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Unfinished Lessons

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Although I was a keen reader of the site for the last two years, I always had second thoughts in submitting my own story, may be I am little bit of shy to tell it in public. Perhaps it may be due to my Asian background. Anyway now I am telling my story. I was attracted to the porn and sex literature with my puberty in the age of 12. I read a lot due to my unstopping anxiety and curiosity. One day, few of my college mates were discussing about vagina and related things. It's bit of an erotic, hot talk but initiated with our Science lessons on reproductive health. That day I understood how much I have missed and I am definitely behind with my colleagues in terms of these things. That day I went home with a temptation to explore the untouched world for me. I went to my room, dressed with a thin nighty. As Asian girls, we are not suppose to be in nude or semi nude even alone. So I dressed with that thin nightwear. I saw my pubic hair over the thin material and that leads a huge wave of excitement through me. I spread my legs, raise cloth and started my examination. I touched it along the slit through my lips. Suddenly I felt a strange feeling, which I couldn't understand at that time. Also I feel it's getting wet. I tried to wipe it with my cloth. More I wipe it stimulate a rubbing and I got really wet. I understood my body is asking for some sensation, but I don't know how to satisfy my self. I looked for the clit, which my friends discussed, but couldn't proceed further. Later I felt asleep, but that horny feeling stayed with me even after that day.
Next real thing happened few months later, and I was 15 at that time. Friend of our family, young high school leaver who was 19 at that time, used to help me in my school lessons after school hours. He was awaiting admission to the campus and very friendly and we had a good relationship. Even he told me about his girl friends and almost shared every secret with me. We used to work together in our study room and most of the time was alone. During last few weeks I felt that he had a feeling for me. He started talking about how couples make love, hot things and so on. He also talked about my figure. One day he kissed me. Later he started kissing me in my tongue and started caressing my bust. I initially objected, but later allowed him mainly because of a fear of loosing him. I would say he was a master in stimulating me gradually. He never rushed things but did it in a way that he really tempted me. I never wear a bra at home even in front of him. But after the first day he touched me always I wear a bra. One day he put his hand across my frock and touched it. I can say I almost electrified and rejected him. He did it next day and I couldn't resist him on that day. He rubbed my bust with my frock and I couldn't stop my erecting nipples. He embarrassed me showing these and told me how my body was reacting to the horny feeling. Then he cuddled and hugged me for a while but I was not in a mood since I feared being caught.
Thereafter he used to play with my breast everyday. My things were firm and not loosely hanged, which he always appreciated. All these days I really felt horny after the lessons. I got the feeling I am getting wet. This reminded me about my colleagues chat how they used to play with themselves using fingers. However I refrain from touching my thing mainly because I want to keep my virginity. My mom told me that as a girl you should protect it 'til your marriage and otherwise you have to be ashamed in front of your relatives. So I know I am getting wet, but I don't know how to satisfy my self
One week ago, I had it. That day we had lessons and both of us were alone. Mid of the lesson, he started kissing me. I felt he was bit of more excited as he cuddles me and pressed me against him so hard. He unbuttoned first few buttons in my blouse and started kissing me in my bust. Then he took my bra straps out of my shoulders and started sucking my nipples. Fist time I really felt I am getting wet and I wonder whether I could control my desire. He slowly starts touching my thigh and keep on going up. At that time I couldn't control my feeling, so I thought of allowing him to tough me as he liked. Then he started rubbing my wet panty and asked me to spread my legs. I was so embarrassed that I thought he would ask me why it was so wet. Instead he asked me whether he can pull my panty down. Before I say something he dragged me towards him and pulled it down. Than he start rubbing my lips with one hand and other caressing my bust. We had a deep kiss and only thing I knew was he was taking me to some unknown world and I wouldn't like to separate from him at any cost. Then he put my hand over denim and I felt his like steel cock. I was breathing hard with increased heartbeat and I felt my legs getting shaky. Before long I heard a sound of a car horn, that reminded me my parents arrived.
He dressed back and went away leaving me alone in some unknown world. I pulled my panty back and went to the bedroom. I was fresh from our newly discovered lust game, and I felt I had changed. I can control my feeling and I was no more that shy girl. Also I felt wetty panty and even checked whether I was having my periods. Although it's really wet I wanted it to be in my body and touch my thing and I pressed the pillow to my body and start imagining that he was with me. Suddenly I remembered how my colleagues told me about satisfying yourself, and thought of trying it out because the thought of virginity was no more valuable to me at that time. I pulled my panty down to knee level, so that I could see it, spread my legs and started touching it from slit to down. Suddenly I discovered clit and played with it. More I rub it, more I enjoyed it, and more I got wet. Even I thought what the use of keeping my pussy shut for the sake of virginity and tempted to put my finger in, but managed to hold that feeling back, as I feared to see my moms face. Suddenly I nearly felt I am getting almost fainted, getting so wet, legs were shaky and my muscles were contracting. I kept legs cross tightly and pillow pressed to my bare breast. (I lost by bra and blouse at that time and both lying next to me). Electric shock like thing went through me and for a moment I thought I am not feeling the world around me. I slept for a while, had a shower. I kept to my room that day because I thought I did wrongful things and I was so feeling so guilty, I couldn't face my mom. However later all shyness went a way and I had more fun with him. But I couldn't ever forget that UN finished lesson with him!



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