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Unexpected Surprise

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First time with a male since becoming a married adult.


Bobby 'D' and I worked for the same company when we were in our thirties and solidly married. We were loaned some straight, heterosexual porn from a acquaintance from time to time. On one occasion when Bobbi's wife was working on the evening shift and their twin sons were sleeping over at a classmate's house, Bobby invited me to his home to watch hetero-sex porn together. He kept focusing on the girth of the male's dick while he whipped out his own and stroked it in my full view. I have to admit that I did not hesitate to unzip and stroke my own pulsating, throbbing cock which was intensely rigid at the sight of him jacking before my eyes as the the video action heated up. Bobby stood up and let his trousers fall to the floor. I stood up and did likewise. And then came the surprise of my life when he came over to me and rubbed his stiff, skinny dick up against my man sized boner. It felt fantastic!

It felt so pleasurable that I had a flashback to my very first time of 'dick duelling' with a classmate when we were both 13 year old boys in the eighth grade at Catholic school.

When I spontaneously revealed to Bobby that I had not done this since I was a boy, he said that he 'hadn't done it' since he left Ireland 10 years ago where he had married. He told me that he 'did it' with a lot of different boys in Ireland while he was growing up but he did it with women only during his military service.

I told him about 'my first time'. We were 13 year olds in a Catholic boys boarding school. A very puritanical environment; We were indoctrinated to believe that even 'touching ourselves' was a sin to be confessed to our priest confessor.

Well this one evening, my clasmate and I were still in the locker room showers after all of our classmates had left the locker room for the dorm.

Earlier in the evening, we had seen a WWII war movie in which it was suggested that the village women had been raped by the Japanese soldiers.

Out of a clear blue sky, I don't know what possessed me, I chased after 'Walter' through the locker room, yelling that 'I'm going to rape you'. When I finally cornered him, I pulled off his towel; only to find that his aroused prick was as rigid as mine. So, we embraced nakedly and rubbed our stiff pricks together. It was both a new sensation and a memorable one; which I vividly recalled decades later on my erotic adult encounter with my peer, Bobby.

The next day after classes at the boys school, a fellow classmate, 'Hastings' and I got together through arrangements made by my 'first sexmate', Walter, who had been 'doing it' with 'Hastings' for a few weeks already. However, neither Walter nor I had ejaculated when we 'touched' and rubbed our pricks together on the previous evening. Not only had I not ever experienced an ejaculation, I did not know how to 'jerk off'. .

Well, after rubbing our pricks together, 'Hastings' stroked his boner, up and down, back and forth until suddenly his spasms yielded a volcanic eruption of hot thick 'cock larva! Something that I had never seen before in my then young life. 'Hastings' urged me to try it under his instructions and with his tender touch on my 'sperm sack'.

Well, I stroked and I stroked mechanically without the erotic images that I later acquired a taste for, to this very day.

And then all of a sudden, my entire body trembled and shook and blasted off a voluminous laod that surely had built up over the couple of days since my 'first time' dick-duelling with Walter.

According to Catholic teachings, I was to confess this 'sin' of masturbation to my priest; which I did, at first. After a while when I realized that it was impossible for me to 'give up' this body-trembling pleasure of orgasmic eruptions, I quit going to confession.

After graduating from the Catholic boys school, I went to high school out on Long Island. where I started going out with girls. Later married and have children. But never had any Male-Male intimacy again until I got together with my horny Irish friend, Bobby.

BTW, because of my 'First time' remeniscences, I get off on reading of other males' 'First Time' secrets ...To hear of 'how it happened' is very arousing. Too bad that we were not aware of other classmates who 'did it' with each other at Catholic school.

I am still solidly married to the same woman for decades now, but I still indulge vigorously in my solitary orgasms; as well as with an occasioanal male when I stumble upon a like-minded man.

Thank you for listening and for sharing your stories. Randy 'Randi Rod Up'



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