye: 'Your sister says there's something special about you. Is that true, Michael?' she asked.

I knew exactly what she was talking about, but I tried to get off the hook, telling her I had no idea what she was talking about but feeling as though my protests were totally transparent. I knew that they knew and I knew that in about ten seconds I'd be spilling my guts, or something.

'Michael,' she continued her interrogation, 'Amy says that you are . . . endowed.. ' she said the word, slowing down as though I might not get her meaning otherwise.

'I guess,' I admitted.

'You guess what?' Becky asked.

'I guess that . . . I'm endowed,' I said, using her word for it.

'Do you know what that means, Michael, to be endowed?'

I assured Becky that I did.

And speaking of my endowment, it was growing as we spoke.

'Would you . . . ' Becky wavered, but I knew it was coming '. . . show us exactly what you mean, Michael?'

I looked at Becky, and heaven help me, she was into it as her two friends were. I was nervous and so fucking turned on at that moment, so I decided to go along with it.

'You do it,' I told Becky. 'You take my pants off.'

I was wearing jeans that were loose enough to let my monster rest alongside my leg, and as Becky unbuttoned me, she soon realized that there was no underwear to go along with the jeans. When they came off, she was getting her wish.

Pulling them off was harder than she thought it would be. At this point, I was super hard, and the natural upward pressure from my big dick still inside the leg was keeping her from being able to pull my jeans down.

'Diana, help me,' Becky pleaded to my sister's other friend, but Diana only shook her head, too freaked out to move but clearly enthralled by the scene in front of her.

So Amy got down on her knees to help, a scene I was greatly enjoying, and between the two of them, they managed to get my jeans moving. In second my cock, the whole massive length sprang out, a foot in front of their faces.

'Fuck!' Diana threw her hands over her face, peeking out between her fingers, ready to run off at any second, it seemed.

Becky just stared, gap jawed, taking it in.

She turned and looked at Amy, who smiling that smile that somebody has when they tell a whopper of a story and nobody believes them but it turns out to be true. In this, I turned out to be true.

'Amy says,' gasped Becky, 'that you showed her how you do yourself . . . '

'I will,' I said, 'but only if Diana gets over here too and watches. Otherwise, deal's off.'

Becky was up in a flash, and nearly wrestled Diana over to where I sat. Once there, she didn't put up a fight. I guess because somebody else was making her do it, it didn't seem like she was so bad for wanting to do it.

It was Amy's turn to jump up. She bolted out of the room, up the stairs and was back in three heartbeats, my bottle of lotion in hand.

'Here, Michael. Show us,' she said.

She poured the lotion over the head of my cock and I proceeded to stroke its great length.

'Amy says you come a lot?' Becky asked, though her raspy breathing. 'Is that true, too?'

'You'll find out in a second,' I assured her, as I quickened my jerking off.

Then, suddenly, I felt my balls start to quake, and I knew it was coming. Carefully aiming the tp of my beast at Becky, I shot off, the first stream hitting her along the side of her face on the hairline, the second streaming sideways across her chin. I redirected my third shot toward Diana. It landed squarely on her nose. The fourth, the biggest of them, splattered onto her upper lip and into her shocked and gaping mouth. The last few blasts, always big but usually a little more watery than the first several, I aimed at my sister, splattering and coating her face in her own brother's cum.

My sister, who had thoroughly used me for her friends' and her own entertainment like I was some kind of big cocked freak.

I loved her so much.



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