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Underneath My Sister's Skirt!

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This happened when I was younger. This event took place during a whole half hour of watching TV.


When television first came out my parents and my three sisters and I were all watching TV. My parents were on one couch about ten feet away and my three sisters and I were all on a bed kind of thing with our backs up against the bolsters. My oldest sister Lucille 17 was on my right and next to her was my other older sister Barbara and then my youngest sister Marge.

It was dark and the only light was a table lamp far in the back of the living room. We all were watching TV and a few minutes into the show Lucille brought her legs and knees up and put her feet on the bed. She fussed with the hem of her skirt and kept it just past her knees. But the bottom part of her skirt was lying on top of the bed revealing her pretty powder blue nylon slip!

This was a sight for me to see so after looking at the slip for at least five minutes I put my right hand on it to feel the smooth lacy nylon and kept rubbing around on it for at least five more minutes expecting all the while for my sister to slap my hand and make me stop.

She didn't so I kept on. Once in a while the top of my hand would hit the bottom of her thighs but she never took her eyes away from the program as I was so excited about getting away with the rubbing. I kept looking up at her to see if she would make me stop but she never did so I continued.

Then getting bolder and taking a huge chance I slid my right my hand on top of her slick nylon panties and just left it there.

She must have liked that because she slightly parted her legs. I started rubbing my hand all around on top of her stomach and it felt great feeling the smooth texture to her panties and me being in forbidden territory.

I looked back at all the others to see if anyone had caught on but to my amazement no one knew what my sister Lucille and I were doing because her skirt hid from view the activity that was going on under it.

If they had any inclination of course, everything would have come to a screeching and screaming halt that's for sure!

I was amazed that Lucille would let me rub my hand on her panties but it must have felt really good to her because she didn't do a thing to stop me!

It also felt great to me as it was my first experience with sex and the gliding motion with my hand must have really turned Lucille on as I kept rubbing on the outside of her panties up onto her pelvic mons and then to the top of her stomach and then down to her pussy.

I couldn't believe what I was getting away with! The slickness of the nylon under my hand and the going down and gracing my fingers on top of her pussy back and forth and around I would go.

I knew that Lucille was into what I was doing to her so I knew then that she wouldn't stop me so I just slipped my index finger underneath the leg band of her panties and got it right into her pussy getting it as deep as I could inside of her. I was looking right at her face when I did this and she never even batted an eyelash.

In and out I would go and I took a look back again at all the others and still no one could see anything. Not even my sister Barbara being two feet away could tell what I was doing to Lucille.

What surprised me was that I had lost all interest in the program and spent all of my time looking at Lucille to see if there was any reaction. No one wondered why or said anything about why I was interested only in Lucille and not the program.

Like my finger is going in and out of her rubbing it around taking it out putting it back in. As in getting my finger as far up inside of her as I could, taking it out and doing it again over and over. I even looked at my finger going in and out of her looking at her pussy and her pubic hair.

It felt fantastic to me feeling how warm and slick her pussy was. But she never smiled or looked at me the whole time. No one else caught on because everyone was riveted to the Television!

Just at the time the program ended she gasped and pushed her hands down on her knees and I quickly took my finger out of her rubbing the slickness of her pussy on to the slip and she stands up and leaves the room. She didn't even look at me when she walked away and we never did another thing for the rest of our lives.



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