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Unexpected Afterkiss (First) Cum

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This is the story of my first ejaculation, that took me completely by surprise when I was kissing a girl.


It occured when I was 15 and 2 months old. Males in my family are usually quite late bloomers when it comes to ejaculation: my brother, who is one year older than me, wasn't able to produce anything before he was well in his 14th year, and my cousin waited until he was nearly 14. Puberty was already well engaged for me: I was already pretty tall (around 1m75 or so back then) and my voice had already dropped to its adult level. I even had enjoyed seeing my penis growing during the last year or so, and I had quite some hair around it, although the rest of my body was still as smooth as one of a small boy.

I had a girlfriend for more than a year already, which was one year older than me. She was really fond of the smoothness of my body; moreover since I was still having dry orgasms, I was able to stay hard for a nearly unlimited amount of successive orgasms, a capacity we both enjoyed during several months.

Of course, it was difficult to have sex whenever we wanted, and my hormones were sometimes calling for some tension release during school or at home with her; since I was very quick to come (I could reach my orgasm in a little less than 2 or 3 minutes), I took the habit of dry-humping her through my pants while I was kissing her. It was great, because she enjoyed it a lot, while I could get the climax I needed neatly, in a very easy to conceal way.

So that day, I was coming back from sport-I played basketball, and I was wearing my gym shorts to go home. Of course, she and I went together and had a drink to her own house. Then, she grasped me and asked for a kiss, hugging me against the wall. I immediately got a hardon in my shorts, and I rubbed my penis through the fabric of the shorts on her own pants all the while kissing her. I felt my orgasm coming, and at first, it seemed to be as it always was: a feeling similar to an electric shock, and muscles making my penis pump fluids that I wasn't able to produce yet.

Except that this time, after the first two 'thud thud' of my weenie, I felt something running from inside me. Surprised and shocked, I pushed her back brutally, falling on my knees, with both hands grasping the front of my shorts, in a desperate attempt to stop the spasms. My girlfriend looked me with a frightened look. 'What's happening ?'

I already knew what had happened. I had felt something coming out of my penis and a hot wetness spreading on the front of my shorts. There wasn't much-a small drop, maybe two, but there was no doubt what happened. I was nearly bursting in tears.

'I cummed ! I cummed in my pants ! Sh*t !

- But, it had to happen, sooner or later, dear.

- Yeah, but, I thought... I thought I had still a couple of months left before me...'

She then tried to comfort me, and after I calmed down, I went back home, angry. Not because of the mess I now made-but because, having seen my brother 'crossing the line of puberty', I already knew what would happen to me. And in fact, it did happen.

At first, I produced semen on a very irregular basis. But my production increased continuously; and then, it started to thicken. It then became more and more difficult to stay erect after an orgasm, and in a couple of weeks, I was unable to have more than a single one each half an hour or so. And, despite my best efforts to keep my body pride that were my perfectly smooth legs, I finally lost the razor battle and saw them progressively conquered by thick, black hair.

I finally accepted the new appearance of my body, and I'm still living with the same girlfriend; but I really miss those days, when I could kiss her and get a couple of dry orgasms that would leave no trace for the suspicious eye.



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