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Unexpected Company

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This past weekend both my kids slept at friend's houses and each had plans for the entire day on Sunday. So I figured Sunday would be my time for me. I woke up with the house to myself and decided I was going to spend some time giving myself pleasure without having to rush. Before getting out of bed I started to rub my mons with my hand. I rubbed every so gently enjoying the tingling sensations. This was not going to be a rush job.
I spent a good half hour teasing myself, just laying on my back with my eyes closed enjoying the pleasure. I was getting very wet and very excited and wanted more. So I slid a finger between the lips and slid it up and down. MMMMMMM this felt so good. Eventually I pulled out my vibrator and placed the tip of it between the lips. I kept it on low as to make things last. About an hour into my session I decided to insert the vibe and flick my clit with my finger.
I had just gotten into a nice motion when the phone rang. I answered the cordless on my bedstand only because I was nervous it'd be one of the kids. It was not. It was a good friend of mine who I handn't seen in about 4 months. I asked her if I could call her back. She said 'why what are you doing'. I said 'I'm a bit busy' so being we've been friends since we are 5 and she was in a silly mood she said 'no, I want to know exactly what you are doing'. So I said 'well if you MUST know, I'm giving buzzy a workout'. She laughed and actually never expected that answer, she had just been busting chops. So she said 'oh, I was gonna stop by for coffee' I said 'ok, fine, I'll call ya in a few'. She said, 'well actually I'm on your porch'. She was calling me from her cell phone on my porch. So, being I had not seen her in so long I said 'hang on' to which she put up an argument at first but then said she would.
I was completely naked on my bed still with my vibe in me so I hung up, slipped it out and threw on a robe to answer the door. She was giggling and said 'sorry for the interruption' I said 'don't worry about it'. Well, we sat down at the table and she asked if I still had my same vibe. She turned me on to vibrators as she bought me one for my birthday the year of my divorce. She gave it to me and told me to use it often. Well, I told her no I had ordered a new one as the other one wouldn't work. Guess I wore it out. We got a good laugh and she said 'cool, followed my advice'.
My friend is my age - late 30's - single and a career woman. She travels a lot through work and drives to many different states. She always keeps a vibrator in her bag in her car for use and entertainment in yet another hotel room alone. She asked if she could see my new vibe and said she got herself a new one too. I said 'well I was using it' She said 'oh just go get it and I'll run out and get mine' So I went to my room, grabbed it off the bed, washed it off in the bathroom, dried it and took it out to the kitchen table.
There we sat with our coffee and our vibes. Well we compared and contrasted and told eachother about them. Now we have had conversations before. I knew her technique and she knew mine and we had admitted in several convos that we had tried eachother's but it didn't work for us. So I started telling her about some new discoveries I had made. One being using a tissue between my lips when I stimulate my clit and the other using a pepperoni. Then I told her I submitted my stories to a website. She was amazed. So I showed her as she didn't believe me. She had never seen the site. Well she pulled up a chair next to mine and I brought up solo and we started reading and I showed her my posts. Now, my clit was still throbbing from 2 hours of being played with and my vagina was still contracting from the vibe. Reading this stuff didn't help. I desperately wanted to finish off. She was amazed and said, wow this is great. Makes me horny. I said, 'yeah me too'. She says 'don't you want to finish off' I said 'that was my intention until you popped by' We laughed.
She said, wow, let's grab the vibes and we could do it here. So we got up, grabbed the vibes and both sat back in chairs near the computer. She turned hers on first and held it to her pussy over her sweatsuit. I only had on a robe with nothing underneath. I had never done this with another person before but I was so horny. She said, come on, join in. So I stuck my vibe inside my robe and placed it between the lips on my clit. We were both very excited. She stood up, pulled down her sweats and underwear and now I could see her glistening pussy. She spread the lips and placed the vibe inside. By now our chairs were facing eachother. She said 'let me see'. I knew what she meant. I opened my robe and spread my legs wider. I was so excited I couldn't take it another minute. I plunged the vibe into me and started pumping it and was flicking my clit with my other hand.
Seeing this she did the same thing. Only she uses three fingers and makes circles on her clit. I use one and pump it up and down. We were both working madly, playing with our clits and pumping our pussies. I turned my vibe to high and that pushed me over the edge. I started moaning and really pounding my pussy with the vibe. I came hard which excited her. She came right after me. Watching her was fun. I moan a lot. She let out deep grunts and her whole body shakes. When we both caught our breath we just sat there looking at the other for a minute. She noticed my hand pushing down on my whole area. We both still had our vibes in. I do that after I cum, always have and didn't realize I was doing it. She asked me about it and I told her it just feels good. I push down hard for a few minutes after I cum and rub around a bit and then remove the vibe.
Once she came she had removed her hand but was still pumping the vibe a bit. We both removed the vibes and washed them off in the kitchen sink. She made me forward the site to her and we finished our coffee and had a nice visit. Sometimes unexpected company is the best fun. I have masturbated every night since thinking about that afternoon.



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