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Unplanned Ejaculation

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This is a follow-up from my post of April 9, 2003, entitled, 'Thirteen Year Old Orgasm' in which I describe an unplanned ejaculation in our living room. The following true account is the only other unplanned ejaculation that I experienced during my teenage years.


Although the following jacking session is just one of thousands during my lifetime, I especially remember it very vividly in my mind. This event took place sometime during 1957 or 1958 on an afternoon after I got home from high school. During these teenage years as I sat in class most all day, my thoughts would be on sex, as it does to all teenage males as I could hardly wait until the school day was over and I could go home and have a real good 'Jack-Off'. I remember while riding the school bus on the way home, my penis would be so hard inside of my bluejeans that I hoped would not be noticeable to the other students, even though I should have realized that all of the boys were in the same condition. So going down the road on the bus I would try to get my erection off of my mind, but it was impossible for to do so, as I was planning to get some fast relief as soon as I could after returning home. After arriving home, I would change into some other clothes and eat a bite, then as soon as possible I would wander out of the house (no indoor plumbing) so called to use the toilet. But I would go usually to one of my favorite places that I used frequently for my 'Jacking-Off Sessions'. This would usually be in an old shed that had two compartments in it, or our outhouse, both of which granted me some degree of privacy if my brother or his friends did not come around. However, on this particular occasion, I chose the back seat of a 1959 Nash automobile that my uncle had left at our house (not running) and it was parked under a huge tree just a few steps from our outhouse, which suited my situation as I had planned to get close to my 'orgasm' and then step real quickly from the car to the outhouse and bring myself to a climax thereby ejaculating in the outhouse and cleaning up with tissue. Although I had wanted to masturbate in this old car for some time, I was apprehensive about doing it there because of a lack of privacy, but I looked all around and my younger brother and his friends were not to be seen, so I decided to go ahead with my plans in this old Nash primarily due to the comfort involved with a nice clean soft back seat that I could lean back in and slide my pants & underwear down where I could fully expose my hard erection & balls which made the whole event more sensual giving myself an unrestricted grasp to my penis. Actually these old Nash cars could be converted to a full bed as the front seats would recline all the way down to contact the back seat, however that would have been too chancy. I double-checked again, scanning the area, the coast was clear and I opened the rear door on the left side and I slid right on the wide rear bench seat and leaned back really comfortable. I unbuckled my pant's belt and unzipped pushing my pants down around my knees, and then slid my boxers down next to my jeans which fully exposed my extremely hard erect penis with it's companion set of teenage balls. With my hormones chomping at the bit causing a raging teenage erection with my arousal so strong it actually felt like I might explode any second by merely touching my rock-hard shaft, and having been in this condition for several hours was about all that I could stand. With my throbbing penis standing a erect attention demanding some immediate relief, I knew that I couldn't prolong my orgasm very long once I started to stroke my penis. However I thought to myself, that I would go ahead and grasp my goober and only stroke it a few times and then step quickly into the outhouse. Well, I grasped my hard-on with my thumb and fingers and started stroking it real easy and against my better judgement, knowing I was extremely close to orgasm, I continued to stroke it very lightly with only one or two strokes at a time, then stopping for a second or two, then stroke it another time or two. Realizing that I should stop these intermittent strokes and step to the outhouse, but I did not as when a boy is feeling as good as I was, it is very difficult for him to stop long enough, in my case a few steps to our outhouse. As I slid my foreskin another time or two I went past the point of no-return and realized that I couldn't make it to the outhouse, as I could feel my semen begin to rise as my ejaculatory muscles began their spasms, knowing I didn't have but a second or two, I raised my body up to a more upright position so I could push down on my stiff penis while pointing it in the area in front of my testicles between the edge of the car seat and my underwear and pants so I would not ejaculate globs of semen on them, and doing this barely by a second or so, when 9 or 10 spurts of thick, milky, white sticky cum landed on the floorboard of this old car, and as I had my penis pretty well directed with my right hand, my cum barely missed the car seat and my clothes which caused all of my sperm to land in a mostly circular thick puddle mostly in one location on the floor- board. After regaining my composure after this mishap which caused me to ejaculate my semen in this old car instead of the outhouse where I had planned, I opened the car door and with my underwear and pants still mostly down, as I didn't have anything to wipe myself off with, I crept the few steps to the little shanty and cleaned the excess cum off of my dick. A little later I went back to the old car and cleaned up the two-inch glob of semen that I had deposited there. This is a real good example of what can happen to a teenage boy when his hormones are raging and he has a urgent need for sexual release, even though he tries to contain himself, he can and will at times lose control as boys that are old enough have already found out. I dearly love this site, I have been masturbating for nearly 54 years and I still love to 'Jack-Off' as many times as the need arises, usually 2-3 times per week. It is wonderful to be able to share my experiences with other readers, but even more so, to be able to read about the experiences of others, and although our situations might be a little different, we all have that common thread of being sexual and expressing our sexuality. You are doing a good job Chris, my hat is off to you.



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