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Unexpected Developments

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This covers two years of my life.


'Well. There it is. What do you think of it. Our new home?'

I stared open mouthed at what seemed to me to be a vast expanse of nothing at all. For as far as the eye could see there were fields, a stream, a pond and... more fields. The one thing missing was anywhere to actually live. My dad had done it again.

He often had hair-brained ideas and he would suddenly sell up and move me and mum miles away. One thing though, he always fell on his feet and made serious money. (And I mean SERIOUS money. When he died last year, I inherited well into 7 figures.)

So, there I stood a VERY late developer physically. My periods had only just settled into something approaching regular and my breasts were still little more than firm bumps.

We waited until early evening when a larger trailer home arrived on the back of a lorry. It was unceremoniously dumped and we moved in. No plumbing, nothing. Dad dug a latrine outdoors.

I could have cried.

This was to be our home for the next ten years. (During which time, he turned it into one of the most successful farms in the district. Not bad since he knew nothing about farming.)

Me though? No boyfriends, miles from anywhere and I had left school that fall.

So, those first few nights it felt kinda creepy walking outdoors to the earth latrine, and squatting over a hole in the ground. But, strangely, I got to rather like it. Taking a pee or a crap outdoors was kinda kinky in a way.

Of course as my folks got on with building I was left on my own for ages at a time. Some days, I wouldn't even bother getting dressed and padded around the trailer naked. Then I got brave enough to go skinny dipping in the lake. I always felt really horny outdoors naked and I really hoped one of the construction workers might see me.

Instead, I became an avid outdoor masturbator. I would jill off just about anywhere I could.

Then, one day, I saw one of the guys leave the building work and head off into the trees. I figured he was going to the bathroom and I decided I would spy. So I crept along in parallel with him until he took a look around and got his cock out. The first one I had even seen. Then he peed. That was so horny!!!! And then, to my delight, he started to jack off. I saw it thicken and lengthen and soon I wondered how any girl could get something like that inside her.

Then I saw him lean right back so it was sticking up hard and he held his breath. Five long spurts shot out onto a dried up old log. He buttoned up and went back to work. Meanwhile I went over and had me a good old look. It looked like, I don't know, white wallpaper paste, or maybe egg white. I got real close to it and smelled it. I can't describe what it smelled like, but I sure as hell know what it did. Suddenly my panties were soaked through and my clit was throbbing. I decided I would jill off right there. I shrugged my jeans off and my wet panties and stood up like he did with my legs slightly apart. (I tried to pee, but I was too horny I think) Then, as I started jilling I got the baddest idea. I positioned myself right over that pool of sperm and sat on it! My orgasm hit immediately. And it just WOULDN'T stop.

Later, when I got ready for bed that night, my panties were damp with me and with this man's cum. I jilled myself to sleep imagining he had fucked me raw in the woods.

I did get laid by a worker before it was all done, but that is not for here.



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