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I was a graduate student living on my own but still near campus. Boxerbriefs were just becoming popular, and as a guy who had gone from briefs to boxers I found boxerbriefs to be perfect.

I especially like the shorter leg ones which are now called trunks. I had quite the collection of underwear and one Sunday I found myself almost out and needing to do laundry.

The Laundromat I went to was just a block from my house but frequented by mostly college students. After my clothes had washed and dried I was quietly folding them on a counter when I noticed a clean-cut younger guy staring at my underwear pile.

He finally got up the nerve to talk to me and asked me if I liked my particular style of boxerbriefs.

I told him that I loved them and were the perfect combination between briefs and boxers, very comfortable. He responded that he was bummed stores didn't let guys try them on first. He was a poor college student and really couldn't afford to buy something like that without trying them on.

I jokingly offered my nearby apartment for his use if wanted to sample a couple of mine.

His eyes lit up with a big grin across his face and quickly accepted.

I was a bit stunned but thought what the hell and packed up my clothes and headed by to my place.

I was a bit disappointed when he took a few pairs he wanted to try on and headed into the bathroom.

No show for me, I thought. But soon to my surprise he emerged wearing nothing but his white socks and a pair of my white trunks. He walked over to the full length mirror in the living room and checked himself out.

He liked how they made his butt look and he exclaimed as he turned towards me how he like how they kept his erection in place.

The outline of his 6 inch hard dick was obvious in the fabric, and little wet spot of precum was soaking through the fabric at the tip of his penis.

He apologized for it but exclaimed how much underwear turned him on, and these were really getting him going.

I told him I too had an underwear fetish and usually jerked off into a different pair at least once daily. I tossed him a pair of cotton ones and told him to wrap his dick in that.

He told me he would only do it if I joined him. In no time flat I was stripped to my black trunks and had another pair of soft cotton trunks in my hand.

We both at the same time lifted the waist band over our erections and tucked it under our ball sack.

He let out a soft moan as he wrapped the soft cotton trunks around his penis and slowly started to jerk off into them.

My precum was really flowing now and I soon joined him, wrapping my hard on in my trunks and slowly started my own motion.

The air in the room was electric. No one spoke, but we intently stared at each other as we slowly stroked ourselves.

After a few minutes he told me he was close and wanted to know where he should shoot. I told him to let me watch and to shoot onto the wooden floor.

He dropped the underwear he was humping and then continued with his hand, his breathing getting heavier and grunting getting louder until he shot a good 3 or 4 ropes at least 3 feet.

The sight of his cum sent me over the edge and I soon followed with my own ropes onto the floor. We both stood there grinning at each other. We spent the rest of afternoon lounging in our underwear and jerking off. I had to do another pile of laundry the next day.



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