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In my early days of masturbating, I often fantasized and thought about different ways of doing it. One of these ideas was to do it outdoors with no one around and underwater and this one became a reality.



It happened when I was about 15 (i.e. over 70 years ago.). I had gone with my parents to our favorite lake resort. One afternoon when they were taking an afternoon nap (I wonder just exactly what an afternoon nap may have involved I sincerely hope they made the most of it), I got in the rowboat and rowed down the lake to a point where there were no resorts or cabins. Since no one was around and the idea of being naked outdoors had always excited me, I suddenly had an urge to take off all my clothes which I did immediately. I found that this was just as exciting as I had imagined. Then, since nothing serious had happened, I decided to go over the side of the boat into the water. It was a bit cool, but was also refreshing and I must say sexually exciting. It must have been, since I promptly got a very stiff and fully erect penis. Then, paddling around, I began to wonder what it might feel like if one could ejaculate underwater.

So I reached down to my stiff throbbing penis and stroked rapidly in spite of the cool water. It took only a short period of time for my Joy Juice to begin streaming out of my penis, not in great spurts, but in several strands (most writers in ST seem to say ropes but this sounds bigger than the strands really were) which spread around in the water neither sinking nor floating. After the streams had ceased and my penis relaxed a bit, I began to realize that I was in a somewhat dangerous and a very awkward situation. What if I couldn't get back in the boat by myself? What could I do then? Even if I saw another boat and asked for help I would have to try to explain my nakedness and the strings of white fluid floating around in the water would make it all too obvious as to what I had been doing. But finally, I was able to lift myself back into the boat, dried off, and got into my clothes. And so I had managed to avoid any problems and finished with one of those great feelings one gets after a perfect Jack Off Session.

Then much later in life, after installing a hand held shower head, I found that a direct hard spray on my penis with the foreskin pulled back exposing the bare head was somewhat uncomfortable since my glans was very sensitive. I don't know exactly how it started, but one of the best uses of the shower was to fill the tub about half full, turn over onto my left side, place my penis with the head fully exposed underwater, and direct the shower (also underwater) onto it. My penis, because of his small size, was just right for the shower since the spray could reach all of him, shaft and head, at once. This underwater jacking off felt not just good but as nearly perfect as it can get. In these experiences, it was also great fun watching the strands of Joy Juice come streaming out exactly as they had when I was 15.

Later on, the head of my penis became less sensitive and I was able to comfortably spray it in the air.
This was always a no hands or fingers masturbation ending every time in a full orgasm and always with the feeling of having had the best possible Jack Off Session.



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