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Unquenchable Desire

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There are things I wish would happen, but then I have second thoughts. Basicly, self love is really different from sex, for me anyway.I don't know any of you, so here we go.


When the feelings of self-love come over me, it's like an SOS signal starts to pulse from some place behind my flacid cock. Then I feel the heat travel up my body, climbing behind my skin, until it reaches my face. Then my arms start to tingle, and then my palms and fingers. After that, my cock pulses, but just a little.
I touch my face, caress my cheeks, and run my finger tips across my lips. This is when I start to look at myself in the mirror, if it's still day time. By this point, sometimes I wish I was a woman on the edge of self love, with my very own pussy to taste the juices of. Other times, I wish I had a clone, so that I could explore a man's body that felt and smelled and tasted just like mine.
This is when I watch my reflection pull my shirt off, and then start to caress my chest and belly. My cock is half way to erect by this time. I sit on the floor before the mirror, take my socks off, and stroke my feet, enjoying their softness. I stand up again, and I watch myself unbutton my favorite jeans, the ones that fit perfectly, where ther's no room for underwear.
My cock is totally hard now, and I run my fingers up and down the shaft. I massage my balls, and stroke my pubic har and the wall of muscle behind it. I caress my hips and my ass, squeezing the cheeks hard, then rubbing my asshole for a bit. I get a wipy then, and clean my fingers off so that I can lick them up. I drag my wet fingers around the head of my cock. I start to pump it for a while, just long enough to work up some preseminal fluid. Sometimes I take the fluid, and suck it off my gingers. I start to wonder how my cock would taste, and I start to want to taste it so bad. But I can't. I know we all tried as self loving young men, but I could never make it. And I start to pump my cock more and more, and harder and harder. I bring myself just so far, and I stop to caress my body a little more. I think about how I would love to show my naked body to some stranger or to the people outside my window. But I don't have the nerve, and maybe it's better that way.
Sometimes, in the dark, I think about the woman who lives downstairs, and how pretty her Hungarian accent sounds. That's when I wish my girlfriend would indulge me, and intrude upon our neighbor. I believe that the woman downstairs will invite me into her apartment for coffee. I will sit in the kitchen, while she prepares the coffee pot. When she is done, she will excuse herself, only to come back completely naked, and smelling of lillies. Her hair is black and blonde stripes, and her skin is bronze. She will make polite conversation while I stare in amazement and grow erect.
When the coffee is ready, she will pour our cups, and carry the tray of coffee and lady fingers to the coffee table. She will bid me to sit beside her. I will. She will sugar and cream our coffee. We will sip our coffee, until she leans back, nestles her head on my shoulder, and proceeds to fondle her pussy. After a few moments of doing that, she will take a lady finger, and carefully insert it into her vagina. When it is half drenched in her juices, she will put it to my lips. I will lick it, and then I will take a large bite.
The door bell will then ring, and she will rise to answer it. It will be my girlfriend. I will be turning red, as will my firlfrined while she is invited in by the naked Hungarian woman. My girlfriend –who has flowing brown hair, very fair skin, and penetrating hazel eyes- enters the aprtment, and the woman offers her coffee. My girlfriend laughes, but is otherwise speechless.
My girlfriend tells me that we are leaving now, and the Hungarian woman asks us to wait. She runs into the recesses of her apartment. My girlfriend will stare at me with contempt, and I will look stupid. The woman returns with a wrapped gift she wants my girlfriend to open. Reluctantly, she opens it, and discovers that the contents are a seven inch strap-on dildo. My girlfriend turns a darker shade of red, and tries to hide a strange smile. Meanwhile, the Hungarian stares pleadingly at us both. Then she says that she has masturbated to the sounds of our making love in our apartment upstairs, and she thought that we'd perhaps entertain her.
'If you won't let your man fuck me,' she said, 'then I thought that you would be the one to fuck me, and to perhaps, let me touch you or both of you.'
At that point, I will do what my firlfriend wants to do. What will she do? I don't know.



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