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Urge to Pee? Me Too!

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I learned how to masturbate and have orgasms when I was about 9. Very early on I noticed the urge to pee and at first it both scared and disgusted me. I was afraid that I'd lose control and pee all over everything, which could be very embarrassing. My mother would probably think I was wetting the bed and that was even worse to think about than being caught masturbating (which I was on several occasions).
So I would always empty my bladder before "twinking" (as both my sister and I referred to masturbation when we were younger). This seemed to solve the problem of my fear of losing control and peeing, but there was still what felt like the urge to pee when I'd cum. When I was about 13 and masturbating at least daily, I'd often do it in the tub or shower and I remember the time I decided to do it with a full bladder and just go ahead and pee and see what would happen. I planned this for several days, actually, and when I was alone one afternoon I took a bath and started to masturbate when my bladder was very full. Probably because I'd been building up to it for several days, I was very, very horny and it didn't take long for me to be very close to orgasm. I was rubbing my clit and had one finger up my cunt at the same time and then I literally exploded and just let the pee go and all I can say is that it was incredible, overwhelming and AWESOME!!!
That started something new for me and I would do it pretty often. As I've gotten older (21 now), I don't do it all that often (the "pee thing", I mean...I still masturbate frequently), but every couple of weeks or so I just have to go for it. Also I discovered a few years ago an erotic fascination with watching guys (and, yes, women, too, but with few opportunities) pee and have them watch me. I also had a lover for awhile who would have sex with me on a rubber sheet or a big towel and I'd pee when I'd cum and I would go literally crazy.
If anybody has similar interests or curiosities and would like to write, I'd love to hear from them (FEMALES ONLY, PLEASE!).




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