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Unexpected Fun

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This story happened in July of last year, around 2:00am in the morning, on a night when I was out at a buddy's house who lives by the ocean. The friend in question, Alex, is about six feet tall, with dirty blond hair, tan skin, and very athletic. I had always been a bit jealous of his good looks.

I'm not gay, but I've always wondered what it would be like to jerk off with another dude. Alex and I are very close, we've seen each other naked in passing in locker rooms for years, but this night was unlike anything we've ever done together. On the night in question, we had both just got back after our second semester of college (having both spent a few months away after school finished) and were sitting on his deck talking about what we wanted to do that summer.

All of a sudden, Alex made a comment that he had always wanted to go streaking, as well as skinny dipping. I joked that we could do both tonight, given that the beach was so close.

'Dude, you want to? I'd be down for that,' he said suddenly, and I was taken aback, although thrilled with the prospect of doing something like that.

'Yeah... okay. Let's do it,' I agreed, and Alex stood up and pulled his shirt off, revealing his muscularity. I did the same, and before long we were standing in our boxers, both of us clearly sporting raging boners.

'Looks like Little Justin's getting excited,' he joked, nodding at my obvious erection. I laughed and retorted back. Then, Alex dropped his boxers at last, showing off his thick eight-inch member. I did the same, my cock looked almost as long, although not quite as thick.

'You ready for this bro?' Alex laughed and took off for the road. I followed, and we ran down the road toward the trail that led to the beach, which was deserted in the middle of the night. Once we got there, we both dove into the water right away, enjoying being completely naked on the beach.

After we got out of the water, we both laid in the sand beside each other. 'Man, this is crazy,' I said, and Alex laughed.

'Jeez, you really are having fun,' he said and pointed to my boner, still hard as a rock. Of course, his was as well. 'You need a hand with that?'

I was both shocked and unbelievably excited at what he had said. 'What!? You mean... really?'

'You mean you've never jerked off with a bro before?' Alex said. 'Lemme see what I can do...'

And with that, he gingerly took my cock into his hand, and rubbed it slowly, which of course made me even more horny.

'Can I?...' I tried to say between grunts of pleasure, gesturing at his enormous cock.

'Yeah, dude. Go for it.'

I clasped my hand around his gigantic dick, and realized that I could just barely get my fingers around it. I couldn't believe what I was doing, I had fantasized about this many times before. After a few moments of jerking, we both finally came all over ourselves, and, laughing, we ran back to the water to clean off.

As I said, I'm a straight man. But that night with Alex, and the few experiences we've had since then, were some of the most incredible experiences I've had in my entire life.



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