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Up at Big Bear With Bobby

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My friend's parents had a cabin up in the mountains, which was a two-hour drive from where we live. We left directly from school on Friday after the last bell rang. Once you arrive up there, it seems as if you were a million miles away from anything.

We unpacked the car and then started in on a case of beer that he had brought along. Nightfall came and the temperature dropped very quickly.

We had forgotten to chop firewood to last through the night and we found ourselves out back at eight pm, chopping wood in the dark. There was not nearly enough for all three fireplaces, so we decided to spread out our sleeping bags in front of the main fireplace in the living room.

We laughed at the fact that both of us had been Boy Scouts and here we where so unprepared. We wondered what our troop would think of us if they could see us freezing our ass off. Somehow the conversation shifted to some of the things we did in scouts, but never talked about. I told Bobby the story about getting my first hand job and ejaculation by some unknown hand in a dark tent.

Bobby suggested that we combine both of our sleeping bags to make one large one. We zipped them together and climbed back in. This was a valid method for combining body heat as well as a way to bring to horny bodies closer together. Without any overt effort to move a certain way I suddenly found myself spooned behind Bobby and he had not made any effort to re-establish any space between us.

Somehow the conversation turned into an opportunity for us to share the stories and secrets that we never though we'd be able to tell anyone. The conversation had become so open and honest that it was like we were cleansing our soles. I got so caught up in the moment that I blurted out more information then I would have under normal circumstances.

My arm was now wrapped around Bobby and the smell of bath soap mixed with body heat had me intoxicated. I asked, 'How is it that we spent three years in scouts together and not once where we ever tent mates?'

Bobby said that he thought I didn't want to be his tent mate with him for some reason, so he never brought it up. I felt sad that Bobby felt that way, as nothing could have been further from the truth.

I went on to say, 'Why would you think that? I thought that you didn't like me. I was always hoping that you'd invite me into your tent. I remember a few nights laying in my tent, wondering what you and Kevin where doing in there. I would get so horny sometimes that I would jack-off thinking about what you and Kevin would say, if I crawled into your tent and lent both of you guys a hand'

Bobby asked, 'You use to beat-off thinking about me?'

My heart started racing as I began to realize what I had just said. I was terrified by the many possible reactions that he could have. Yet I was relived to finally have it out in the open that I had a little bit of a crush on him back then. I was waiting for a reaction and the seconds seemed like minutes. Finally he spoke, saying, 'Well if it makes you feel any better, Kevin was a dud. One night I started reaching down to the area of his stiff member and he pushed my hand away.'

'Well haven't you ever pushed someone's hand away?' I asked, knowing that he was smart enough to know the answer that I was hoping for.

His reply was, 'No Never! I'd never push a helping hand away unless it was someplace out in the open.'

I started to slide my hand lower and lower across the surface of his belly while I whispered into his ear, 'It's always nice to go in search for the target knowing that your hand will be welcomed once it gets there.'

'It sure is!' Bobby said, just as my hand found the stiff lump in his briefs.

I heard a soft moan escape from his mouth, as my hand slipped below the elastic and made skin-to-skin contact with a very firm erection. Bobby reached down, sliding his briefs off and then reached over, sliding mine off as well. That old familiar feeling came rushing back, like I felt when I was in Scouts. Exploring the joys of mutual masturbation with another human being.

It was like a dream come true. I had so many dreams about this very moment and now it was really happening. I whispered into Bobby's ear as we took care of each other, 'I've wanted to do this for so long.'

Bobby stopped jacking me and propped himself up on an elbow. He looked at me like he was searching for words. The second that he moved up off of his elbow, I somehow knew that a kiss was about to happen. I could see that distant stare and he moved slowly closer.

It wasn't a full on make out session, but rather a few kisses on the lips and neck. It sent us both beyond the point of no return and we erupted all over each other at nearly the same moment. We did it two more times that night.

Better late then never.



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