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Under Table Feet Play and Exhibitionism in Library

Posted by: Author: Age: 32 (16 at the time) Posted on: 2 comments
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Two girls tease me to orgasm in school library.


At school I was a shy teenager, but at 16 my thoughts were always returning to the girls in my year. One afternoon I was in the school library sitting at a study cubicle in a quiet corner, when two girls from my year came and sat in the cubicle opposite. I knew their faces but not their names since we did not share any classes. Both were brunettes - one with short hair and the other long hair. Both had hot bodies and I knew they were on various sports teams. With their arrival all thoughts of doing work evaporated and my mind drifted in sexual daydreams.

I could hear them whispering but could not make out their words. I went through school almost invisibly so I was sure the gossip was not about me. While sitting back in my chair I noticed that the short haired girl had kicked off her shoes and stretched her legs out under the cubicles to my side. Now I have a thing for feet and seeing a pair of tanned legs with perfect soft soled feet sent my hormones into overdrive. She was rubbing her feet together and flexing her toes. I had to get a closer look - so I dropped my pen 'accidentally' and got on the floor to retrieve it. This brought me within a few inches of her beautiful smooth soles. I almost came then and there! I could smell her feet - and feel the heat from them. I was so tempted to suck her toes but backed off since I feared she would freak. As I went to get up again I looked up and realised I could see right up both of their skirts! I saw two pairs of white knickers with camel toes nicely outlined. The long haired girl even had a few dark pubes poking out.

I sat back up in a daze. My erection straining at my pants. I could not believe my own eyes. I quietly undid my zipper and sitting forward eased my fully erect cock out hiding it under the table in case someone walked by. I slowly played with cock sliding my fore skin up and down over my large shiny head. I had to look again ... So I dropped my pen again and got down on all fours under the desk. My cock was now just an inch from short hair's feet. My pen had rolled on to their side and as I reached for it my cock brushed the soles of her feet. She did not seem to react except she stretched out her toes and brushed my cock back. she then started to apply more pressure probably wandering what it was? I panicked and quickly backed up and sat back in my chair. But in my haste one of the girls decided to bend down and see what the noise was. I could hear them discussing me in whispers and giggles. I am sure I heard 'perv looking up our skirts'. My cheaks were red and i felt a hot flush pass over me.

I continued to gently masturbate my engorged cock under the desk - still so turned on by the events. When the long haired girl said in a louder voice 'oh look I dropped my pen' and proceeded to climb under the desk to the giggles of her friend. I quickly covered my cock but maybe too slowly as I heard her whisper to her friend when she sat up again 'oh my god I think he is wanking' and they went into another fit of giggles.

The short haired girl then repeated the pen trick I guess to see if her friend was just teasing. My mind raced and I thought I am big trouble but nevertheless I was so horny I decided to just innocently masturbate as if I did not know she was under the desk ... In my clouded mind she was voyeuring me - not me flashing her! So I pushed out my cock and with exaggerated movement pulled my foreskin back and forth. There was silence from the girls- no whisper, no giggles, nothing. Then long haired suddenly climbed under the desk joining short hair. They could have not been more than 6 inches from cock. Precum started to dribble from my hole and I used it to lube my hand.

Without warning they both withdrew and sat back at their desk excitedly whispering. I heard a few words such as 'its so big' and 'it's so veiny'. I was ready to come now but was wanting this to never end. I sat back and noticed that short hair had her feet stretched out again but this time in the air wavering around my crouch area. I immediately sat forward and her foot touched my cock. I almost spasmed but just held off. She did not withdraw her foot. She instead pushed her foot against my cock head- some precum latched onto her toes. Her foot was perfect - straight toes, smooth skin, tanned on top and so soft on the soles. I watched my cock head travel along the sole of her foot from toes to heal. She applied pressure down as I thrust up. The sensation of my cock head rubbing on her soft sole was mind blowing! I do not know if her friend knew she was doing this but they were still whispering. I could not hold off any longer as I gently thrust my cock along the underside if her soft sole one more time before I came hands free in great spurts on the floor and her foot! At this point panic set in - I quickly put my cock away, collected my things and left the library. I did glance back to see short hair rubbing her foot on the spot where my cum was on the floor.

As far as I know the girls never told anyone. We spent another two years at the same school together and we hardly spoke (big school), however I did carry feelings for short hair and on more than one occasion she caught me staring at her feet and smiled at me.



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