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Up Mount Olympus

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I love hiking by myself. It's so liberating to be up in the mountains, far above the rest of the world and all of your problems. The trails I go on are not well known, so I am always alone from start to finish. This of course means I get to hike naked all the time, which is just great.

I had made plans to follow a trail that branched off of a popular trail that I had been on many times. I had always wondered where that side trail went, so I packed up my water and hiking shoes and started out.

I was in a fun mood, so I wore shorts that laced up on both sides up to the waistband, with a string thong underneath. The kind that slides along on a string you tie around your waist. The laced sides showed skin all the way up; very revealing, but very easy to move in as well.

I started out and of course there was one guy sitting near the bottom of the trail. He did a double take at the shorts and his eyes followed me all the way up to the start of the trail, but I was not going to let anything distract me from my adventure.

An hour or so later I came to where the mystery trail branched off from the main trail. The trail was overgrown and it was obvious that no one ever came that way. The trail was difficult but there were a few little peaks with breathtaking views of the rest of the island. I paused at each peak to be one with nature, stripping down and soaking in the mountain air.

I picked sweet smelling wild flowers and tickled my cock and my nipples with them. I ate sweet strawberry guavas that were growing wild and let the juice drip down my chest. It made my cock sticky and I wished there was someone to lick it all up, as I spread the juices up and down my shaft. I lay naked in the soft mountain grass and watched the clouds race by as I stroked, and stroked, and stroked.

The last part of the trail was straight up the side of the mountain. It had rained the night before and it was pure mud. I would have climb on all fours, clinging to plants growing out of the hillside to make it to the top. I took off the shorts and left them at the bottom, as I didn't want to get them all muddy and I could get them on the way back.

I started up and quickly realized that I might be in over my head. The mud was incredibly slippery and I was constantly falling on my stomach and sliding back. My thong was ruined, filled with mud and pushed to one side and exposing my cock. My shoes could not grip at all, so I had no choice but to take them off with the ruined thong and continue up the mountain completely naked. I turned to look behind me, thinking what an interesting sight it would be for someone down below, but no one was there.

The climb was the hardest I ever made, but the most exhilarating. Each slide in the mud rubbed my cock in the most exciting way. I had never jacked off with mud before, and it was great. Holding on to shrubbery with one had, I spread the mud over my chest, cock, and balls like a coating of milk chocolate. With each crawling motion my legs rubbed against my hard cock and I pulled myself up one foot at a time.

By the time I reached the top I was ready to cum hard. I felt like I was at the top of the world and naked! There was nothing for me to hide behind or cover myself with, as all my clothes were scattered on the mountain far below. I was exposed, vulnerable and at the mercy of nature. If I was seen, I had nothing to hide behind. No protection from the elements. All I could do was savour the moment.

The view of the other side of the island from the top was unbelievably beautiful. I sat down on the grass and caressed my mud-covered dick, basking in the sun and the beauty of nature below me. I shot a hot load onto the virgin grass and rested my tired muscles.

When I was completely satisfied and ready to tackle the downhill slide, I started down slowly, gradually retrieving the discarded clothing. The thong stayed there as a memento of the occasion. It's probably still there hanging on the tree where I left it.



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