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Unexpected Pleasure

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I was out of town on business by myself and had gone to a local night club. I sure wasn't expecting what ended up happening.


I was through for the day at the store and headed to my motel room and showered. I got dressed and went and had supper. I saw this night club on the way back to my motel and decided to stop and have a drink. I went in and sat at a table and ordered a drink.

I was sipping it down when this lady came up to me asking if she could join me. I said sure and she sat down by me. She was a very good looking woman probably a little older than I was. I ordered her a drink and we sat and talked. I told her where I was from and how long I'd been there and how I couldn't wait to get back home and that it would still be five more days. She said 'Missing the wife in the worse way, I bet'. I laughed and said 'Well, I guess you're right. It's sure been awhile'. She said 'That sure must be hard on a young man like you'. I just shook my head and laughed a little.

Then, the unexpected happened. I felt her hand on my thigh. She moved it up and down my thigh while talking saying how much she felt sorry for me. Her hand moved a little higher and higher. All the while my cock was getting harder and harder. Then, it happened. She touched it. When she did, I literally jumped a little. The feel of a woman's hand on me there went right through me like a bolt of electricity. And, it had been over a week since I'd felt a woman's hand touching my cock and that was my wife's the night before I left on this trip.

She then said to wait and she'd be right back. I watched her go up to the manager and talk to him. She then came back and grabbed my hand and said 'Come on' pulling me with her. We went to this door and went in. Inside was more chairs and tables and it was a sort of private party room, it looked like. She went over and sat on a table and motioned me over to her. I got to her and she put her arms around me and we kissed. I then felt her hand go down my stomach to my cock again as she played with it through my pants. She then went for my belt and undid it. I then started to back away some. As bad as I wanted this and as in need for a woman as I was I wasn't going to stick my cock in a strange woman no matter what. She apparently knew what I was thinking because she said 'I just want to make you feel better and just play with it a little'. I thought to myself 'All right'! I moved back in closer to her again as she continued to pull my pants down. She then pulled my shorts down. My cock was now free and sticking straight at her.

She put her hand around it and gently squeezed it. She reached around her and grabbed a hand full of napkins that was there on the table. I then ran my hands under her dress over the outsides of her thighs and then over the tops of them. I'd sure missed the feel of a woman's flesh that week and she felt perfect. She then went to running her hand up and down my cock. It felt fantastic and I knew it wouldn't take long before I released that week's worth of cum I had built up in me. She continued to stroke me as I ran my hands over her thighs. I then pushed closer to her and said 'I'm about to shoot my rocks' to her. She moved the hand full of napkins in front of my cock. A few seconds later I pushed my hips towards her and the napkins and let out a deep groan as I started shoot my cum. Ah, it felt good! I needed that so bad and she knew it. When I was cumming my hands were on her inner thighs squeezing on the softness there. Everything felt fantastic.

She then cleaned everything up and I pulled my shorts and pants back up. We then headed back into the club and sat and enjoyed another drink. I thanked her and slipped her a $50 bill. I just had to after the way she made me feel. I was then able to handle the next few days alright until I could get back home to my wife and her wonderful body.



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