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Unexpected Show

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I don't look for this kind of stuff but if it happens I'm definitely not complaining.


The other day I was at the mall and came into one of the restrooms and as I was going in a boy was also going in, he was tall as me but much more slender, he had a runners body, his hair was sandy brown and he had a slight tan that almost matched his hair color and perhaps a very mild sunburn on his face and he was wearing patriotic colored braces and he was at the age where many people would rather die than to have another human being see their genitals. Most people that are in his age group will go into a stall or find the furthest urinal and stand so close it's like they are part of the urinal. I am not even in my 20's yet so I remember being shy like that.

I had gotten over that shyness real fast after getting into trouble and having to spend time in a 'youth facility' where privacy was very hard to come by especially during times when one had to be nude. Eventually there is no point in trying to hide yourself because everyone in the facility would see and be seen by everyone else in their birthday suits at least a dozen times before leaving. Most boys don't go to these types of facilities and it is very easy to remain shy and so it's puzzling but somewhat understandable that many people even my age and older do not want to be seen under any circumstances.

I was more than shocked when out of at least 5 other available urinals and not to mention the empty private stalls, this stranger chose the urinal next to me and he made no attempt to hide. He began to fiddle with his belt buckle and unzip his pants. I still have the sounds in my head of his belt buckle clanking against itself and the sounds of his pants rustling as he prepared to unzip.

I was breathing pretty hard because I was nervous and curious about what I would see. Looking at his very youthful face I wouldn't have expected what flopped out of his jeans. The face and the weiner did not match up, that's all I can say. We both began to pee and when he was done he did not zip up and leave but he stood there shaking his penis much longer than it really took to shake off. You know the saying that more than three shakes is playing with it, well then if that is true then he was in his own amusement park. I was a little embarrassed at first because he kept trying to see what I had once he noticed that I was looking at him but I don't know for some reason I was turtled up big time. I am average sized but you wouldn't have guess it from seeing me right then. Here is this person that is obviously a few years younger than me but sporting what I considered, a very impressive tool while my penis was practically playing hide and seek.

I looked at him and he unbuttoned his jeans exposing even more of himself including his curly, surprising dark brown pubes that covered the bottom half of his mound like a forest of hair yet elsewhere was smooth. He shook for so long that he was now obviously playing with himself and I could tell that he liked shaking it up and down, I had never seen anyone pleasure themselves in this manner before and this whole time no words were spoken but he kept looking over my way flashing sort of a half smile. He continued to try and see my penis so I gave in and gave him full view of my then turtled dick. He looked at it with what I would describe as a puzzled look on his face, like shouldn't there be more but shrugged his shoulders and smiled this time showing his patriotic braces, and then leaned back a little with his body and turned back to the side and I could see the full length of his penis. I said to him referring to my own penis 'it gets bigger, I am just nervous' and he just looked at me and smiled again. He put his finger up as if to say wait a minute and then began to shake his already erect dick up and down more vigorously than before and he'd stop every few seconds and then start up again and it seemed like it grew another half inch as he did this.

Then somebody came in the restroom and we saw that it was a very old man who shuffled his way to the toilet stall and when the old man closed the door the boy went back to shaking his dick. He was really into it and within seconds he was shuddering and exploding his cum into the urinal and onto the floor I put my hand in the way just in time to catch the last few shots that came out of his penis before it slowed to a dribble. I put my cum soaked finger in my mouth and sucked the salty, 'strange' but pleasant tasting cum all away (I never ate cum before not even my own) and then my dick was ready I showed him and he smiled with his red, white and blue braces and gave me a thumbs up and then abruptly left. I saw him an hour or so later still in the mall with a couple of friends and when it looked like I was going to approach him he had a look on his face that said 'please don't come over here?' I immediately left the mall and haven't been able to get it out of my mind since. I don't expect this will ever happen again even if I see the same boy but I am glad that I went to the mall that particular day.



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