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Unwanted Erection and a Great Orgasm

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My buddy & I joined a fitness club when we were both 18. I wanted to bulk up for the ladies. I was tired of being tall & skinny. The only girl I was ever with was impressed with my long eight inch cock but she complained about me being too skinny so off to push weights it was every night.

This gym had a sauna & jet tub for the guys only. Nobody wore a stitch of clothing once they were in the shower area of the sauna & jet tub.

We both felt a bit odd at first walking around with a bunch of naked guys & sitting together naked in the tub & sauna but soon we were both ok with it. I have always kept my pubic very hair short & my balls shaved completely bald. I don't think anybody would know it was not normal & even more back then when the rest of my body was hairless.

Soon it was a bit too comfortable for me. One of my biggest fears came to be one night when I was showering. I got an instant rock hard erection standing in an open shower stall with my towel hanging on the other side of the room by the sauna door. I kept my cock pointing at the wall so nobody could see & told my buddy Rick who was in the stall beside me what had happened. He laughed his head off looking over the top of the short wall checking out my unwanted erection.

It just would not go away! Rick told me he would check out the room & let me know when I could go to the jet tub to hide my cock until it went down. I moved as fast as possible while Rick watched my cock bob from side to side sticking out like a pipe on a hinge. I went into the tub & seconds later there were three other guys in the tub plus Rick. The water hid my cock for a few minutes then something happened that I never planned for. I was the guy sitting the closest to the stairs going down into the jet tub. Then as we all sat there the jets stopped. It is well known that the guy closest to the stairs gets out & pushes the reset button again. Nobody said a word but they all looked at me then Rick, the ass that he is asked me if I would push the button. I had no choice but to get out & push it. I decided I would hit the button & keep going over to get my towel. At least I could hold it on top of my cock to push it down while I walked to the change room.

As I walked up the stairs from the jet tub & could feel the weight of my still rock hard cock once I broke the waters edge. I had no choice but to turn to get to the button. I pushed the button & I could see my cock bobbing in front of me. I walked with my ass to the guys & I was not sure if any of them saw me but I'm sure they must have. I rounded the corner to go across & get my towel & there was now a bunch of guys in the shower room & my towel was hanging on the other side. I turned back & ducked into the sauna room that was empty. Very soon Rick came in to laugh at me some more. I was sitting with my legs pulled up trying to cover my erection. Rick told it looked bad because my balls were on display & my asshole was showing. I dropped my legs & covered my cock with my hands. Then he told me it looked like I was playing with my cock.

I gave him a quiet blast & begged him to get me my towel. He finally agreed & left the sauna room. As he left two other guys came in just a bit older than me. They sat across from me & stretched out on towels like I should have had being proper in the sauna. All of a sudden I saw the one guy catch the sight of my erection then he kept looking. It was only seconds before he was growing his own erect cock. Now I actually felt better even though I was giving another guy an erection. At least I was not alone.

Rick was taking forever! There I sat with my cock hard & on display but I needed that towel to get up! Finally I just did it. I had to end this nightmare! I got up & boldly walked out with my huge cock wagging back & forth. I walked through the showers right passed about five other guys like nothing was unusual at all. Rick was nowhere in sight but at least my towel was in my sight. I grabbed my towel & dried off while my never ending erection swayed from side to side. Out of nothing more than interest I looked up at each guy that cam over to dry off too. Two of them kept glancing at my cock. I guess it is normal to look when you see an erection but it did not feel good being the guy with all eyes on him.

I went back & dressed keeping my back to everybody in the room. One guy came right beside me when I was fiddling with my combination lock so I know he got a good look at what I was trying to hide. I walked out of the dressing room & Rick was in the lobby waiting for me. He told me he was too embarrassed to go back in & be the guy who handed me a towel to cover his hard cock.

I went home that night & all I could think about was how naked I felt in the gym that night. I kept reliving the night over & over. It was not long before my erection was back at full length & hardness just thinking about it. It had gone down a bit but never soft. Lucky for me I was the only one home at the time. I went to my room & got undressed & stood in front of my mirror looking at my erect cock. I thought about how this was exactly what I looked like with people staring at me a short time before. I turned my mirror & pulled my desk chair over then sat in front of the mirror. I took a dribble of my secret oil stash I kept for masturbating & oiled up my cock. I sat watching myself stroke my cock & it was making me really horny. I though back to how everybody was watching my hard cock earlier. As I stroked my cock I could feel the warm sexual tingle deep into my groin, deep into the root of my cock & balls. My hand slid up & down slowly & every stroke pumped more good feelings into my entire lower region. I kept looking at my big cock, thinking about the others doing the same thing. I had to go slow. My balls were pulled up so tight to either side of my cocks base just waiting for a few fast pumps to release their huge load. Boy did I feel sexually charged! I only felt embarrassment earlier but now it was purely sexual bliss while thinking about what had happened.

I dribbled a bit more oil into my palm & coated my cock even more. I pulled out my favorite Playboy edition of college girls who had tried out but never made it. Most were so beautiful & I could never understand why they were never chosen to do a spread. Playboy has always been my favorite girlie magazine because of the beautiful ladies & the classy way they do the spreads.

I flipped through to a few of my favorite girls & thought about how they must have felt arriving at the location to be photographed naked for a few minutes then told they could leave & maybe somebody would call them. Some looked so shy & uncomfortable. I could now related in some way.

I kept up my slow cock stroking for a long time with my orgasm creeping up quite a few times. I was now sitting on the wooden floor, cross-legged as I usually did while I masturbated looking at the girls. Drips of oil were all around on the floor from the few fast strokes I would do to please my cock before slowing to real slow long full strokes to keep my orgasm from coming on.

I had been stroking my cock for at least 30 minutes when I decided I was going to go allow my cock to release it's wonderful white fluid for the first time since I had been caught with my unwanted erection in public. I let go of my cock for a long time just thinking about the night while looking at the naked girls. My cock stayed firm & hard pulsing like it had it's own heartbeat. I felt like I had been seen naked by a thousand eyes that night. My cocks urge to explode throbbed deep into my body. My balls throbbed just like my cock.

My hand & cock were already oiled & very slippery. I gazed at my favorite girl then took my cock in hand & started full strokes with a firm grip on my cock. I could feel every budging vein as my hand slid up & down the shaft. My fingers glided over the hard ridge of my cocks head, up & down over & over again. My cock was so big & hard that my foreskin hardly moved at all. My hand was moving up & down while my cut foreskin stayed tight leaving my head to be massages with no skin to cover it. Just direct contact to the sensitive hard bare shaft that was aching to erupt.

My cock was getting a massage like I had done so many times before but it felt SO GOOD that night. My hand was my best friend & if I could have every night like that, I may give up sex with women to have wonderful masturbation while just looking at pictures of them. It sounds weird I know but that feeling was so good.

Then, it was time. Time to keep sliding my hand up & down my slippery hard shaft, this time not stopping when my balls tighten & ache, wanting to shoot streams of white joy all over my naked body.

I locked my eyes onto this beautiful young lady standing completely naked while getting her photos taken. She was tall like me, skinny with nice little tits. I could feel my testicles tightening & pulling close to my cock. I took my other hand & massage the oil around my hairless balls. It felt so gooooddd! As my orgasm crept up, my hand kept moving. I knew this orgasm would be one to remember.

I slowed my stroking to a snails pace. It was the first time I did this method & I've been doing it ever since. My hand moved at the speed of about three seconds for each direction making sure to go the full length each way. My orgasm came so slow but felt so good. My testicles pulled tighter & tighter with each stroke, then I had to let them go & began rubbing my palm over them up & down with faster strokes than I was giving my cock. It was almost there! As I felt my sperm right there about to blast I leaned back against my bed & tightened every muscle in my long lean body. I lifted my ass off the floor then it hit hard! I kept a tight grip but changed my stroking speed. Now I gave one full stroke in time with each pump of sperm that shot out the end of my cock with the power of a fire hose. My body jerked & twisted uncontrollably! I could see every muscle in my legs & stomach tighten & release as my entire body experienced one of the hardest & longest & most enjoyable orgasms I had ever had up until that day.

I laid stretched out on my bare wooden floor covered with spots of oil & streams of perm. My body continued to jerk & twitch for a very long time. I felt like I could not move. My cock was still rock hard & my balls felt like they still had more to give. I remember laying there thinking to myself that I had to catch my breath & do that again. It was so good, how could I not do it again? The next thing I knew I was waking up with my sperm now drained to the floor & my ass sliding in oil. I sat up & now my cock was soft. It was the first time I remember my cock being that hard for so long. It has been many times since but only from long sessions of masturbating or a day of fun with my lady.

I was so exhausted that I wiped the sperm & oil off my body & laid on my bed waiting & thinking about doing it again. I remember laying in the dark room naked on top of my bed thinking of how I would be doing it again in a few minutes. The next thing I knew it was morning. I woke up still naked on top of the covers. I had not moved all night. I was so refreshed when I woke up & you guessed it, I grabbed for the oil & coated my already hard cock for a good morning orgasm. It was very enjoyable with a nice climax & I tasted my own sperm that morning for the first time. I don't know why but as I was squirting onto my chest, I just scooped up the first few squirts of my sperm with the other hand & slid it into my mouth while finishing my orgasm.

So there you have it. My most memorable orgasm of my early masturbating days. You would think it would have been fuelled by a girl but it was by an embarrassing moment while naked in public, sort of. I've had many since but nothing is more memorable than any first. And that, was a memorable first.



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