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Unintended Consequences

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A true, funny story!


This is kind of a fun story so I thought I would tell it.

My name is Morgan. I am 38 years old and married. And while I have gotten in various levels of trouble in my marriage, this is one where for the most part, I wasn't trying to.

In the last 2 years, I have made a big effort at getting fit. Losing weight, adding some muscle and definition, getting more flexible, eating healthy, etc. Kind of the whole package. I had gotten fairly flabby and heavy and was ready to change. As part of that process, I had always wanted to mow down/clean up my body hair. I am not a human wolverine but I am fairly hairy on my chest, back, under carriage and legs. So I looked into things and since I didn't want to go for full removal (costly and not always effective), I was most interested in trimming, shaving, and maybe waxing. After some research, emails and phone calls, I found a girl on craigslist that did just that - male body grooming.

Her name is Rachel. She is 29, super fit, 5 feet tall, long brown hair, and a big smile. I must concede that her physical attractiveness was a big component in my choosing her. The other alternatives were either older and chubby, and/or gay and male. They just didn't seem that appealing. Rachel was cute and nice. It was an easy choice.

In our first conversation, when we talked about all the options, I told her I was mainly interested in trimming my upper body hair and shaving my lower body hair. I was kind of afraid to do waxing. Also, I was kind of gun shy of having her handling my CBB, (cock balls and buns), and getting an erection. She assured me that this was normal and not to worry. She was very professional and non sexual. If I got hard, she would talk me through it. She answered all my other questions and I made an appointment.

When I showed up to her studio, she was exactly like her pictures. She was dressed in camouflage shorts and some layered tank tops. In addition to being cute she was very friendly. Almost disarmingly so. She spelled out exactly what needed to happen; basically I needed to get naked and then we would proceed.

The first order of business was going to be shaving my chest and back. She told me how short she thought we should do it and then proceeded to shear me like a sheep. It was great. First, it felt good to the touch (not sharp or spiky) and also looked much better. My arm tattoo stood out more and I looked younger. I was encouraged.

Next came the trimming of my CBB and the decision to wax or shave. This is where the story picks up.

Even though I was feeling some sexual tension; I was naked, she was cute, she was touching me-I had maintained control and not gotten an erection. But as soon as she started to trim my pubic area, That immediately changed. And since her hand and arm were on or near my thing and she was at head to crotch level, she took instant notice. While she was very cool - 'oops, someone is feeling excited', I felt a weird sense of embarrassment, curiosity, and arousal. Not just physical arousal but kind of more 'man, I'm turned on, it would be fun to.........').

I tried to push those thoughts out of my mind but her hands were now on my cock and moving it all around, and I was feeling the increasing sensation of 'I'm might cum here at some point, uh oh'. I guess most of me didn't want to say anything. I knew she didn't do sexual stuff but at the same time, I wanted to see where things would go. It was a HUGE turn on.

Things slowed down for a minute as she had trimmed everything and now wanted to know if I wanted to wax things or shave things. In hindsight, I think my fear of pain and my desire for something more sensual led me to vote for shaving.

She took me to the shower at her studio and asked me to shower up in hot water. I did. She came back in, filled up a big bowl with warm water, grabbed her tools (razors and shaving cream) sat me on this little chair in the shower and began. Once again, I immediately stiffened up. While I don't have a big one, my cock was so hard and standing up so straight, I had to say something. I told her that I didn't think I had been hard quite like this since I was 15 or so and I didn't know what to do. She laughed and said don't worry about it, she was fine. I told her that that made one of us.

As she lathered and then shaved my balls and under regions, I thought that at any second I might explode. I attempted to summon any powers I might have in the 'don't cum now, you idiot' area and was able to keep the lid on. She paused as she got ready to start shaving the base and shaft of my cock, and teasingly asked how I was holding up. We both laughed. I said I certainly am 'up' and was afraid that things might hit the adolescent level if I got any harder. Again she laughed and said that unless I wanted to stop, she was fine and actually was kind of having fun. I asked her if it was fun at my expense and she said yep, at my expense (with a big grin). She knew I was dying and I think she also knew I wasn't trying to be a perve. Those were my thoughts anyway.

So now I am on this seat and she is right between my legs, head about a foot away from my hard on and shaving the base of it in an upward motion. It proved to be too much. As she was shaving, I hit the 'point of no return'. I could feel the cum coming up and I was trying so hard to hold it off. I think she felt me tense up because she stopped shaving me but she still was looking right at my cock. I was trying to say something (help, look out, oops, sorry) but I couldn't get a word out. And then a huge drop of pre-cum and then cum popped up right at the tip and then started to roll down my shaft. I looked at her and her eyes got really big. Really big. She started to move back a little when (simultaneously) I said 'uhhh......' and then cum started to shoot out. And it shot out. And it shot up. Luckily it shot up because if it would of shot straight out, it would have hit her right in the face. Instead, it went everywhere as I started to literally spasm and then try to pull myself away. It was unbelievable.

I was in kind of a euphoric horror. It was the most intense orgasm. Yet I was also staring at this nice girl who had no intention of seeing me cum everywhere (including on her).

After a pause, she looked at me with sort of Cheshire cat grin/you little troublemaker look that broke me. As I said sorry like 50 times, she finally giggled and told me to chill. It was no biggie and that she knew I wasn't there for that. She also said she now had one up on me and that it would make a good story for her girlfriends. I was horrified.

She then got up and commented on how I had made such a mess. She got a towel and a wash rag and handed them to me. She then grabbed her gear (which I had came on) and took them to the sink to clean them. I washed myself and then dried off. She asked if I had ever had this type of thing happen before. I said not really. I'm normally not a quick draw and that I couldn't remember cumming without really being intentionally touched that way. It was then that she noticed a big gob of cum on her upper chest near her neck and shoulder. She instinctively pulled her top shirt off which left this kind of undershirt camisole thingy. It was shear and white. My deflated cock kind of throbbed. She stared at the cum stain for a minute and told me I was in big trouble, that she was a girl with razors and could do me in at anytime. Once again, she was smiling so I knew I was safe.

She asked if I wanted to finish and I said yes if it was ok with her. We headed back to the shower and she shaved the last parts of my package. Again, I was hard the whole time.

When she was done, I showered off, got dressed, paid her and got ready to leave. She gave me a hug. I smiled back and apologized one last time. She told me it was no sweat, she thought I was nice and she wanted me to come back. It wasn't every day that a customer had came on her and it was worth it, that it sure was something to see. She then asked if I was going to tell my wife and I said no, it might not go over. She might think I was devious in my intentions. Like I said, I have gotten in trouble before. I told Rachel I was trying not to get into trouble anymore. At least not on purpose anyway. I don't think she fully believed me.

I have gone back to see her 5 or 6 times. I have yet to have a repeat performance though she has now begun teasing me out in the open. I am pretty sure she is wondering if I will explode like that again. The last time I was there I asked her what her thoughts were when she saw that I was going to cum. She told me she was mesmerized when the cum started to drip out of me and could not believe it at the same time. I said that that made two of us. I told that if it was happening again I would try and give her more warning. I got the distinct feeling that she would be fine with no warning at all.

Pretty fun.

Peace out.



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