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Unexpected Treat

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Just happened a few days ago!


A young lady whom I'll refer to as 'Alice' and I both work in a secure setting. She's actually helping my supervisor and is always cordial, smiling when appropriate, and, being winter on the Great Northern Plains, wears pull-over sweaters, some with close, round necks and some with a bit lower V-necks. 'Alice' has only been around a few weeks and although I'd met her fiance at a party recently, she had not come to my office yet until this story.

Now I'm the kind of guy who always likes to see more skin, so love low-cut sweaters of well-built gals so I can view cleavage-the more the better! Actually I love to see lots of skin wherever it is available: arms, shoulders, neck, chest, back, tummy, sides, hips, thighs, in short skin all over, the more the better! Even more than seeing skin, I love touching smooth, soft, warm skin-anywhere, of course!

Just the other day, the first day back from New Year's holiday, 'Alice' came to my office and asked whether I had a pencil sharpener. I quickly noted that she was wearing a pretty pastel V-neck sweater. I replied that I did have a pencil sharpener, but had not mounted it anywhere yet since moving to that office.

I dug it out of the drawer, emptied the sharpening scrapings, and shook out the screws from the part that catches pencil scrapings. She reached for it as though she was going to take it back to the other office, but I put it on my desk and held it down tightly to the desk with one hand so she could grind away.

Now, being that the pencil sharpener was not mounted high on a wall, but rather low on my desk, 'Alice' hesitated only a split second before bending over to insert the pencil with one hand and turn the crank with the other. AHHH! OHHHH! WOW! What a BEAUTIFUL view! I saw at least 4 inches of her cleavage! A FANTASTIC sight! Her skin is so pure white, so soft, so delicious, so inviting, so-so-so everything!

Seeing that she was concentrating on sharpening the pencil, I knew I could LOOK without embarrassing her and LOOK I did! 'Alice' checked the tip, continued sharpening, and I LOOKED some more, savoring the beautiful sight of her beautiful breasts, what I could see of them. I was disappointed that it did not take long to sharpen the pencil, but happily, she had another pencil along that also needed sharpening. So she bent over again and I LOOKED again! AHHH!!! OHHH!!! So beautiful! So soft! So delicious! So inviting! All too soon the sharpening was over and all I can do now is to savor the memory which is etched deeply into my mind! If my manhood did not have time to rise to the occasion at the time, it certainly does NOW every time I remember her cleavage and beautiful, soft breasts! I can hardly keep my hands off my erection while typing!

Oh, yes, of course I would have loved to reach up and stroke my finger along her cleavage and pull her sweater down for an even better look down lower and further out to either side, but dared not to do so. 'Alice,' IF you read Solo Touch and recognize that this story is about you and me, please, PLEASE do me a favor. Please come to my office when nobody is around and either slap my cheek or ask to sharpen more pencils so I'll know you read 'our' story!

IF you come to sharpen more pencils, please look up to see me looking down your front! Then please do me another favor. SMILE one of your sweet smiles so I know it's alright! And IF it's alright, please reach up while bending over and pull the back of your sweater higher up your neck so that the front of your sweater hangs down even lower so I can see down in even further! And just let me look and look and look!

I promise I won't reach up and touch unless you come around my desk and lean against me, putting your arm around me for a hug while I put my arm around your waist. Since you'll have come around my desk for a hug, I promise I will let you reach down and feel the bulge in my pants! Only if you come after everyone else has left and tell me you locked the outer door, turned off the lights, and lock my office door-only then will I know it's alright to enjoy your cleavage even more by stroking my finger up and down it and around what I can see of your breasts! Because I'm a mild-mannered person, I promise to respect you and love your breasts gently. RC

PS If you want to talk about how we both enjoy our bodies, of course, I'll be delighted to talk!



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