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Unexpected Cousin

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Here is the background. My Family often goes up to my dad's old high school friend's house. He made it big and he owns a castle-sized house on a lake. He always invited my dad and his brother with all my cousins. My 16-year-old cousin is a hottie. She is a babe by all degrees. Plus she was raised quite strictly by my aunt, so she's not bitchy or slutty. It's weird to like your cousin and kind of wrong, but she's so hot and cool I just let it go and keep quiet about it.

One day while everyone was up at this guys house they all decided to go down to the dock to go out on his speedboat and other water toys. I stayed because I broke my big toe and I dint feel like any water fun that day. My cousin also stayed for homework or something. I was in their basement watching TV in one of the rooms when my cousin came down to check out what was happening.

She had finished the homework and had decided to watch some TV with me. We talked a bit and she told me this funny story about how my younger cousin had been getting off while accidentally rubbing herself with a blanket. We shared a laugh and there the conversation moved on to masturbation. She was sort of surprised that I did it two or three times a day, but admitted that she did it twice a day herself.

Slowly some action had been taking place in my pants, but it wasn't until I got a visual of that and saw her blushing that I stood at full salute. I quickly crossed my legs to hide it. I don't think she noticed and anyway its common knowledge that people are a little crazier when horny.

I randomly asked her, 'Have you ever seen a real one?'

Since she and I had grown up in terribly sheltered families where sexuality was almost taboo. I wasn't surprised to get a no, except for her dad or little brother. Then still in my horny mindset, I asked if she wanted to. Her face turned bright red and she almost said no, but sort of smiled and nodded twice.

I almost stood up and whipped it out, but then I continued on with, 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours.'

It wasn't something we would have ever considered normally and it was something that was kept for like five-years-olds, but she agreed, so I quickly took my turn to show her. Standing up I had a huge bulge. It felt like I was going to tear a hole through the pants. I dropped them and watched her reaction. She was very embarrassed, but she looked and saw it. Now im' not modest at all and by really stretching I can say I've got six inches. It's a nice even number and she saw every inch of it.

So from there I sat down again and watched as she pulled down her mini shorts. Her clit stood out in her panties like a hard nipple in a bra. She pulled down her panties, but kept a hand in front of herself, before taking a breath and removing her hands. I felt embarrassed myself, but I was a deer in headlights. She waited a second then covered up.

We were both a little tense and I still had a bulge in my pants. I was rubbing it and getting chills. As we both looked at each other I noticed she had a hand in her panties and was squirming. We both knew we wanted to masturbate, but were still quite uncomfortable. She came over, sat next to me and asked if I had ever kissed a girl. I admitted that I hadn't and while she was still rubbing herself she leaned over, kissing me. It was awkward, but it was so exciting being kissed.

My cousin was a great kisser. She broke away and told me I was good at kissing. I replied with a weak ditto, because I was still in shock. I couldn't believe my cousin, the one who was normally reserved, was so kinky. I then told her I needed to masturbate and she agreed, so we both just took it off and went at it. She kept rubbing herself and her hand was all wet!

She said, 'Now you.'

I was pumping myself like a madman and I reached over to demonstrate what little I knew about female hand -jobs. She grabbed my cock, which almost caused me to die with pleasure. Using her pussy hand, she started working me. I kept going and we were both screaming in pleasure. We both ended up having two orgasms and she even gave me her panties as a memento.

For the rest of little vacation we helped each other out when we could, both teaching and learning about what felt good. Later I met her at the start of summer swimming, but that's a different story that I may follow up on later. It felt good to get this off my mind. Thanks Solo Touch ;)



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