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Under My Army Greatcoat

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Back in the '50s all British young men had to serve a couple of years in the Armed Forces.The story I am about to tell happened to me one Saturday evening as I sat alone in a cinema ,having been unable to get a weekend home leave pass.It was Autumn and I had worn my army greatcoat,which I had folded on my knee as I watched the film.
Shows being continuous in those days,eventually I was disturbed as two middle aged ladies were ushered into the two adjoining seats.After about 10 minutes I suddenly felt a hand on my right knee and ,looking down,saw that my neighbour had taken the liberty and that her hand was gradually moving up my thigh and eventually disappeared under my greatcoat.She showed no other signs as she sat with her eyes glued to the screen.I couldn't bring myself to stop her,and my cock hardened by the second as she began to undo my fly buttons and entered the gap seeking her prey.Having found what she was looking for she unashamedly pulled out my now fully erect,throbbing cock and started to play with the rim (I was circumcised at an early age)and began to tickle my hole and squeeze the end in rhythmic movements.
By this time I was getting very excited and hot under the collar,so imagine my despair when she suddenly withdrew her hand ,leaving me and my cock stranded.She whispered something to her friend and I heard the word 'chocolate' just before she leaned down to her handbag from which she produced a bar of 'Kit-Kat',which she snapped in half ,handing one portion to her friend.As she settled back down in her seat her hand passed over my folded greatcoat and I saw that she had dropped something onto it.I picked up a small envelope shaped object and realised that she had handed me a condom which we called 'French Letters' in those days.With my heart pounding I extracted the rubber sheath and managed to slip it over my cock,which still trembled beneath my coat.I felt like screaming,but could only sit there in hope that she would finish me off.Eventually,sure enough ,her hand slid beneath my coat,and I could tell that she was feeling to see that I had successfully covered myself up.Satisfied that all was well,she began to slowly but deliberately wank me off,gently,but firmly and soon I could hold things no longer and exploded into the condom in a glorious orgasm.
She was very experienced and realised that her task was over because she gave my cock a slight pat and withdrew her hand,unashamedly beginning to eat her chocolate as though nothing had happened.I was left with the job of removing the mess and slipping the filled condom into my greatcoat pocket and buttoning myself back up.She never looked at me,nor spoke to me,even when I reached the point in the film that I had already seen and decided to leave them both,but somehow I think that they had a laugh at my expense,but who cares-I had a wonderful,unexpected wank from a very experienced stranger.



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