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Uncle Shows Me How To Trim And More.

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This is a true story of how I found out what my uncle and my brother had been doing.


My brother and I would sometimes spend a couple weeks each summer at my grandmothers house in the country. Her house was small and only had a couple of bedrooms. One was hers of course and one belonged to my uncle. When both my brother and I would come to stay at my grandmothers house my brother would usually bunk with my uncle and I would sleep on a pullout couch in the living room. Since my brother didn't come with me this time I got bunked with my uncle in his room.

It had been almost 18 months since the last time I visited my grandmother and my uncle. My uncle is two years older than I am. I was 16 at this time and my uncle was just shy of his 18th birthday. My uncle had really matured in that time. He now had a moustache and since he played football like my brother had really muscled up.

I arrived at her house early Saturday morning. Not much to do in the country so I helped my uncle get my grandmother's garden ready for planting. We cleaned last years trash out of the garden, started up the tiller and spent most of the day covering ourselves with dust and dirt. My grandmother headed into town early that afternoon for her weekly bridge club and wouldn't be back till later on that evening. We called it quits about five o'clock that evening and headed inside and up to his bedroom. He has a bathroom with a shower directly off his bedroom and when we got to his room he asked me if I wanted to take a shower first or did I want him to take it first. I told him I didn't care and he said okay fine and stepped out of the room. I took that to mean that I was going to take my shower first. I took off my clothes and went into the bathroom and started taking a leak in the toilet. I heard my uncle come back into the room and then he stepped around the corner into the bathroom. He had no clothes on and a towel in his hand. He took a look at me and said that's okay you can take yours first, It really doesn't matter.

My brother, my uncle and myself have seen each other naked many times over the years during our stays at my grandmothers house, including the many erections teenagers get. It was no big thing. But I could not stop staring at the amount of hair on my uncle's chest and his trimmed dick and clean shaven balls. His dick had to at least doubled in size from the three inch dick that I saw last time to the 5"-6" flaccid dick now. I knew that my uncle had matured over the last 18 months but WOW! he saw me look at his chest and then of course saw me staring at his dick. He looked at his dick then looked at me and asked what? I looked up at him and said "WOW! Where did you get all that hair on your chest? And where have all your pubes gone? That thing is huge!" he laughed and said that the hair on his chest came in on it's own but his pubes around his dick and nuts he trimmed and shaved because it just got too hot in that athletic cup during football. He looked down at my dick and said "Dude, I could say the same thing about you. Your dick has at least doubled in size I think but I can't really tell with that mound of Brillo pad that's around your dick and nuts.

He was right, my brother and I both had a huge mound of dark pubes that pretty much hid our dicks and nut sack. He said I needed to trim that mound of hair because it would make my dick look bigger and nothing felt better than a clean nut sack. I asked him how do I trim it and he said that he would show me. He reached into the drawer and took out a pair of beard trimmers and a comb. He sat down on the toilet and told me to come stand in front of him, he put a small trash can between my legs. He picked up my four inch soft dick in one hand and started to trim my pubes with the beard trimmer. As soon as he grabbed my dick and with the vibration of the trimmer my dick started to swell immediately. I hesitated and then said "sorry dude" as he had to adjust his grip on my dick as it started to expanded in his hand. My dick quickly grew from four inches to five inches to six then finally to the very hard seven inches. He said that he didn't think it was ever going to stop growing.

As he kept trimming my pubes above my dick he would grab and pull my dick as if moving it out of his way but I thought he was pulling on it a little more than what was necessary. I think he was just messing with me. A couple times I thought I was going to blow my load just from him tugging on it and the vibration of the trimmer. As he started to trim the pubes on my nut sack I could feel the pre-come work its way up into the shaft of my dick and I knew I was going to be leaking pre-come any moment. He rolled my nuts around in my sack to trim the hair and my dick flexed involuntarily. When it flexed a big bead of pre-come came out the tip my dick and onto his hand. That's when I noticed his dick start to expand. I could see it getting longer and creep across the toilet seat as it got bigger and bigger. That nearly sent me over the edge and only caused my pre-come to start dripping at a steady rate. He said take it easy dude, I'm almost done don't go blowing your load yet, wait for me. His dick slowly rose as if raised by a crane to at least eight to eight and a 1/2 inches. His shaft was a tan color and the head of his dick was a dark red. I also noticed some of his own pre-come balanced on the tip of his dick as it pointed to the ceiling.

He slid my naked nut sack across the palm of his hand and asked me how does that feel? I think my low moan said it all. He grabbed my dick and started slowly stroking me. He looked up and saw the surprised look on my face and said "hey dude, your brother and I did this all the time. I guess it's about time you joined in the fun." He got up off the toilet and we went back into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. We laid side-by-side with my face just inches from his dick and nuts and his face also inches away from my dick and nuts. He grabbed my dick and started slowly stroking me again, the feeling of my naked nut sack sliding across my thigh was making me crazy. I put my hand around his thick veiny dick and started stroking it. Having my face so close to his dick and balls I could smell his clean, musky odor. He was leaking a lot of pre-come now. My hand became slick on his dick. I could feel the veins of his dick as my hand slid across his shaft and up over the ridge of his dickhead. I started to get into a rhythm of two short strokes with one long stroke. He started moving his hips with the rhythm. I saw his nuts start to tighten up and his dick grow even harder, his dickhead a shiny, taught, deep blood red.

I also started to move my hips with the rhythm of his stroke. He would give his hand a little twist at the top of each stroke then twisting again as his hand slid back down my shaft. My nuts giving a soft slap against my thigh. I could feel my nuts tightened also as he said "damn dude your dick is so fucking hard, it's so fucking hard it feels like it's going to burst! I moaned "oh man, I'm going to come! Oh man, I'm gonna blow!!" he yelled almost at the same time "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! ohhhhh!!!!" His hips flexed and his dick spasmed as he shot a thick rope of cum onto my neck and chest. My dick spasmed also as it exploded a rope of cum across his moustache and chin and onto his shoulder. My second, third and fourth ropes of cum across his neck and onto the thick hair on his chest. His dick kept pumping rope after rope of cum onto my chest than my abs. I was covered with his cum, I've never seen so much cum in my life. The smell of it was so pungent, so very musky. I wanted to taste it, to taste him. I just didn't know how far I could go, how far he and my brother had gone. I had two weeks to find out.



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