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Unexpected Turn On

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FF (well, kinda)


I'm the captain of a hockey team, and if I am behing honest, I am not that well liked. I guess I get my eyes fixed on the prize too much. Yesterday afternoon, we had a tough match and frankly I thought my team were crap. At the break I told them so and during play, there was one player who frankly might as well not have been there. I went up to her about ten minutes before the end of the match and told her to get her lazy ass in gear or, well, I think I invited her to 'get the fuck off of the pitch.'

After the match, which we won, by the way (YAY!) We were showering and I like to take a long long shower and soak the game away. I am usually the last one out. Anyway, I stood there in the hot water and steam with my eyes closed and just relaxing when I heard a voice. (I'll call her Abbi) Abbi said 'You know, Heather, you can be a total fucking bitch sometimes. You think your so fucking hot but your shit, you know that? You can't fucking play (not true) and you look like a whore. Not only that, when your worked up, the whole fucking team can smell you. You ought to wash yourself properly. You do know, don't you, eveyone can smell your cunt when your angry.' And so it went on, She gave me a real balling out and it was highly personal and degrading.

What it also was, was a terrific turn on. I was a mixture between glowing with anger and at the same time, I loved the degradation. I felt my clit pulse and it wasn't just the shower water that was making me wet. Abbi carried on with her insults. 'What ANY fucking man can see in you beats me. (I don't have a boyfriend and she knew it)Oh, wait, you don't HAVE a man in your life do you Heather? Still I suppose thats just as it should be. No one would be good enough to touch Heather's pussy but Heather. I bet you go at it every night don't you. Lying on your fucking back thinking about fucking yourself. I bet that's why your the last one in the showers. Like jilling off in here dont you. Don't think we dont know. (Very true, I often jill off in the shower.) At this precise moment I was aching to go at it. I shut the water off and the steam cleared and I could see Abbi standing in the doorway sneering at me. I looked her right in the eye and touched myself. She kept up her barrage of abuse as I fingered myself. 'You disgusting little cunt, look at yourself. Go on, push a finger or three up there. You dirty sad, lonely cunt slut.' I swear to God, I have never had such a violent orgasm. I actually peed myself. Abbi looked a little flushed and stalked off.

(Sequel) Later last night, Abbi called round to see me. I took her into my lounge and I thought she had come to apologise for her outburst. Instead, she threw herself at me and the next thing we were having a full on fight. It didn't last long though, because it quickly turned into us kissing and masturbating each other to several fabulous orgasms over the rest of the evening. It ended with Abbi peeing on me (at my request) Who would have thought it? The Team Captain, someone else's bitch??



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