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To be as uninhibited as kids...! This story has a central incident but it is about human nature in general and how we change over the years.


I learned to masturbate to orgasm when I was 11 from older boys, as most of us do, who enjoyed passing on the knowledge and showing off. I continue to enjoy the the glorious past time at age 56 and hope to do so for a long time.

In those early years I was somewhat shy but was eager for knowledge about sex and girls. It was sort of understood that we boys had little chance of finding a willing female partner to practice with so we were constantly practicing among ourselves. We built 'forts' to play in but for part of the time they were used to join others in a little group masturbation play. You could could show up at a fort and usually find someone jerking himself off for others or having someone help him. With the possible exception of myself, the young males I grew up with were very gregarious and uninhibited.

In my group, it was not good enough to merely say, 'Yes.....I can jerk off,' and 'Yes, I can shoot cum.' You had to demonstrate that to be offically accepted to the higher pecking orders.

One particular day, I was playing with an older boy named John and we were exploring some woods not far from the main street in our town. As we poked around and climbed trees our conversation turned to sex and masturbation. We both sort of stated our level of experience and frequency. Me being a little younger, I was envious of some experiences my friend had mentioned. Suddenly, out of the blue he turned to me and said, 'As a matter of fact, I am really horny right now and want to jerk off. Why don't we do it right now?'

My shyness kicked in. I stammered a little but recognized a unique opportunity so I shyly said, 'OK, let's do it.' We happened to be in some waist high weeds near the road, but far enough that if we laid down no one would see any part of us. We could hear the traffic going by but still had adequate privacy.

John pulled his jeans down to his knees and his cock sprang up into an impressive hardon surrounded by lots of dark brown hair. He started the familiar stroking motion and encouraged me to do the same. I unzipped my fly and pulled out my steel hard little guy, very much in the shadow of John's adult size penis.

My friend began remarking how nice the stroking felt and that he would cum quickly, which he did in about 6 more strokes. He took long pulls on his big cock emphasizing the up stroke and suddenly jettisoned large strings of white cum in the air and all over his stomach and hands. His groans of pleasure definitely got to me and I started my orgasm right behind him but was only able to muster a few drops of cum. But they did offer adequate 'proof' that I could do the deed.

I actually apologized to John admiring his large spurts and saying I was sorry I could only squirt a little at that time. John reassured me by recounting his own history and telling me that I should not worry, that I would soon be shooting off much bigger more satisfying loads in no time.

We laid there side by side for a few more moments, commenting on what a great sport jacking off was and that we should do this tandem thing more often. John then pulled his jeans up and I tucked my little dick back in. We stood up to see the cars going by and headed for home.

The moral of the story here is that it is a shame that as adults we cannot be more uninhibited like John and myself were that day as kids. At the drop of a hat and the mention of a few words the two of us were enjoying a nice satisfying time together with no harm done. It is too bad that now we can't turn to a friend and say, 'Hey, I am kind of horny. I want to jerk off. Would you like to join me?'

Eating ice cream is satisfying, and we can invite some one to join us for that; however, the act of masturbating has always had some sort of a stigma attached to it, such that we hesitate to share the experience with others. It would be a better world, I think, if we could masturbate comfortably with friends, male, female or whatever. I enjoy stroking with another guy and I equally enjoy the sight of a woman pleasuring herself. It is the most harmless and safe way to enjoy one of life's greatest pleasures. All we need is to be a little less inhibited.



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