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Uncle Tom's Jock

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My uncle Tom is a big factory worker. He's about 50, but he looks good at his age. He's got salt and pepper short hair, thick eyebrows, with dark brown eyes, almost black. He's got dark olive skin, and freckles all over his body. He's over 6 feet tall, and has a broad, solid frame. He's my Mom's older brother, and often comes over for dinner, or to take me and my older sister to the fitness club that he belongs too. They let him bring visitors, since he works with the owner's son at the factory.

One night, Mom had a date, so Uncle Tom came over, and picked up my sister and I. We went to the fitness club, and split to the go the locker area to change. Uncle Tom is not shy, and neither am I. We always change in front of each other, and even shower at the same time. The fitness locker rooms don't have curtains or separating doors in the showers, so everyone can see each other naked, and showering. Anyway, so we went in the locker area, and stripped down, and I noticed Uncle Tom had a stiffy. He's not shy, like I said, so he didn't think to cover it up. I took a couple of looks, cause it looked really big, when it was hard. His pubes are black and gray too, and his freckles go all over the place. He is lighter skinned around his crotch area, and butt, since he doesn't go outside naked of course.

He has an old jock strap that he wears when we go to the fitness club, but since he had a stiffy, it looked funny. His dick was hanging out of one side of the jock strap, and pointed out over the top side of his thigh. Even when he put his sweat pants on, you could still see it pointing out. He usually goes shirtless when we work out, but this time he put his sweatshirt back on, I suppose to cover the stiffy. I just wore my regular shorts and tank top, and we went out to the workout area, to lift some weights. My sister was already out there, in a tank top and shorts, and she was on a treadmill, watching one of the TVs. I liked working out with Uncle Tom, cause he would always help me with weights, and counts, and made sure I did an even amount, to keep the weight the same. He was spotting me, and I noticed his sweatshirt had pulled up over his stiffy. I nodded toward it, and cleared my throat so he would know. He looked down, pulling his shirt down again, and we both laughed to ourselves. Well, we made it through our reps, and then Uncle Tom said that we should go sit in the sauna for awhile, to let the toxins out of our bodies. My sister said she would wait for us, and when we walked away, she got on one of the leg lift machines.

The guys locker room has it's own sauna and whirlpool, so I noticed guys naked in there before. It wasn't a big deal. Uncle Tom and I stripped off our wet gym clothes, and wrapped towels around our waists. Uncle Tom still had a stiffy, so he left his jock strap on, to help cover it I suppose. Tonight the club seemed really empty, and it was just Uncle Tom, and Me, and one other guy who was closer to my age, but looked a little bit older. He had tatoos and a short, buzzed haircut. He had his towel wrapped around his waist, sitting down in a corner. Uncle Tom and I sat down across from the guy, and he nodded toward us. Uncle Tom said 'how's it goin' and we sat back, and I closed my eyes. I was resting, with my elbows up on the back of the bench, and I felt my muscles relaxing too. I almost thought I'd fall asleep, cause the air was so thick. I felt Uncle Tom shift his weight, making the bench squeek, and I opened my eyes to see him stand up to pour water over the stones. I thought it was steamy enough, but he likes it more steamy I suppose. The guy sitting across from me stood up, and took off his towel, laying it on the bench. He had a long tatooe that went down the middle of his back, that looked almost like dragon scales. He had a strong back, and butt, it looked like. He layed down on the bench, with one foot on the floor, and one foot on the bench, with his leg up. One hand rested on his thigh, and the other hand was up on his other thigh. I noticed he had a piercing in his dick head too, cause his dick was hanging over the side of his thigh. He had dark hair around his dick, but it looked pretty trimmed.

Uncle Tom took his towel off too, and I saw that his stiffy wasn't as hard as before. He laid his towel on the bench we were on, and laid down on top of it, pushing me down with his feet. I quietly laughed, and moved down, so he'd had more room. He crossed his feet, and put his hands behind his head, with his eyes closed. I could see through his jock strap, but I already seen him naked before. Pretty soon he didn't have a stiffy, but the head of his dick was still showing. I rested back on my elbows again, and closed my eyes. It got pretty thick in there, and after a few minutes, the guy across from us stood up to leave, his dick was hanging heavy against his leg, with the thick piercing shining in the little bit of light. I think he saw me looking, cause he quickly wrapped his towel around, and walked out of the sauna. I got up and walked over, taking my towel off, and laying down just like he had. I felt free, and loose, letting my pores breath. I got up awhile after that, to go out and sit in the whirlpool, leaving Uncle Tom in the sauna. I kept my towel off, and turned on the whirlpool, getting in, and sitting in the corner. Uncle Tom came out a little while after me, and walked over, towel in hand. His jock strap was still see through, and soaked. He slipped it off, and put it on his towel, on the floor, by the lockers. He walked over to me, and I saw how wet his pubes were. The gray was really dark now, so all of it almost looked black. He got in, and sat across from me. We talked a bit about my Mom's date, and how he thought it was going. The bubbles stopped, but we almost didn't notice. The water stopped moving, and you could clearly see our dicks floating freely in the water. Uncle Tom got up and out, and asked if I wanted to jog around the upstairs track with him. I said sure, and got out. We walked over, and he put his jock strap back on, and I got my underwear and shorts on. Uncle Tom dressed and we went out of the locker room, and up the stairs to the track. We jogged a few laps, and got really sweaty again. We stopped to breath, and checked our pulse rates, and got drinks of water at the fountain.

My sister was now working on an elliptical machine, when we walked down the stairs, so we decided to go back in the sauna, and then shower. We talked some more, and I asked if he had a girlfriend yet. He said no, and just that he was working a lot and doing work on his house. He got a stiffy again, and I said 'Geez, your really horny or something.' 'I haven't jerked off in a week. I'm itchin to get my jollies off soon.' I didn't know what jollies meant but I suppose it meant jerking off til he cums. He adjusted his jock strap, letting his dick head out of the side again, and kept talking like nothing was up. I started to get a stiffy too, but thought about something else. Uncle Tom and I stayed in the sauna for awhile, and then He got up and said he was going to shower. I followed him, and we were the only ones in the showers. Uncle Tom took off his jock strap, hanging it on the hook by the shower head, and turned on his shower. I turned on the one next to him, and we soaped up, and shampooed. I noticed he still had a stiffy, and it was moving around a lot under the water. Uncle Tom got giddy all of a sudden, and turned away from the water, and me. He gargled water, and was making weird noises, while he washed off the rest of the soap. He turned around again, and his stiffy was still moving around. I asked what was going on, and he said that he almost had an embarrassment happen. I asked what he meant and he said he almost jizzed from the water pressure. I was awed by the idea, cause I never had that happen before. He told me he gets really sensitive down there, and sometimes it just jizzes on it's own, without him even jerking it. I said I wished I could do that, and he said maybe if I practised. He shut his water off, and so did I. Then we walked back to the locker area, and got our clothes out of the lockers. 'Shit' Uncle Tom said. 'I forgot my boxers.' I said he could wear my other pair the I had with, but they would be really small. 'No, thank you. I'll just wear my jock home.' He walked naked, over to where the sinks were, and turned on one of the hand dryers, holding his jock underneath. I sat on the bench, and watched for awhile. He let the hot air dry his pubes and stomach hair too. I texted my sister saying we were almost done, and I saw the tatooed guy walk past me, with his towel in his hand. His dick swinging back and forth with the large piercing hanging out of it. He nodded to me as he walked by, going into the showers. Uncle Tom came over to me, with his stiffy stuck sideways in his jockstrap, the head sticking out of the side again, and slipped on his jeans, and pulled his sweatshirt back on over his head. We walked out, and my sister was waiting for us. We got in Uncle Tom's truck and I sat up front again. We stopped for ice cream, and then we went back to our house. The truck smelled really sweaty, and when we got to the house, Uncle Tom came in with us, and said he was going to use the bathroom. I was in my room, and he came by and asked if Mom still had some of his clothes in the dresser. I said yes, and he left again, coming back down to my room. He shut the door behind him, and took his clothes off again, putting on clean underwear, tucking his stiffy in, and put a t shirt on with his jeans. He sat at my desk, and asked what other plans I had for that night. I said none, and he said he was going to go home and take care of business, now that he got a good sweat and workout. We joked about jerking our dicks, and he got up and gave me a high five before leaving. I was checking my phone, when I noticed his clothes were still in the corner of my room, where he changed. I got up and walked over, and saw his old jock strap laying on top of his sweatshirt. I picked it up, and closed my door, and went back to my bed. I held it up, and looked at it in the light. There were yellow like stains all over it, I suppose from sweat. I looked at the inside of it, and I saw some curly pube hairs in there, and small gray looking spots all over the inside pouch. I touched it and they felt wet and slimey. It felt like jizz, but I knew it wasn't, cause Uncle Tom said he was going to do that at home. I put his jock strap up to my nose and smelled it. It smelled like sweat and a weird odor that I hadn't smelled before. It was almost arousing, and I felt like I wanted to jerk off right there. I got up and locked my door, turning my overhead light off, with just my bed side lamp on. I took my clothes off, and pulled on Uncle Tom's jock strap. It was warm, and when I pulled it over my crotch, I felt the wet spots tingle against me. I got a stiffy in a couple seconds, and pulled my dick out of the pouch. I was slowly starting to jerk off, and then I got really fast, and came quickly on my stomach. I thought of how big Uncle Tom's dick looked when it was stiff, and suppose he must have a lot of cum when he jerked off. I wiped my cum up with a tissue, and carefully took off his jock strap, putting it back in the corner with his sweatshirt. I pulled my clothes back on, and went to go to the bathroom. I went downstairs and my sister was watching tv.

Mom came home shortly after that, and told us about her date. I waited till my sister and her went to bed, and then I put Uncle Tom's dirty jock strap and sweatshirt in the washing machine. I also added some towels, and my dirty clothes, and then started the load. I didn't want Mom asking any questions. I stayed up until the clothes were dry, and I took Uncle Tom's jock strap and sweatshirt, and put them in my closet. He came over a couple of nights later, and hung out in my room, playing video games with me. He asked about his clothes that he left there before, and I got them for him out of the closet. He thanked me, and said 'I bet they were stinky, sorry I left them here.' I told him they did stink, but it wasn't a problem washing them for him. He told me he was just too excited to get home and take care of the stiffy he had most of the night. I asked if he came a lot and he said yeah, and why I asked? I told him because I noticed he had leaked some cum into his jock strap. He looked curious and asked how I knew that. I just shrugged and told him when I picked it up it felt sticky and wet. He laughed and threw his jock strap at me, hitting me in the face with it. I handed it back to him, and he took it, pointing at me. 'You must have a lot of questions, which I'm happy to answer. It's not like there's a man around here you can talk to.' I didn't have any questions at that time, but Uncle Tom frequently hangs out, and we're really open with each other. I spent a lot of time on Spring break over at his house, and even saw first hand, what he likes to do to himself while he jerks off, but it's another long story...



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